Water Filtration, Blue Blockers, CBD, Estrogenics, and Coffee - AMA #91 - Clovis

Water Filtration, Blue Blockers, CBD, Estrogenics, and Coffee - AMA #91

Water Filtration, Blue Blockers, CBD, Estrogenics, and Coffee

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Live Ask Me Anything #91 - Topics Covered:

Water Filtration, Blue Blockers, CBD, Estrogenics, and Coffee

Topics Covered:

4:04- Q: My boyfriend is a plumber and wants to add a water filtration system like the one you have in your house. What brand of system do you suggest?

10:22- Q: What is your take on estrogenics and soy? (Funny you should ask, Amber!)

13:30- Q: Do I even ask what your take is on the new Netflix doc, The Game Changers?

22:52- Q: I’m in the middle of the podcast with Anthony Jay on estrogenics, and this made me wonder if the new Paleo Powder will have flaxseed in it?

28:34- Commenting on Comments: I used to believe the vegan propaganda because it worked with my beliefs

30:08- Q: Is it ok to drive with blue blockers? What are your thoughts?

33:00- Commenting on Comments: My son was vegan for 9 months, and he felt great… until he didn’t. Now he’s basically Carnivore

38:04- Q: I’m taking walks in the cold, and then doing cold showers. It takes me about 3 hours to warm up, is this ok?

39:21- Q: What can I use instead of no-salt?

49:49- Q: Is Sun Oil still a good brand for CBD?

52:24- Q: I used to be able to DOWN coffee, but now I absolutely cannot. Could I have a coffee sensitivity or is caffeine just more effective for me now that I’m Clovis?

56:34- Q: How do you feel about Swiss decaf?

1:02:37- Q: What if I use my own grounds for my coffee?

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