Testing Blood Glucose for Food Sensitivities and How To Transform Your Fitness Forever - AMA #81 - Clovis

Testing Blood Glucose for Food Sensitivities and How To Transform Your Fitness Forever - AMA #81

Testing Blood Glucose for Food Sensitivities and How To Transform Your Fitness Forever

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Live Ask Me Anything #80 - Topics Covered:

Traditional Food Myths, Olive Oil, Electrolytes, Organ Meats, and Cholesterol Panels

Topics Covered:

3:34- My Dexcom experiment (please don’t freak out!)

10:21- Why am I monitoring my blood glucose for food sensitivities?

17:28- How to track your own blood glucose levels...

21:23- Commenting on Comments: Steph Gaudreau was just talking about this! Obsessing over healthy eating isn’t healthy!

23:01- Q: Will you be experimenting with white rice AND brown rice? 

23:33- Commenting on Comments: I don’t like intuitive eating either! You’re too metabolically broken and too tuned in to emotional eating

24:17- There’s a line you have to walk between discipline and perfection…

26:52- Obsessing over the guilt and shame cycle of mainstream fitness. I’ve been there too, Tribe, but STOP IT!

36:50- Ok, let’s get real honest about sets and reps… you’re not going to like it!

42:20- Commenting on Comments: So much money I’ve WASTED on programs only to quit and feel like straight-up garbage about myself

46:06- Why I’m getting SO sick of nutrition and health social media...

49:20- Commenting on Comments: Why are people so concerned with what other people are doing?

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