Rethinking Fitness - Live AMA #47 - Clovis

Rethinking Fitness - Live AMA #47

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Live Ask Me Anything #47 - Topics Covered:

Rethinking Fitness:

4:00 - What is an AMA? 8:30 - My beef with the Fitness Industry - There's Never A Goal! 10:23 - Fitness begins with nutrition 12:54 - These are NOT fitness goals 16:23 - DVD Programs don't work! 20:29 - The Science of Building Muscle 37:02 - Mindset is everything! 39:05 - Post-Workout Carbohydrates 42:27 - You are all sedentary... Stop lying. 46:25 - Thoughts on body weight training 47:57 - Calculating Activity Level for Children 49:34 - Best Foods for Post-Workout Carbs 51:18 - 8-10 Reps for muscle building? 55:13 - When do we need new macros? 56:40 - Why do you recommend StrongLifts 5x5? 01:02:42 - Best exercise for aerobic threshold training? 01:05:52 - Time Under Tension 01:08:06 - Ego will always be with you 01:15:22 - How to be a good personal trainer...

Show Notes and Resources:

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- I Am Clovis

- The Perfect Paleo Powder

- The Perfect Paleo Podcast with Justin Nault

- StrongLifts 5x5 - Body By Science by Doug McGuff - Primal Endurance by Mark Sisson - Aerobic Threshold Training - Dr. Ted Naiman Body Weight Training - Simple and Sinister by Pavel Tsatsouline - StrongFirst Kettlebell Training - Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe - 5/3/1: Raw Strength by Jim Wendler - GMB Fitness - Elements Program ARX Training:

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