Self Actualization, Chemicals in Coffee, and What To Feed Chickens - AMA #93 - Clovis

Self Actualization, Chemicals in Coffee, and What To Feed Chickens - AMA #93

Self Actualization, Chemicals in Coffee, and What To Feed Chickens

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Self Actualization, Chemicals in Coffee, and What To Feed Chickens

Topics Covered:

3:32- Isn’t the Perfect Paleo Powder a “processed food?”

4:41- What is Swiss Decaf?

5:43- Q: I’ve heard about chemicals in decaf coffee and tea. How bad are they really?

11:26- Commenting on Comments: I had to go back to carnivore. Veggies don’t like me

15:05- Q: What should pasture-raised chicken actually be fed?

22:03- Q: If tomorrow you and all of your content were wiped from the earth, what 3 things would you want people to know? (Lewis Howes question)

50:35- Q: Best coffee company?

54:23- Q: If your life was a movie, would anyone want to watch it?

1:02:25- Commenting on Comments: I ask my self all the time what I like to do and I don’t know. My life revolved around 6 kids.

1:08:52- Commenting on Comments: We don’t have people like you in our real lives!

1:10:29- Man in the Arena

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