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Dr. Ken Berry - Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health

Ken Berry, M.D.

Dr. Ken Berry is a practicing board-certified physician, an Amazon Best Selling Author, and a passionate advocate of health on his YouTube channel where he has over 700,000 subscribers. Along with his online presence, he is active in his own community of Camden Tennessee where he has been practicing at The Berry Clinic since 2003. Dr. Berry is known for his direct, no-nonsense approach to health and wellness. After signing with Victory Belt Publishing House this year, Dr. Berry just released the second edition of his best selling book Lies My Doctor Told Me. He is also in the process of writing his second book called Common Sense Keto for Type II Diabetes. He looks forward to working with the real people of the world in continuing his mission to bring an end to the obesity and Type II diabetes epidemics, along with bringing awareness to such issues as thyroid health and hormone optimization.
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Justin chats with Dr. Ken Berry about red meat, anthropology, childhood nutrition, and how to communicate with your Doctor.

Topics Covered:

00:36- Let’s jump right in and talk about this “new” article about red meat

6:40- The anthropological data is CLEAR about the proper human diet

8:31- How did this happen? Why can't we trust experts anymore?

12:54- How did you decide to reeducate yourself, as a conventional MD, and change your mind?

16:24- It’s rare to find someone with your credentials that is open to learning from people who aren’t doctors. Why do you think you were open to that?

23:20- The Cliff notes version as to how I got into nutrition science

25:35- Your doctor should know EXACTLY what is in every single thing they prescribe you!

29:00- I see this same issue all the time with parents…

34:22- What can we ask/say to our doctors when they give us new pharmaceuticals or diagnosis?

39:08- Here’s the verbiage to use with your doctor to get what you want, or fire your doctor. (This is mind-blowing!)

42:42- If high cholesterol is potentially protective, should we be driving it up to lower our odds of all-cause mortality?

48:20- Familial Hypercholesterolemia vs. Lean Mass Hyper Responder

50:53- What to ask your doctor, or a new doctor, to properly vet them

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