Karnivore Kurt - Optimizing the Carnivore Diet and Biohacking Human Performance

Kurt Yazici - "Karnivore Kurt"

Ancestral Optimizer | Carnivore Expert
Optimal Mental | Physical Performance
Kurt specializes in working with entrepreneurs looking to optimize their health.
His methods involve implementing a Carnivore Diet--he's written a full book on the topic-- as an elimination reset to then get clear on which nutrients and foods best optimize these high performers.
His expertise revolves around minimal effective dose optimization. He uses the carnivore elimination diet, sleep, exercise, environmental hormetics and calculated supplements - most recently mushrooms to enhance and optimize performers and their lives.
Listen To The Podcast:
Justin and Kurt discuss entrepreneurship, daily habits, happiness, fulfillment and The Carnivore Diet as an ancestral reset...

Topics Covered:

9:01- Kurt and I met on an amazing trip, what made you want to do a hunting retreat?!
14:50-What made you decide to share your story as Karnivore Kurt?
22:07- Men’s mental health and healing trauma and anxiety
41:56- What are your daily non-negotiables for wellness?
56:32- Fat trimmings: Keto Hack?!
1:01:10- How do you achieve your ideal body composition? How much are you eating and what are you doing in the gym?
1:14:3- How do you feel about the social media climate space right now with vegans, carnivore, keto etc. all at each other?
1:27:46- The impact of these polarizing food lifestyles on the environment
1:36:17- Do you have any desire to expand upon carnivore, or are you just super happy where you’re at?
1:40:08- Always growing! Plant medicine and lifestyle design
1:43:46- What are some actionable tips for people (outside of carnivore) to change their lives?
1:46:31- Wrap Up and how to connect with Kurt!

- I Am Clovis

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