Becoming Your Own Nutritionist - AMA #82 - Clovis

Becoming Your Own Nutritionist - AMA #82

Becoming Your Own Nutritionist

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Live Ask Me Anything #82 - Topics Covered:

Becoming Your Own Nutritionist

Topics Covered:

4:13- I’m going to talk a lot about blood glucose monitoring this episode...

9:47- Here’s another very important citizen science test you can do...

12:32- How to Properly Test Blood Glucose Responses... 

18:31- The MOST common questions I’ve received about this experiment... 

24:21- Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic load. Critically important, guys! 

30:11- Why am I testing glucose 2 hours after eating a certain food?

31:53- My personal results from this experience: (these might surprise you!)

33:39- SUGAR is not the whole problem; New word: Immunogenic

36:22- Let's talk about fructose… and why I hate it. 

40:07- I’m actually nervous about testing other fruits (these symptoms were no fun)

41:19- Commenting on Comments: "This makes me want to test honey"

42:11- Why eating less of these foods would ruin my test results... 

44:30- The most difficult clients for me to help are... (maybe you can guess? Hint: They eat a lot of PLANTS)

47:07- Why did I take the time to do ALL of this? Stay with me here

55:05- If you can make this one simple mindset change, being healthy is EASY!

58:59- Commenting on Comments: "Just because someone’s glucose doesn’t go over 115 doesn't mean they should be eating certain foods. Friends tell me that bread “doesn’t bother them.” *eye roll*"

1:00:43- Commenting on Comments: "If you drink tequila every day that might make you an alcoholic. 6 shots or not."

1:01:43- Mike wants the dessert recipes… whomp whomp

1:02:30- Commenting on Comments: "Ego, ego, ego"

1:03:36- Commenting on Comments: "2 OG’s talking about how Clovis is a lifestyle and never feel guilty"

1:05:46- Commenting on Comments: "Eat to live not live to eat! YAS!"

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