Electrolytes, Doctors You Can Trust, and Cancer Treatments - AMA #88 - Clovis

Electrolytes, Doctors You Can Trust, and Cancer Treatments - AMA #88

Electrolytes, Doctors You Can Trust, and Cancer Treatments

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Live Ask Me Anything #87 - Topics Covered:

Electrolytes, Doctors You Can Trust, and Cancer Treatments

Topics Covered:


6:44- I’ve noticed some confusion about electrolytes (There’s a lot to unpack here)

21:16- I actually LOVE doctors, but details matter

34:02- This is a sensitive topic, and I get the MOST pushback about this; the “C” word

41:13- Q: What is “integrative medicine?”

43:44- What are your thoughts on ketamine?

47:45- Q: What do you think about Cryotherapy?

53:00- Wrap Up!

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Electrolyte Drink Recipe (credit: Robb Wolf!) Click Here to Find a Functional Medicine MD: Use the "Advanced Search" feature to filter the following Criteria:
  • IFM Certified Practitioner
  • Degree: MD/DO
  • Accepts Online Consultations
  • Specialty in: Nutrition

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