Abel James - Lessons From A Pandemic: What Coronavirus Has Taught Us About Self-Reliance and The Power Of Community - Clovis

Abel James - Lessons From A Pandemic: What Coronavirus Has Taught Us About Self-Reliance and The Power Of Community


About Abel James

Abel James, is a best-selling author, musician, speaker, and entrepreneur. Abel is best known for his work as, The Fat Burning Man. He created a web-series by the same name and hosts The Fat Burning Man podcast which achieved meteoric success in 2012 become the #1 ranked health podcast. From there, Abel went on to create an app, becoming the first independent publisher ever to hold Apple’s #1 Food App and #1 Health Podcast at the same time! Abel’s work has helped millions of people reclaim their health with outdoor adventures, cutting-edge science, and ridiculously good food! Among his insane list of accomplishments, Abel was a trainer on the wildly popular ABC Show “My Diet Is Better Than Yours.” He is also the #1 best-selling author of The Wild Diet and his latest book, "Designer Babies Still Get Scabies." He’s presented keynotes for the federal government, lectured at Ivy League universities, and advised Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Shell, and Lockheed Martin.

Most recently, Abel teamed up with his wife Alyson to launch Wild Superfoods, a line of shelf-stable nutraceuticals with everything from Organic Green Superfoods to Omega 3's and probiotics!

Justin welcomes back Abel James to talk all things Coronavirus! From nutrition and personal responsibility to Government overreach and online censorship to the power of community and adopting a more ancestral approach to living. This conversation goes DEEP and is sure to stir up all sorts of emotions and interesting thoughts! Click Play on this episode with an open mind and a full heart!

Topics Covered:

7:27- What COVID Has Taught Us About Self-Reliance

13:06 - Our Attention Spans Have Burnt Out

16:09 - The Value Of Doing Difficult Things

17:48 - Only Focus On Things You Can Control 

19:40 - Discipline Equals Freedom 

24:46 - Social Distancing Is A Mental Health Disaster

31:32 - Social Media Is Turning Us Into Children 

41:33 - Mainstream Media Will Never Be Trusted Again

45:10 - Who Can We Turn To For Accurate Information?

1:03:23 - The Government Doesn’t Want Us To Understand Finance

1:09:33 - Want To Be Happy & Healthy?! Reject Mainstream Advice

1:18:30 - How The System Is Working Against Us

1:29:45 - Outrage Media Is A Profit-Driven Machine

Links & Resources:


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The Wild Diet By Abel James

Podcast: Abel James - How Social Media Is Breaking Our Brains And How To Live With Purpose

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