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Dr. Anthony Jay - Estrogeneration: How Hidden Toxins Are Harming Your Health and How To Avoid Them

ANTHONY G. JAY, PH.D., is the President and CEO of AJ Consulting Company.
Dr. Jay earned a B.A. with a double major in Biology and Theology from Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida, where he researched HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) inhibitors. After college, he continued to work with virus (lentivirus) in the context of Alzheimer's disease for the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs. Next, Dr. Jay earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Boston University School of Medicine, researching fats, hormones, and cholesterol.
Dr. Jay currently is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota researching stem cells, epigenetics, and infrared light.
In addition to leading AJCCo, Dr. Jay is a bestselling author of Estrogeneration.
Listen To The Podcast: Justin chats with Dr. Anthony Jay about hidden chemicals, cholesterol, soy, hormones, and corruption in Mainstream Medicine.

Topics Covered:

(Minute Markers Reflect the Audio Episode)

08:01- What is an estrogenic, and why write a book about it?

11:37- This stuff is pretty scary. What kind of outlook do you have after writing a book like this?

16:01- Nutrition is my more my deal, I know, but what your thoughts on the pro-plant based agenda?

19:57- You discussed in your book about scientific bias, and it was mindblowing! Can you talk about that data manipulation and peer influence?

23:49- How do you feel about LMHR and cholesterol?

28:48- I’m trying not to be selfish with your time, but I love talking about cholesterol...

31:26- Can we talk about the estrogenic behaviors of soy?

42:23- Lavendar and kids. (Put down the essential oil, guys. This is shocking)

51:12- Lowering the average age for puberty and the health of the people lobbying for this stuff

01:02:59- What are your thoughts on hormonal birth control?

01:08:48- Vaccinations, future generations, and how clueless we truly are about immunology

01:17:18-The “fat switch” and pregnancy

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