Sneaky Ingredients Labels, Food vs. Supplements, Fitness Mindset, Meditation and Psychedelics - AMA #84 - Clovis

Sneaky Ingredients Labels, Food vs. Supplements, Fitness Mindset, Meditation and Psychedelics - AMA #84

Sneaky Ingredients Labels, Food vs. Supplements, Fitness Mindset, Meditation and Psychedelics

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Live Ask Me Anything #84 - Topics Covered:

Sneaky Ingredients Labels, Food vs. Supplements, Fitness Mindset, Meditation, and Psychedelics

Topics Covered:

Epic Paleo Powder Sale (entrepreneurial behind the scenes!)

5:45- Q: What the hell is in LaCroix? (food product and the truth about regulations)

12:49- I get a lot of questions about synthetics, like ascorbic acid…

15:40- Q: Where’s the soda pop class action lawsuits?!

17:04- Q: I ordered Post-Workout and Digest & Rest Perfect Paleo Powder. Can you explain when to use which?

22:45- Q: I’ve noticed some joint pain lately, what foods or supplements do you suggest for joint health?

25:43- Q: How can I get over the mindset of feeling like I NEED to do hard workouts when I’m unhappy with myself?

31:28- Q: What does a day in the life of food look like for you, Justin? Here’s the thing, guys…

34:42- Q: What does your meditation practice consist of, also could you share some of your experience with Ayahuasca?

41:23- Q: You don’t get bloated from salt? What’s the deal?

43:23- Ok, Psychedelics and total transparency

59:47- Let me break your brain…

1:07:20- Wrap Up!

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