Menopause, Estrogenics, Sauna for Recovery, and Calisthenics - AMA #87 - Clovis

Menopause, Estrogenics, Sauna for Recovery, and Calisthenics - AMA #87

Menopause, Estrogenics, Sauna for Recovery, and Calisthenics

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Live Ask Me Anything #87 - Topics Covered:

Menopause, Estrogenics, Sauna for Recovery, and Calisthenics

Topics Covered:

5:07- Let’s talk Functional Medicine Doctors... Details Matter!

9:13- Q: Menopause is awful, and it seems harder to deal with than it used to be?

16:23- What the hell are estrogenics and why are they such a problem?

18:51- I actually highly recommend bio-identical hormone replacement. Here’s why...

21:49- Commenting on Comments: menopause and postpartum are hormonal crapshoots, and the first question my OB asked me after delivery was what form of birth control I wanted to start on

22:37- Q: What about saliva tests? I’m a blood work guy…

24:20- Commenting on comments: there’s no Functional MD near me

27:56- Commenting on comments: I see “X” ingredient in a lot of recipes, is that ok? (Hint: I hate recipes)

29:53- Q: How do you know if someone is actually a Functional MD?

31:34- Q: What are the benefits of sauna post-workout? What’s the best way to optimize heat and cold therapies?

39:02- My ideal scenario for someone seeking an “athletic” physique…

40:39- Basically, sauna use is amazing for you. Here’s why...

45:30- Commenting on Comments: My husband and I have taken your advice and it’s SO on point! We even trust you with our kids!

47:05- I’m 33 years old, and I’m NOW deciding to go back and correct my foundation to become injury-proof. I’m an emotional trainer (think emotional eating)

56:43- Commenting on comments: After you challenged me to work out mobility, I’m stronger than ever and you’ve changed my psychology on fitness!

1:02:53- Wrap Up!

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