Perfect Coffee, Body Fat Storage, and the Vagus Nerve - Live AMA #71 - Clovis

Perfect Coffee, Body Fat Storage, and the Vagus Nerve - Live AMA #71

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Live Ask Me Anything #71 - Topics Covered:

Perfect Coffee, Body Fat Storage, and the Vagus Nerve

Topics Covered:

3:22 - Q: “Hi Justin! Please enlighten us on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.” 10:05 - Q: “I seem to have this never-ending yeast infection and medications will work and then it’s back within a week. The doctors say it has to be some kind of food that I am eating. Any clue on what that might be?” 18:30 - Q: “How does your body decide where to store fat? Is visceral fat different by location or composition to other body fat?” 39:15 - Q: “I love, love, love, how you mentioned ‘gut feeling’ in your last podcast: Whose Happiness Are You Chasing? (Just Justin #15) I see so much value in your willingness to go “woo” and I see great importance in linking “woo” with science, which is why I would love to hear you talk about the vagus nerve and its role in connecting the mind and gut, and how it plays a vital role in health. A big topic, I know, but it’s one I think you have a lot of experience in and it can help people understand why it’s important to patiently breathe through the big changes they ask their bodies and minds to go through when they sign up with you. It is a big cosmic shift in awareness and the vagus nerves role in it could serve to help people navigate that first 30 days in particular. I know I did a lot of deep breathing and sitting with those emotional changes in those first 30 days, which kept me doing the work and not emailing you a gazillion questions that I could mostly work through on my own with the guidance of the Clovis program and podcasts. So basically this topic is a win-win for everyone.” Links and Resources:

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