No, Your Brain Does Not Need Carbs - AMA #86 - Clovis

No, Your Brain Does Not Need Carbs - AMA #86

No, Your Brain Does Not Need Carbs

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Live Ask Me Anything #86 - Topics Covered:

No, Your Brain Does Not Need Carbs

Topics Covered:

2:04- I’m going to teach you something I’ve never taught you before, folks...

3:03- Why I’m even doing this episode...

4:55- Myth: “The brain needs at least 130g of carbohydrates each day to function properly”

7:49- The ACTUAL Ketogenic diet, and the story of Sweet Savannah...

10:24- “Any, and I mean ANYONE tells you that dietary carbs are required for brain function… they disqualify themselves from giving anyone advice EVER!”

12:47- I get tagged in stuff, guys, and I got sucked into a “debate”... Even though I know better.

16:26- The BIOCHEMISTRY (details matter)

22:25- Carbohydrates OUTSIDE of the body, and INSIDE of the body (stay with me)

27:01- Let’s talk gluconeogenesis= the lynchpin

32:08- more proof in the pudding (extremely extended fasts, more science, and fat storage)

40:55- Question. EVERYTHING. Never parrot something you haven’t fact-checked YOURSELF

46:43- Commenting on Comments: Gosh, I’ve been parroting things all my life!

47:24- Commenting on Comments: you can share this video by sending this episode’s link from

48:20- Commenting on Comments: Everyone is just brainwashed on this stuff and it’s hard to break that (well, let’s unpack that-)

51:02- Commenting on Comments: learn, unlearn, relearn is my favorite part of Clovis!

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