In Case You Missed It #16 - Doctor Recommended - Clovis

In Case You Missed It #16 - Doctor Recommended

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Doctor Recommended:

Problems with Conventional Medicine:

As “Average Americans” there is a fundamental flaw in the way we think about the medical community and doctors…
  1. We assume all Doctors know what they are doing
  2. We assume all Doctors continually educate themselves over the span of their careers.
  3. We assume medical treatments are backed by scientific data
On all accounts, we are DEAD WRONG…
Society has forced Doctors into the current role and we have all played a part in this. Every single one of us.
The thing is, Doctors were never intended to be nutritionists… we forced that role upon them by eating so poorly that we made our entire population so chronically ill that we had to turn to Doctors for help. Doctors HATE being in this position! The statistics:
  • 63% of physicians are pessimistic about the future of the medical profession
  • Half of all physicians “often” or “always” experience feelings of burn out
  • 54% of physicians rate there moral as somewhat negative or very negative
  • Only 14% of physicians have the time they need to provide the highest standard of care
  • Almost half of all physicians are considering quitting medicine, cutting back hours, switching to concierge medicine, or taking other steps to limit patient access...

Doctors Know NOTHING About Nutrition!:

The only statistic you really need to pull from this episode…
  • The Average Doctor receives an average of 4 hours of nutrition education per year in medical school.
That is a total of 20 hours spent on nutrition over 4 years of medical school. Every single aspect of our health as human beings is directly influenced, more than any other factor, by our nutrition. Period. And Doctors literally know next to nothing about it… For context… You could listen to LESS THAN HALF of my AMA episodes available online and know more about nutrition than Doctors learn in Med school.

Conventional Medicine Cannot Cure Chronic Disease:

It is impossible to be “cured” of ailments via pharmaceuticals. It simply doesn’t happen.
In fact, that’s the definition of chronic disease. An issue that lasts more than 3 months and cannot be cured by vaccines or medications.
But Docs keep giving pills…
Conventional medicine is sick-care, not health care…

This Creates an Opportunity for the QUACKS!:

Here’s the big problem… People don’t know where to turn… And the problems in with healthcare leave huge holes for snake oil salesmen to swoop in…
The distrust of Doctors can lead to some bad scenarios because there is a giant gap between credible experts and completely fucking looney tunes…
Let me give you an example… People keep sending me content created by The Medical Medium. I want to be clear, this man has zero medical expertise, zero nutrition expertise, zero biochemistry expertise… In fact, he carries not a single credential whatsoever.
He literally “talks to spirits who teach him things that science has not yet discovered… and he uses them to cure cancer?!”
“The spirits help him heal people with celery juice.” What could possibly go wrong?!?!
Because people don’t realize if you switch from the SAD diet to… ANYTHING. Literally ANYTHING. Your health will improve. Vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, carnivore, Whole 30… Literally, anything and your health will improve.
So, you take a sick population, give them some celery juice and tell them to give up gluten and only eat fruits and vegetables for 28 days…Of course, they’re going to get healthier! You removed the nastiest products from the food pyramid! Gluten, grains, industrial oils, dairy, and refined sugar.
You do this, people see their health improve and all of a sudden, people actually believe that you can talk to spirits and heal people?!

Adding Foods Doesn't Cure Disease... REMOVING Foods Does!:

When people switch to a FAD Diet that makes claims like "cures cancer" they don't understand what is actually happening...
  1. You’re switching to a whole food diet
  2. Because you are getting more nutrients, you eat less and experience a caloric deficit, while most Americans still overeat.
Congratulations, this is the most basic of all basic dietary advice… The danger?! People don’t view this correctly. All of a sudden, the narrative is “fruit cures cancer.” When in reality, you could have gone carnivore and gotten the same exact results Go look up the carnivore diet and the things people are reversing with it… It makes the results of the Medical Medium look laughable. There are stories of the carnivore diet completely beating cancer, reversing type 2 diabetes, reversing multiple sclerosis… countless auto-immune issues… We have to understand that REMOVING problematic foods curse things! Not magic foods like fruit and meat. You have to starve out cancer… Not feed it magic food like Celery Juice! Listen to me, people... This "fruit cures cancer" logic is ASTOUNDINGLY DUMB. I promise you.

How To Choose a Functional Medicine Doctor:

If you want to truly take full control of your health and transform your life for the long-haul… You need to enlist the help of qualified experts.
How to choose… In my personal opinion, the very top of the mountain is Functional Medicine Doctors who are also Licensed Medical Doctors.
This is a Doctor who first went through traditional medical school and then added training and education in integrative and functional medicine. They will have the most flexibility and expertise when it comes to prescribing medications when necessary, ordering blood work, and explaining the efficacy of natural treatments for chronic issues. These are the ONLY type of practitioners I whole-heartedly recommend to all of you. My primary care physician is a Functional Medical Doctor. He is the only type of expert I trust with my health as a whole. This is what you need… This is what your family needs…

Click here to find your Functional Doc!

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