The Blood Type Diet, Gout, Breaking A Fast, and Kids Macros - AMA #76

The Blood Type Diet, Gout, Breaking A Fast, and Kids Macros

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Live Ask Me Anything #76 - Topics Covered:

The Blood Type Diet, Gout, Breaking A Fast, and Kids Macros

Topics Covered:

5:27- Q: Any suggestions for what to stock up on for Hurricane/disaster prep?

7:24- Q: Is there any truth to “eating for your blood type?” 

15:03- Commenting on Comments: My body can’t handle certain alcohols anymore!

17:27- Q: I’m new! Have you talked about uric acid, or how to treat or prevent gout?

24:04- Q: Why do your first few meals after a fast go right through you? (This isn’t the case for everyone, and MEANS something) 

31:02- Q: So when you’re not fasting, how many meals do you eat in a day? 9hint: Don’t worry about me guys!)

33:15- Q: Just wondering if several small meals or a few larger ones, which is better?

35:05- Q: How do we know if our kids are getting proper macros? I have a 2 and a 4-year-old. (this answer will surprise you…)

42:55- Q: I was just diagnosed as diabetic, but my friend has had a lot of success with your program. Do you have any suggestions with how I should eat? (Oh yes, yes I do.)

46:22- Commenting on comments: I had long-standing gut issues for years until I started your program. I’m in healthcare and I swear by your products!

46:41- Q: What are your thoughts on hydroponic gardening?

53:12- Wrap Up!

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