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Hilary Boynton - The Lunch Lady

Hilary Boynton is the author of The Heal Your Gut Cook Book and the Head of Nutrition Services at The Manzanita School in Topanga, CA. After seeing the power of food as medicine with her own family, she passionately dove into the challenge of solving school lunches. After years of frustration, she decided it was time to roll up her sleeves and become the “Lunch Lady” herself. Returning her children’s school to an ancestral way of eating is eliminating dietary confusion and changing lives on all fronts! From the children and staff eating the lunches to the farmers and purveyors raising, growing and supplying the food, to the dedicated lunch leaders lovingly preparing the lunches, her concept is so infused with love one can’t help but want in. She believes a grassroots effort and bottom-up approach is where it’s at. Hilary is most proud to see this infuse into the children’s homes where this way of eating now becomes the norm, and people are once again valuing time spent around the table with family, locally sourced seasonal foods and great conversation!

Justin and Hilary discuss childhood nutrition, farm to table school lunch programs, and how to make REAL change in America...

Topics Covered:

5:26- Sweet Savannah, The Whole Story...

22:31- Hello, Hilary!

31:36- How Hilary Became The Lunch Lady

37:43- How did the student body and parents respond to the change?

40:49- Let’s talk about “snacks”: A four-letter word?

49:41- How do you handle “normal” social events where everyone else is eating junk?!

55:10- Everything you know about nutrition has been sold to you by marketers...

58:16- The microbiome, the “average” infancy, and the issues 20-somethings are now having

1:01:23- My controversial opinion on parents who want the smoking gun for neuro a-typical diagnosis, or chronic disease...

1:04:20- Turning your taste buds around, is quicker and easier than you think...

1:08:07- What are the obstacles around changing school lunches? How do we grow Hilary’s mission?

1:13:50- The condiment crusade (this is awesome!)

1:18:03- Hilary’s Dexcom Project (It’s amazing!)

1:23:18- You have quantifiable data at your fingertips! Your kids and behavioral issues...

1:28:47- What steps can listeners take when you feel stuck in your kids' lunch system?

1:36:27- Hilary’s Collective Education Retreat

1:43:31- How to connect with Hilary and Wrap Up!

The Luch Leader Academy - 5 Day Intensive!

LEARN HOW TO INSTIGATE AND IMPLEMENT A WHOLE FOOD LUNCH PROGRAM IN YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL, BUSINESS OR HOME Gather with foodies and food activists from across the country who champion ancestral and whole-foods based meals. Get intimate access to those who have recently pioneered ‘the best school lunch program in the country.’ Leave with the mindset, skills, and support needed to successfully launch a program in your community. This course is perfect for home cooks, professional chefs and those who have a passion to change unhealthy food systems. Purchase 1 of 14 spots available for our 8/4 – 8/9 intensive workshop. Here’s what’s included:
  • Six nights of lodging at a spectacular private property in Topanga, CA.
  • All meals included:8/4 dinner – 8/10 breakfast(17 meals).
  • 5 days of hands-on, high-level courses (8/5 -8/9).
  • Direct access to program creator and leader, Hilary Boynton and staff.
  • Shuttles to/from all training sessions in Malibu & Santa Monica (not airport service).
  • Receive a local, regional and national resource playbook.
  • Attend high impact sourcing lessons from the Santa Monica Farmers Market (rated ‘Best in US’).
  • One of a kind, luxury Malibu location for cooking classes Plumcot Farm.
$2,500.00. Maximum 14 spaces are available. The first 10 people to sign-up will receive a $1,000.00 retail value: 4 months of Lunch Leader Academy, Level 1 ‘Kitchen Coach’ support. Our first Lunch Leaders Academy Intensive will be anchored in the rustic hills of Topanga, CA. A spectacular private property will function as your home base and provide lodging, meals, classroom space and amenities. The incredibly scenic location and quiet atmosphere will allow you to escape and unwind at any time you’re not engaged in classes. Our second location is Plumcot Farm, a unique California Certified Organic Farm (CCOF) in the heart of Malibu that offers a large contemporary kitchen, perfectly suited for our teaching needs. Recipes will source from Plumcot’s summer harvest. School kitchen programs are encouraged to have deep ties with local farms. Plumcot is an exceptional property with a mission to support local food artisans and learning programs

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