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Homemade Baby Formula Recipe



I highly recommend making your own Whey! To make whey, you must first make Milk Kefir. I have included instructions for making your own Milk Kefir below the Baby Formula Recipe.

Once you have the Milk Kefir, you must extract the Whey from the Kefir. You can accomplish this by straining the Milk Kefir through a strainer with a Coffee Filter in it. 

The clear liquid that comes out of the strainer and coffee filter is the Whey for the formula. 

*A quick note about the solids left behind when you strain the Milk Kefir. This is about the most delicious cream cheese on Earth! We use it to make Keto-Friendly Cheesecake! 

The finished Baby Formula can be frozen without damaging the nutrients if you would like to make bigger batches! 


2 Cups, minus 2 TBsp water

2 tsp Gelatin protein

4 TBSP Lactose

2 Cups Goat Milk

¼ cup fresh Whey liquid (Recipe for Kefir included Below)

2 Tbsp Heavy Cream (prefer raw – substitute organic)

¼ tsp Acerola powder

¼ tsp Bifidobacterium infantis

2 tsp yeast flakes

½ tsp Cod Liver Oil

1 tsp Avocado Oil

2 tsp Coconut Oil

¼ tsp Ghee from grass-fed cows


It takes about 10 minutes now to mix up a batch like this:

  1. Set all tools, ingredients, and recipe on the counter

  2. Measure 2 cups water, remove 2 tbsp.

  3. Put half of the water in small saucepan.

  4. Turn the dial on the stove to low heat.

  5. Add gelatin and lactose and set coconut oil nearby.

  6. Stir with a baking spatula.

  7. In a blender, add milk, cream, and whey. Blend on low for a few seconds.

  8. Add all dry ingredients. Blend on low for a few seconds

  9. Then add all oils (except coconut and ghee).

  10. Stir water mixture again.

  11. Take off heat, add coconut oil and ghee

  12. Stir slowly until melted.

  13. Add remaining water to pan to cool the heated water, then pour into blender.

  14. Blend well.


How To Make Milk Kefir:

  • Strain liquid from new grains and discard

  • Place grains in a 3 cup mason jar

  • Fill jar slightly above the top line with organic whole milk*

  • Stir gently

  • Cover jar with an upside down coffee filter secured by just the outer ring of the mason jar cover (write the date/time on the filter with a sharpie)

  • Place in a cool dark place for two days to ferment (we’ve gone 3 days which is OK but the kefir will have a stronger sourness…)

  • Strain the kefir into a container to store in your refrigerator.

  • Go back to step 2 to make your next batch!

  • A few quick notes:

    • If you have access to raw milk that’s even better! Higher probiotic count.

    • The grains will multiply over time and you’ll have to discard or give some away (or make double batches!)

    • You can use coconut milk for anyone who is lactose sensitive. In that


      though, every other batch has to be made with milk to keep your grains healthy. The grains feed on lactose. The coconut milk kefir has about half the probiotics of that made with whole milk.

    • If you find you have too much kefir and want to just keep the grains until you’re ready to make another batch, simply put the grains in a container and cover them with milk. Put a full lid on tightly and store in the refrigerator until needed. We’ve stored them for 2 weeks.



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