Oil: The Hidden Assassin - Live AMA #56 - Clovis

Oil: The Hidden Assassin - Live AMA #56

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Live Ask Me Anything #56 - Topics Covered:

Oil: The Hidden Assassin:

2:30- Why this topic? 9:40- Let’s talk about fat, baby! 11:09- Chronic Disease in America is insane! 12:28- My personal history with fats (Sweet Savannah) 15:37- Fat is not the villain you think it is… details matter 17:38- Low-fat diets and... erectile dysfunction?! 18:55- Fat is a health food. Period. THESE are the only fats that are BAD for you... 20:12- Saturated Fat: Details matter 21:53- Lipogenesis and Liposuction 23:15- “The quality of your cells, is DIRECTLY correlated with the quality of the fats you ingest.” What does that mean? 24:26- So let’s break it down: Franken-fats 26:38- My personal opinion... autism. 29:20- The different types of fats...
  • 33:35- Q: "What is DHA?"
  • 34:10- Q: "Is coconut oil good? I eat it by the spoonful!"
35:29- Canola oil… buckle up folks 39:48- How did hydrogenated oils even happen? Did we know it was bad? 43:08- FB Check
  • 43:20- Q: "Does MCT oil break a fast?"
  • 44:43- Q: "Do you have a recommendation for alternative baby formulas?"
  • 45:18- Q: "What is your take on sugar? Is it ok in moderation? I don’t trust stevia."
46:31- What food products contain the HIGHEST amounts of hydrogenated oils? 48:23- Here’s why you have to be a label detective:
  • 49:20- Q: "What about maple syrup or honey?"
  • 49:29- Q: "How have we gone all these years and only just found stevia?"
  • 50:11- Commenting on Comments: "Precious f’ing goldfish!"
50:27- Ok, ok, but how bad are hydrogenated oils, really? Some stats for you... 54:52- Clovis is an INFINITE GAME, folks. How to Change your life FOREVER!
  • 57:08- Q: "Is the Oura ring waterproof?"
  • 57:51- Commenting on comments: "Newbies- this stuff is no B.S. this is life changing!"
59:53- It’s scary out there! Watching ingredients cuts the junk out pretty quickly!
  • 1:00:18- Q: "Is there a deal in the works for Clovis peeps and Wild Pastures?"
  • 1:06:03- Commenting on Comments: "My fiance was listening to the anti-aging episode on Joe Rogan! I told him he should be listening to you!"
  • 1:07:51- Commenting on Comments: "I loved your podcast episode with Steph Gaudreau!"
  • 1:08:41- Commenting on Comments: "Our kids have been Paleo for 2 months, now we’ve gone further to be Clovis these past 2 weeks and it’s even better without all the paleo excuses."
  • 1:10:23- Commenting on Comments: "It drives me crazy all these recipes that say sugar-free” and they have maple syrup and honey in them!”
  • 1:14:21- Q: Can someone not send you a care package?!
1:15:11- Wrap Up! Show Notes and Resources:

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