Oxalates, Protein, Ketosis, and MCT Oil - Live AMA #68 - Clovis

Oxalates, Protein, Ketosis, and MCT Oil - Live AMA #68

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Live Ask Me Anything #68 - Topics Covered:

Carnivore Diet, Body Weight vs Composition, and Supporting Your Friends

Topics Covered:

1:20 - New videos up on member’s platform

  • Custom macros

  • Fitness tutorials

  • Ambassador info

  • Clovis discounts

Questions & Answers:

3:37 - The Carnivore Diet topic...

8:00 - Oxalates - Harmful Plant Toxins

  • “Kidney pain” & kidney stones

  • Standard American Diet to Clovis

  • What are oxalates?

  • Calcium and oxalates

  • Oxalates in cleaning products

16:40 - Elimination diets & humans becoming weaker

  • Plant matter seems to be the common denominator

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Our immune systems are becoming weaker generationally

  • Antibacterial everything

22:20 - Lectins and cognitive performance

  • Plant toxins

  • Brain fog and diet

23:50 - Q: “In the obesity code, Fung mentions ‘too much protein turns into glucose and you can potentially throw yourself out of ketosis’. Is there a way to measure ‘too much protein’ or is it safe to assume that we aren’t flying out of our custom numbers (macros)?”

  • Gluconeogenesis

  • Ketones in the system = burning fat

  • Burning ketones and glucose at the same time

  • Metabolically inflexible people

35:27 - Intermittent fasting in women

  • Doesn’t usually work well

  • Carb refeed

36:05 - Q: “What are the biggest contributors to brain fog?”

  • Plant toxins

  • Oxalates

  • Lectins

  • Low fat, high carb

  • Kiss My Keto

  • Exogenous ketones + skip breakfast

31:00 - Q: “Is there any advantage/disadvantage to eating or not eating within the first few hours of waking up? I know that Aubrey from Onnit talks in his book about having fats within the first hour of waking.”

  • Body composition

  • Building muscle

  • Essential body fat

43:24 - People want to be validated

  • Everyone’s unique and have different goals

  • Listen to your body

48:32 - How to know if you’re fat adapted

  • Can’t really know

  • Well-designed low-carb diet

  • Consistency

  • No blanket statement

  • Hunger levels

53:30 - Clovis growing so fast

  • Next Google hangout

54:27 - MCT oil

  • Cholesterol

  • Go get a full lipid profile testing particle numbers, not just "total" cholesterol!

  • Fat loss

1:03:00 - Clovis ambassador program - go watch new video!

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