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Marty Kendall - How To Optimize Your Nutrition and Become a Regenetarian

Marty Kendall
Founder - Optimising Nutrition
Marty Kendall is an engineer, a speaker, and a writer. A truly brilliant mind with a gift for analyzing data and building tools and technology to help people get healthy! He runs a group where some of the smartest people in nutrition are interacting daily, sharing information and studies and clinical experience. This includes Dr. Ted Naiman, Robb Wolf, and Luis Villasenor.
Marty helps people ditch the dietary Dogmas that permeate the health & wellness space by focusing on what really matters... Nutrient Density!
Listen To The Podcast: Justin chats with Marty Kendall about nutrient density, food toxins, fat loss, and regenerative agriculture,

Topics Covered:

7:40- Meet Marty! You’re an engineer, how’d you end up in the nutrition space?

11:19- The primary focus of your work... nutrient density.

14:30- What are some of the most nutrient-dense foods?

15:57- What's your take on counting calories?

24:45- Where do you fall on the topic of plant toxins?

29:39- Can we talk about some of the problems with "Keto-Friendly" processed foods?

33:23- I see there’s a big emphasis on seafood within your research, are you worried about heavy metal toxicity?

39:57- You wrote this AMAZING article about being “Regenetarian“ what prompted you to pour all this work into that piece?

46:39- The huge problems with the EAT Lancet Global Dietary Guidelines...

56:52- I want to give people some actionable tips! How can people start tracking Nutrient Density for themselves?

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