The Alkaline Diet: Fact or Fiction? - Live AMA #41 - Clovis

The Alkaline Diet: Fact or Fiction? - Live AMA #41

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Live Ask Me Anything #41 - Topics Covered:

The Alkaline Diet: Fact or Fiction?:

2:11- Intro 6:17- The Acid-Alkaline Hypothesis all rests on one question… 10:08- “Cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment” This is where people start making money by scaring you... 11:39- Urine vs. Blood… The Big Deception... 16:09- How blood pH can kill you... 20:52- FB Check 21:50- Ancestral Blood pH... 25:26- FB Check
  • 25:25- Commenting on Comments: "Wild animal protein!"
26:27- The Alkaline Diet… and CANCER. 34:24- Vegan and Vegetarian Alkaline Diets 36:36- Why did the Alkaline Diet catch on?! 42:48- Live Q&A:
  • 42:49- Commenting on Comments: “Acid reflux comes and goes, any suggestions?”
  • 44:10- Commenting on Comments: “Kernels of truth in all the camps, but only kernels.”
  • 44:37- Q: "How many greens would you eat a day?"
  • 44:28- Q: "Can someone post recipes for green leafy veggies? I’m struggling."
  • 46:06- Commenting on Comments: "I tell everyone Clovis will reduce the risk of cancer. Cancer runs on both sides of my family."
  • 46:28- Commenting on Comments: "Why can’t the medical community wrap their hands around this?"
  • 48:47- Q: "What is your take on the keto diet for cancer recovery?"
  • 50:10- Q: "How important is it to hit macros at every meal?"
  • 51:12- Commenting on Comments: "I get it, but they’re HARMING patients, not helping them."
  • 51:47- Q: "What’s the first thing you would do if you got cancer?"
54:20- New things on the Clovis horizon 55:15- Meet people where they are!
  • 56:03- Commenting on Comments: "Shoutout to Clovis, I feel great after just 3 days!"
56:31- Wrap Up!

Show Notes and Resources:

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