Hitting Macros, Tracking Ketones, Cold Showers and Functional Medicine - Live AMA #64 - Clovis

Hitting Macros, Tracking Ketones, Cold Showers and Functional Medicine - Live AMA #64

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Live Ask Me Anything #64 - Topics Covered:

Hitting Macros, Tracking Ketones, Cold Showers and Functional Medicine

Topics Covered:

Questions & Answers 4:10 - What is Clovis? 4:49 - Q: “Just started a week ago and I’m all in, but I find it hard to hit all my intake goals for the day. Do you have any good tricks or ideas such as snacks or when to eat?”
  • My Custom Plan emails are long and detailed, must read it all to understand how everything works
  • Teach a man to fish
  • Take your approved foods list, circle what you like, look up their nutrition facts and plan ahead
  • People don’t know what foods are made up of!
  • Tips: resistant starches, vegetables, root vegetables, animal products, nuts, dark chocolate
11:13 - Q: “Am I stuck with sweet potatoes as my only healthy carb? Aside from PPP, I usually need approximately 20g of carbs per day but no additional fats or proteins.”
  • Every plant food is loaded with carbs
  • You need to plan ahead
  • Don’t get caught up in hitting your macros perfectly, dead-on - if you go over a little, that’s okay
  • Nutrition facts are notoriously inaccurate, but it’s the best we have
  • Single macros don’t exist in nature
  • The reason we have to track is that we stopped eating whole foods
14:55 - Comment on comment: “There’s a book about a man who cured cancer with carrots”
  • Be careful, details matter
  • Probably eliminated processed junk from their diet
16:02 - Q: “What’s a good carb to eat post workout when dealing with Candida overgrowth if I don’t want to drink post-workout PPP every time?”
  • You probably need a functional medicine medical doctor
  • Custom nutrition plan from me - separate approved foods list for SIBO and Candida
  • Unless you are actively trying to gain muscle, you probably don’t need carbohydrates post-workout
  • Glycogen depletion
  • If you have a Candida overgrowth, that is your #1 Priority!
19:23 - Q: “What if you’re really broke but want to eat better?” 20:27 - Q: “What salt supplement can I use instead of salt shots? I understand the value of salt shots and believe in them, it’s just not realistic with work and how on-the-go I am.” 24:06 - Q: “Can you explain what the salt does again?” 25:27 - Q: “Do you recommend alkaline water?” and “A sales rep stopped by our gym to drop off alkaline water and then tried to sell to our owner. I think it was some type system to the tune of about $1,000. The sales pitch was that it helps with energy and makes your pre-workout supplements more effective, etc. I call BS but interested in your take.”
  • Complete BS
  • AMA #41 “The Alkaline Diet: Fact or Fiction?”
  • You cannot change the alkaline levels of your blood through dietary intake
  • The body excretes what it doesn’t need through urine
  • An acidic environment doesn’t cause cancer, cancer causes an acidic environment
29:42 - Q: “As my weight comes off, will my ‘apron belly’ sag? Can I prevent that from happening?”
  • AMA #25: “Fasting Facts: From Fat Loss to Longevity”
  • Longest medically supervised fast of all time, fasted for over a year and didn’t have sagging skin
  • If you lose weight properly, you don’t have to deal with sagging skin
  • Difference between zero calorie intake and restricted caloric intake
  • Autophagy and apoptosis
35:42 Q: “My functional medicine doctor asked me if I’ve measured my ketones. I don’t know how, what to do, or what to buy.”

40:25: Q: “Is animal protein hard for the body to digest? I deal with bloating and someone recently asking if eating all this protein was tough on my digestion. Made me think a little so I thought I’d ask you.”
  • Nope. Humans are designed to digest animal protein not plant matter
  • Plants have lectins
  • Bloating is almost always an issue of digesting carbohydrates or fats
  • Protein and simple sugars are easiest to digest
  • Certain carbohydrates are fermentable in the gut
43:18: Q: “Question about cold showers. Do you still get the full benefits if you don’t get your head wet? I don’t wash my hair everyday and therefore don’t put my head under the cold water. Wondering if that takes away from the benefits or not.”
  • Talking about cold shower benefits
  • Don’t get hung up on the health benefits, mindset training is a huge part of it
  • For full health benefits, yes. Tons of nerve endings on your face, so maybe get your face wet or get a shower cap
  • Makes you a stronger person
47:05: There are 1 out of 10 people in America are employed by the healthcare profession 47:30 - Q: “From your point of view, in the functional medicine world, how do you view nurses in the functional medicine setting? Also, do you have any resources on how to go about looking into being a functional medicine nurse for those that have their BS RN degree?”
  • Yes.
  • IFM.org
  • You can work under a functional medicine doctor
49:53 - Q: “Some products like sausages or chocolates state they have less than 2% of the following and will list some ingredients not approved. Are those an absolute no as well?”
  • Not really worried about it
  • Do the best you can
51:36 - Q: “Are veggies better cooked or raw? What’s the difference? Is there a point of the fast that BMI increases? Like 36-48 hour frame? Does it go up a little with each fast or how does it increase? Is autophagy usually on day 2 or 3? Will I stay in ketosis after 2.5 day fast if I eat 35g of carbs? I listened to the fasting podcast but don’t recall how often it is safe to do a 24 or 48 hour fast for autophagy. Is there anything that helps between day 2-3? I was real restless, tried chamomile tea but no luck.”
  • Stop.
  • None of this is in your custom nutrition plan
  • You are too concerned with tweaking and it’s self-sabotaging
  • Hit your macros with approved foods. That’s it.
  • Consistency is king!
59:03 - Q: “A long time ago you mentioned a speed learning course?” 59:12 - Clovis.show search function! Use it! 59:59 - Q: “So maybe I missed this, but how do you know what your body weight should be? I know there are all these charts online but not sure if I should go by them.”
  • It doesn’t matter, don’t worry about it
  • Body weight means nothing
  • The body is going to get to where it wants to be
1:01:58 - Q: “Can your fats, even though approved, stall weight loss?”
  • Yes, absolutely.
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