If You Don't Love Fitness - Live AMA #65 - Clovis

If You Don't Love Fitness - Live AMA #65

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Live Ask Me Anything #65 - Topics Covered:

If You Don't Love Fitness

Topics Covered:

1:56 - Visit ama.iamclovis.com to submit questions for my next episode!

4:30 - My two most controversial topics of all time:

  1. Fruit is not as healthy as you think it is

  2. Fitness is Not For Fat Loss

6:24 - Fitness for fat loss... Or NOT!

9:45 - Cardio for fat loss - what actually works...

12:10 - Fitness camps... Dominating Social Media

15:21 - What all fitness camps have in common...

17:00 - If you don’t love fitness

  • Step 1: Be Honest

  • Step 2: Adopt M.E.D.

26:23 - My Minimum Effective Dose Recommendations... for the Average Person!

  • 2 hours total, maybe less (broken up into 3-4 workouts)

  • 20-30 min per workout, 3-4x a week

  • Preventative maintenance, movement, exercise (rather than “workouts”)
  • 2x per week do some type of hip hinge

    • Squat

    • Deadlift

    • Kettlebell swings

  • 1x per week do a pull movement

    • Chin-ups

  • 1x per week do a push movement

    • Push-ups

  • 2x per week do yoga

    • 20-30 min

    • Should feel a little bit like a workout

  • You can combine these into 3-4 sessions total

  • Bonus points - go for a walk outside

32:03 - Minimum Effective Dose Example Week...

  • Monday: Squats and chin-ups

  • Tuesday: Rest or walk outdoors

  • Wednesday: Yoga mobility workout

  • Thursday: Deadlift and push-ups

  • Friday: Rest or walk outdoors

  • Saturday: Yoga mobility workout

  • Saturday: Rest or walk outdoors

39:15 - Other Minimum Effective Dose Examples...

  • M.E.D. works along with a proper diet (Clovis)

  • Stronglifts 5x5

  • Resistance training for aging

  • Body By Science

  • Mobility - animal moves

44:50 - Fitness for overweight individuals...

Live Q &A!

47:16 - Commenting on comments: “Fitness sometimes looks online like it has to happen at an elite level, or why are you bothering. #ego”

47:57 - Comments about TRX and yoga

48:34 - Commenting on comments: “I am in physical therapy school right now and those movements are awesome, super functional and great for posture.”

51:25 - Q: “Do kettlebell swings have any over deadlifts or vice versa?”

55:12 - Commenting on Comments: “I’m a fitness instructor and deadlifts are one of the hardest exercises to teach people to do correctly.”

57:09 - Q: “If you have serious lower back and hip mobility issues should you try kettlebell swings?”

59:42 - Q: “What type of exercise other than walking after appendix surgery? Keep feeling tired and have been laying in the bed far too long.”

1:00:49 - Commenting on Comments: “As part of my RKC cert they brought in people for us to train. We had to analyze their movements and deadlift and determine if they should do a kettlebell swing. My point is to work with a certified instructor.”

1:02:20 - Q: “Does it matter what time of day?” (in terms of exercise)

1:03:35 - Q: “Is there specific requirements when looking for a physical therapist?”

Closing comments

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