How To Squat, DOMS, Grass-Fed Beef, and Vaccinations - Live AMA #70 - Clovis

How To Squat, DOMS, Grass-Fed Beef, and Vaccinations - Live AMA #70

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Live Ask Me Anything #70 - Topics Covered:

How To Squat, DOMS, Grass-Fed Beef, and Vaccinations

Topics Covered:

1:40 - First ever Clovis Client Testimony Podcast episode is out!

4:50 - Q: “I was looking on the 5x5 website for proper squat form and was surprised to find that they recommend going below parallel. I have always been told to go down until your knees are 90 degrees and quads are parallel to the ground. So, in your opinion, are your hips supposed to go lower than your knees or do you recommend going till parallel?”

14:40 - Q: “I’m really curious about delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It’s that soreness that takes a few days to set it, lasts for a few, and usually calms down as long as your body is warm and moving but comes back when your body is cold. People usually experience it after doing eccentric strength training or go way past what their body usually handles in a workout or activity. Does it have anything to do with an individual’s inflammatory response, salt levels, why is it something you don’t feel immediately?”

25:15 - Q: “Is it possible to shred fat and also continue to get stronger and build muscle mass or do those two protocols contradict each other?”

29:20 - Q: “Would you recommend anything different or additional from what you normally recommend re: diet/exercise for people with hypothyroidism?”

31:40 - Q: “If making a switch to exclusively grass-fed/ pasture-raised is cost prohibitive and one needs to include grain-fed meats into their meals, does it make more sense to pick the leaner cuts of meat and supplement fat from better sources like avocado etc.?”

46:45 - Q: “This may be a touchy subject but how do you feel about vaccinations?”


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