Toxic Cooking, Eating Raw Meat, Cholesterol and Testosterone Replacement Therapy - AMA #77

Toxic Cooking, Eating Raw Meat, Cholesterol and Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Live Ask Me Anything #76 - Topics Covered:

Toxic Cooking, Eating Raw Meat, Cholesterol and Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Topics Covered:

3:05- Lunch Leader Academy Retreat Info (It’s not too late to sign up!)

6:05- Q: I noticed a lot of cooking tips and tricks in the Facebook groups, but I’m worried about aluminum, plastic and the like leaking into my food. Thoughts? 

19:02- Q: So how did early humans heat food? It seems so hard to do it right (This will surprise you)

23:31- Commenting on Comments: Raw liver, hmm, I might try that! (Papa Nault gave it a shot!) 

24:23- Q: How can we create HGH internally? How do you know if you’re producing more testosterone or estrogen? 

28:44- One weird trick for judging your own testosterone levels... 

31:16- Q: Is HIIT a way to increase testosterone?

32:10- Commenting on Comments: I’m not doing liver shots! Haha

32:22- Q: What’s hormone replacement therapy and do people really need it? 

36:50- Here’s the only reason I don’t suggest younger men supplement bio-identical testosterone

38:47- Commenting on Comments: I am 100% designed for an island (funny story ‘bout that)

39:29- Commenting on Comments: How do you feel about LMNT?

40:30- Q: My (non-Clovis) husband overheard about your cholesterol issue on a previous AMA, he says he has that too, what do you do differently? (PLOT TWIST on this one, folks!)

47:13- Q: Is it possible for your Progesterone to be so levels to be so low that even though your estrogen levels are good your body behaves as though it’s estrogen dominant?

48:19- Commenting on Comments: Make your own electrolyte “drink” if the good ones are too expensive (I am willing to pay for convenience, but that’s just me)

49:58- Commenting on Comments: It’s an exciting time to be alive if you love nutrition science! There’s new things every day! (I’m gonna go ahead and turn this lovely thought on its head, Guys!) 

58:30- Commenting on Comments: I try really hard to not be an asshole… (mini rant on EGO)

1:02:04- Funny stories about what happens for anything in Justin’s life that is NOT Clovis...

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