Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know About The Global Pandemic COVID-19 - AMA #105 - Clovis

Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know About The Global Pandemic COVID-19 - AMA #105

Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know About The Global Pandemic COVID-19

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Live Ask Me Anything #105 - Topics Covered:

Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know About The Global Pandemic COVID-19

Topics Covered:

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(7:44) 4:15- We are at the mercy of the masses on this one. Your opinion doesn’t matter.
(13:42) 10:13- Who is susceptible to infection?
(18:49) 15:20- This is officially a pandemic
(24:48) 21:19- How does this thing spread?
(31:52) 28:23- Let’s talk about risk factors for serious complications with Corona?
(35:23) 31:54- I had my mind CHANGED, so let’s talk about comparisons
(46:28) 42:59- NO ONE is talking about this and it’s driving me crazy!
(48:33) 45:04- Virus Consciousness… it’s a little out there but stay with me
(54:04) 50:37- Q: I’m curious about pregnant women?
(54:19) 50:50- Q: I’m curious about the risk for a child under 10 with Type 1 diabetes?
(56:09) 52:40- What can we realistically do about this?
(1:08:34) 1:05:05- Tin foil hat time!!! The politics of Coronavirus...
(1:14:51) 1:11:22- Commenting on Comments: There are a lot of herbs that can help too
(1:16:34) 1:13:05- Commenting on Comments: Elderberry!
(1:18:02) 1:14:33- Commenting on Comments: Clovis is magical
(1:20:24) 1:16:55- Q: What do you think about Osterholm on Joe Rogan’s podcast talking about probiotics?
(1:26:19) 1:22:50- Wrap Up!

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  1. EAT 100% CLOVIS - Period. No cheating. End of discussion. This is my #1 piece of advice for increasing overall health and immunity
  2. DIRECT SUN EXPOSURE - 15 minutes per day
  3. DAILY COLD SHOWER - 3-5 minutes - DAILY!
  4. DAILY EXERCISE - Body Weight Demand Training
    • If you're fit, aim for 7 days per week
    • If you're no, aim for 2-3 days per week
  5. DAILY INTERMITTENT FASTING - 13-14 hours per day
  6. (IF POSSIBLE) SAUNA - 3-7x per week
    • If Infrared - 20 minute sessions
    • If Traditional (Finnish) - 45 minute sessions

Body Weight Demand Training - How To Do It


Personal Favorite Supplement Right Now - Ojai Energetics Hemp Elixer (I am currently taking this twice per day)

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