Cassie Wild - Exploring The Carnivore Diet, Intuitive Eating, Raising Healthy Kids, and Finding Community

CASSIE WILD is a mom, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and Weston A. Price chapter leader. She advocates utilizing food as medicine and has overcome her own battles with anxiety, chronic fatigue, postpartum depression, (amongst other health issues) through the power of nutrition. She has been a low-carb lifter for nearly 4 years, ultimately creating her own intuitive style of training combining powerlifting, hypertrophy/bodybuilding, and high-intensity training. Always striving to optimize her health, she has most recently been experimenting with the carnivore diet and loving it! She hopes that by sharing her enthusiasm for challenging mainstream dietary and fitness principles, it will inspire others to challenge their own perceptions of health and fitness!
Listen To The Podcast: Cassie Wild chats with Justin about her Carnivore experiments, intuitive eating, how to raise healthy kids, and the importance of finding community.

Topics Covered:

(Minute Markers Reflect the Audio Episode)

7:27- Meet Cassie!

8:28- Cassie’s health journey

10:55-What did you try before you found what worked for your optimal health?

20:32- Let’s talk about your carnivore experience

28:55- Most people need to pump the brakes on intuitive eating.

35:45- Most people have ZERO education about nutrition: A funny story

37:33- So where do you start with someone if they’re starting out knowing NOTHING?

42:52- People get downright angry when I tell them I’m doing carnivore. What has your experience been like?

47:21- Do you think a cyclical approach can work for some people?

51:10- How do you handle social criticism?

56:23- How do you handle conflict on this topic with loved ones?

01:02:01- Can we talk about how to navigate split households?

01:10:32- How do you feel about intermittent fasting?

01:15:51- What are your top 3 tips for the audience?

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