Red Meat Myths - AMA #75 - Clovis

Red Meat Myths - AMA #75

Red Meat Myths!

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Live Ask Me Anything #75 - Topics Covered:

Red Meat Myths

Topics Covered:

3:06- TO BE CLEAR: When I say “red meat,” I mean, 100% Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished, Pasture-Raised Livestock ONLY. Here’s why...

5:08- Where is all of this anti-meat rhetoric coming from?!

8:18- Myth #1: PLANTS have more nutrients than meat…

13:33- Myth #2: Saturated fat causes heart disease…

17:36- Myth #3: Red meat causes cancer

23:47- Myth #4: Meat is acidic… (this one is a cluster from the jump!)

28:42- Myth #5- Meat is bad for the environment…

29:22- The definition of "Vegan;" then and now... (you'll be surprised!)

31:27- Myth #6: Red meat leads to fat/diabetes (This one is genuinely evil in my opinion!)

34:17- Internet Keto… the bargain bin of false nutrition pandering

36:44- Let’s really break this down; protein and energy

41:55- Here are some crazy numbers from experimentation I’ve been doing, on MYSELF with protein

44:04- Let’s talk some REAL science, not just my snarky observations

50:26- CAN YOU eat too much protein?

53:47- This blows "calories in, calories out" OUT OF THE WATER!

58:45- Commenting on Comments: "I’ve been eating carnivore, eating soooo much meat and the losing weight!"

59:44- Q: Is there a byproduct of protein that is dangerous for diabetics?

1:01:03- Q: Are you doing PPP while trying carnivore?

1:07:00- Wrap Up!

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