Your Kids Are a Science Experiment  - AMA #78 - Clovis

Your Kids Are a Science Experiment - AMA #78

Your Kids Are a Science Experiment

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Live Ask Me Anything #78 - Topics Covered:

Your Kids Are a Science Experiment

Topics Covered:

3:04- Q: Can my grandbaby take The Perfect Paleo Powder Digest & Rest before bed?

4:13- Why I care SO much about this...

6:05- Medicine, food subsidies, MONEY, and how the wool has been pulled over our eyes

12:19- Really depressing stats for kids...

16:17- So why is this happening now? Our grandparents ate whatever and lived long lives, right? (HINT: transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. You're about to learn a lot)

25:13- Let's talk about a day in the life of Junior...

29:05- The rise of neurological disorders in children... WHY?!

36:33- 85% of the population is overweight or obese. We are all in our own little bubbles.

39:38- YOU ALL are the hope that keeps me doing this work

45:00- Dr. Ken Berry & regretting practicing mainstream medicine

46:48- Commenting on Comments: Still wading through the lies, but I'm not afraid of it!

47:17- Commenting on Comments: I beg my kids not to feed my grandbaby cookies when she's been Clovis all day. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing

48:01- Commenting on Comments: I need to do better with my family. I'm the only one who's Clovis

49:15- Even people who know better make excuses...

50:40- Commenting on Comments: My daughter's teacher, NOT a Dr. Told me she was ADHD and needed meds...

51:55- Commenting on Comments: I'm so excited to teach my kids!

52:50- Commenting on Comments: So grateful I had this info while pregnant.  My 13m.o. loves venison and broccoli

55:43- Commenting on Comments: Big pharma, big food, and the FDA all sleep in the same bed

56:05- Positive, Hopeful wrap up! (No really!)

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