Bone Density, Rabbit Starvation, and Fat Adaptation - Live AMA #69 - Clovis

Bone Density, Rabbit Starvation, and Fat Adaptation - Live AMA #69

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Live Ask Me Anything #69 - Topics Covered:

Bone Density, Rabbit Starvation, and Fat Adaptation

Topics Covered:


  • Norway trip

  • Music industry creeping back in

Topics Covered:

5:43 - Q: “What is the best way to build bone density? I have friends using foods high in calcium to prevent osteoporosis. I remember you saying something along the lines of food not being the way to do that.”

    • Calcium leaching - oxalates and lectins

    • Kidney stones

    • Feedlot milk is terrible, mostly sugar

    • Making bone broth is a great way to get calcium

    • Eating bones (or bone meal)

    • Ditch oxalates, eat anti-inflammatory, eat more protein, and lift heavy weights

15:27 - Protein intake

  • 0.8g of protein per pound of body weight

  • Or 1g per pound of lean body weight

  • Protein is the most important macronutrient for body composition

16:48 - Q: “Is there a limit for how much you can cut down on your fat intake if protein is the most important?”

  • Yes. This is very dangerous (if low-carb)

  • Rabbit starvation

  • Fat is important

23:50 - Social media vs Truth

  • Justifying bad decisions

  • Mindset

28:10 - Q: “I always hear you talk about fat adapted, but I’m not really sure what that means. Can you give a quick explanation?”

  • Metabolic flexibility
  • Glycogen - glucose stored in case needed

  • Fasting shouldn’t be difficult if fat adapted

33:35 - Issues with social media nutrition info

  • “Everything in moderation”

  • Asshole trainers

  • Eating disorders

35:00 - Q: “If the transition was really easy, does that mean fat adaptation happened sooner?”

  • Don’t worry too much if you’re fully adapted

  • Distractions. Keep it simple

40:30 - Q: “How does one know if it is time for updated macros? I have macros for fat loss now, how lean will they allow me to get? Would I need to update them if I have a new goal of muscle mass?”

44:30 - Q: “Can you explain why you don’t like target body weight? Is body fat percentage more important of a measurement?”

  • Body weight tells us nothing about health

  • Body composition is key

54:11 - Program “Justin in your pocket”

  • App called Marco Polo

  • Private, on-call, video correspondence

55:18 - Mindset is EVERYTHING

  • Epidemic lack of self-awareness

  • Improvement not perfection

  • The journey is the destination

58:40 - Q: "I've heard about Biofilms and Biofilm Detoxes. Legit or Bogus?"

    • Antibiotic-resistant infections

    • Biofilms can be bad or beneficial

    • Difficult to test for

    • There are ways to treat biofilms

1:01:45 - Q: “Does fasting to ‘let the body rest’ have any adverse effects on fat loss if done for an extended period?”

  • AMA #25: Fasting Facts: From Fat Loss to Longevity

  • Perfect Fasting Protocol ebook!

1:02:30 - Q: “Intense fitness session (like 1-hour heavy bag boxing)... stick to carb macros or is it ok (or recommended) to go over?”

  • Carb loading is for performance only, not fat loss

1:03:20 - Q: “What about 3 different body types and their differences with the number of macros?”

1:04:00 - Lyme and mold concerns

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