Clean Slate: Learn, Unlearn, Relearn - Live AMA #49 - Clovis

Clean Slate: Learn, Unlearn, Relearn - Live AMA #49

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Clean Slate: Learn, Unlearn, Relearn:

9:45- "Healthy People" are lying to themselves… 11:57- You need to UNLEARN FIRST! 13:53- Marriage... An Analogy. 18:33- Here’s what you CANNOT do... 25:03- This is how bad science persists forever… 27:48-FB check:
  • 27:49- Commenting on Comments: "I’m still trying to unlearn things I thought I unlearned years ago"
  • 28:01- Commenting on Comments: "I’m listening to most of the ClovisBooklistt on 1.5x speed and will definitely need to do it twice!"
  • 30:15- Commenting on Comments: "The backlash from other people really sucks..."
  • 35:29- I say this ALL the time about social media...
  • 38:05- Q: "My current goal is fat loss, so where can I be flexible and where should I be stringent? I’m referring to macros and calories etc."
  • 40:57- Commenting on Comments: "If I eat a pound of broccoli my wife will make me sleep in the basement…"
  • 42:00- Commenting on Comments: "This plan is the most food I’ve ever eaten and the first time I’ve been able to consistently lose inches!"
  • 46:58- Q: "Do you ever have 'blow out' nights anymore?"
  • 48:23- Q: "Most diets make you eat 1200-1500 calories and I wouldn’t lose with 'good carbs.'"
  • 50:43- Commenting on Comments: "I was on death’s door until Justin… (Kathy’s testimony)"
  • 55:54- Let’s talk about Crossfit vs. all other athletics…
  • 57:23- Commenting on Comments:" I’m worried I won’t be ready for my next endurance event."

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- The Perfect Fasting Protocol by Justin Nault - The Perfect Paleo Cookbook by Justin Nault - Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter

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