Psychedelics Deep Dive, Flu Shots, and Boosting Your Immune System - AMA #85 - Clovis

Psychedelics Deep Dive, Flu Shots, and Boosting Your Immune System - AMA #85

Psychedelics Deep Dive, Flu Shots, and Boosting Your Immune System

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Live Ask Me Anything #85 - Topics Covered:

Psychedelics Deep Dive, Flu Shots, and Boosting Your Immune System

Topics Covered:

A Funny Story and INTRO…

9:17- Flu Shots: The research and deciding for yourself

17:55- Other options to boost the immune system? Winter is coming…

19:39- My OWN hypothesis about the winter “cold and flu season”

24:57- Understanding your immune system and micronutrients

25:22- Q: What do you think about Bee sprays?

28:00- Q: Can you explain why no coconut water?

29:19- Q: Can I eat non-grass-fed beef liver raw?

30:29- Commenting on comments: My immune system has been killing it since I started supplementing with mushrooms

32:02- Q: What about water from an actual coconut? Just straight up?

35:36- Let’s talk psychedelics (again)- pay close attention

55:54- Commenting on Comments: Wow that’s deep. I think I would be scared.

56:15- Q: Did you vomit on Ayahuasca? Did your diet help with that side effect?

59:09- Q: How do you feel about inner child work?

1:00:51- Commenting on Comments: Actually confronting the shadow parts of yourself, I think would be extremely beneficial to help you integrate back into society after an experience like this.

1:05:22- I could never sit alone in silence for an hour

1:08:39- Commenting on Comments: Psychedelics are incredibly powerful substances, treat them with great respect if you ever do them but remember they are benevolent

1:11:15- Wrap Up!

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