Blue Zones, Food Diversity, Bioavailability and Scales - AMA #72 - Clovis

Blue Zones, Food Diversity, Bioavailability and Scales - AMA #72

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Live Ask Me Anything #72 - Topics Covered:

Blue Zones, Food Diversity, Bioavailability and Scales

Topics Covered:

5:40 - Q: “How accurate is the body fat percentage on the Renpho scale? Which one do you recommend?” 13:15 - Q: “Does it make a difference if you eat pretty much the same thing every day versus having a lot of diversity in your meals? This is assuming everything is still within the approved foods list, of course.” 26:45 - Q: “Why, even though we supplement our Vitamin D, do the levels never go up, or they increase very little?” 31:40 - Q: “How about good belly shots?” 32:45 - Q: “So, I just did a not Justin approved event this weekend. Long story short, I finished and even though my body was wrecked, my energy and strength maintained throughout and I was able to get a great workout in today. Pre-Clovis recovery would have been at least 7-8 days.” 34:30 - Sunscreen talk 40:30 - Q: “What are your thoughts on the Blue Zones Project, where none of these long-living cultures adhere to a low-carb diet?” 1:03:10 - Q: “Have you come across any real research that leads you to believe constant use of bluetooth devices being unhealthy?” Closing comments: Links and Resources:

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