Carnivore Diet, Body Weight vs Composition, and Supporting Your Friends - Live AMA #67 - Clovis

Carnivore Diet, Body Weight vs Composition, and Supporting Your Friends - Live AMA #67

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Carnivore Diet, Body Weight vs Composition, and Supporting Your Friends

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7:00 - Q: “Just had a person saying I had to eat according to my blood type, just wondering if you have touched on that on any AMA?”

  • Not accurate

  • Similar to the alkaline myth (AMA #41)

  • Macro and micronutrients should be the focus

  • Genetic testing

  • Genoma International

9:57 - Q: “Just finished listening to your podcast with Paul Saladino. One, such an awesome episode, can’t wait for part 2! Two, do you think you may implement some of his ideas to more of a Clovis protocol? Removing veggies altogether doesn’t seem as sustainable, at least for me.”

  • No, not removing veggies from Clovis

  • Just because I share something, doesn’t mean I recommend everyone do it

  • Fasting as a therapeutic modality

  • Lectins

  • High protein

  • If you feel good, don’t worry about it

21:05 - Stressors

  • Reference to stress sucks AMA #28

21:49 - Celiac & Gluten-free talk

  • Get a custom nutrition plan!

  • “Gluten-free” processed products are very harmful

23:02 - Q: “One of our subcontractors today ranted on and on how he needs carbs because he’s a type 2 diabetic - fasting makes your metabolism slow down and you need to eat 6 small meals a day.”

  • Wrong information

  • Carbohydrates are the only non-essential nutrient

  • Fasting speeds up metabolism

26:54 - Q: “I am cold, like all the time. According to my scale, I’m about 27% body fat, so I don’t see why I should be so cold. Any tips on cold sensitivity or places to investigate?”

  • Yes.

  • Usually a micronutrient deficiency - usually eating too little protein

  • Sodium and electrolyte intake is also important (3-5g a day)

28:16 - Don’t shit in the punch bowl

29:29 - Q: (rephrased) Trying to spread the word about how awesome Clovis is. I run into plexus junkies, anti-Paleo, and the hardcore Beachbody/Insanity people. I talk about how, in general, you have to be on the plan for at least 12 months per your video where you discussed this, I get rebuttals, ‘well wouldn’t that apply to these other programs?’ and I don’t know how to answer that. For my plexus people, they’re all drinking the kool aid and swear by it. How can I steal them and get them into a program that works? For them they do it and see results. How and why is Clovis better? How can I get them on board?

  • Don’t.

  • Stop trying to convince people

  • MLM pyramid schemes

  • Encourage your friends and that’s it - it’s not your business

  • Let results speak for themselves

  • You don’t need to market Clovis

  • Lead by example

36:45 - Clarifying my wording in a previous AMA

  • Body weight set point

  • Confusing people

  • Your new normal AMA #66

  • I don’t want you to set a body weight goal

38:34 - Q: “I weighed myself - I know, I know, I’m mad at myself now. I went looking for reassurance from a scale, which ended badly. I’ve been very strict so it’s a little discouraging, but I will not let it stop me. I guess what I’m looking for is just some reassurance and maybe an explanation as to why I haven’t lost any weight in 3 weeks?”

  • You don’t know if that’s true

  • Body weight doesn’t tell you anything

  • The scale doesn’t differentiate between muscle and fat

  • My before and after mass gains picture

40:35 - Q: “How do you know when your body has hit the minimum weight it wants to be?”

  • Why body weight goals aren’t a good idea

  • I can keep you at the same body weight while manipulating your body composition

  • Test your body composition

  • Switching from a Standard American Diet to Clovis will automatically make you healthier

  • If you don’t get rid of this body weight obsession, you will never reach optimal health

  • Focus on how you feel, how you react to situations, your mood, mental clarity

55:32 - Q: “What’s the best way to handle a very rare situation where you do slip up? Say, early in your macro day, by eating something high in unhealthy carbs? Do you try to hit your macros past your slip up? Do you attempt to biohack by fasting or eating light the rest of the day in hopes the body will burn off that unhealthy carb first without added macros? Or other added tips you might have?”

  • Don’t worry about it at all

  • The idea is that eventually you won’t have to track macros

  • Just get back on the wagon

  • If you do skyrocket your net carbs, lower your fat intake that day

  • Energy calories matter for fat loss

  • Fasting can be useful depending on the situation

59:57 - It’s difficult to overeat protein

  • More satiating macronutrient

  • Carbs are really easy to overeat

  • Plan out your meals for the day

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