Phytoestrogens, Genetics, Sodium, and Probiotics for Your Skin - Live AMA #58 - Clovis

Phytoestrogens, Genetics, Sodium, and Probiotics for Your Skin - Live AMA #58

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Live Ask Me Anything #58 - Topics Covered:

Phytoestrogens, Genetics, Sodium, and Probiotics for Your Skin - Non-Stop Q&A Episode:

  • 3:33- Commenting on Comments: "Looking kind of thin my friend!" (Mass Gains Protocol is coming!)
7:52- Q: In one of your AMA’s you mentioned that lavender is being used in excess. Could you expand upon on that? 20:31- Q: How can some people eat grains, sugar, and fruit and not be overweight? Is their body not turning fructose into fat? 27:41- Q: You’ve mentioned that you too have suffered from serious sweating on stage. I know you suggest Mother Dirt, but should I be looking into something else? 30:20- Q: How much salt would you recommend for me? 32:37- Q: Is Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Hemp soap ok to use? 33:13- Q: My normal face wash has been fine for 13 years, but the last 2 days has turned my face red. I was going to try and finish it, but I’m guessing I should throw it out? (yes…)
  • 34:02- Commenting on Comments: Day 4 and I feel great!!
36:50- My Mass Gains History- A Tale of Successes and Failures - Biohacking at its best! 38:11- Q: What do you do if you produce TOO much estrogen? (Let’s talk Functional MDs) 42:52- Q: Can you get us discounts on new clothes?!
  • 44:02- Commenting on Comments: Don’t take all 3 grams of sodium at once!
44:44- Q: I heard you mention that you took a speed reading course. Can you recommend one? 46:25- Q: I tried to buy a Clovis shirt but they were sold out! Are you getting more in soon?! 47:40- Q: While at an outing someone asked me what Clovis is. What is a quick, accurate reply? 51:29- If you were missing this week’s IG “In Case You Missed It" - here’s why. (Fun stories about how dangerous Thailand can be…) 57:02- Q: I’m on 6 different prescriptions prepping for embryo transplant for IVF. Should I fast while taking all of these medications? I’m trying to reduce inflammation.
  • 59:17- Commenting on Comments: I’ve listened to your “Lectins and Leaky Gut” Episode twice!
  • 1:00:20- Commenting on Comments: I’ve spent over $30,000 already on IVF
1:05:37- Wrapping it Up! Show Notes and Resources:

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- I Am Clovis

- The Perfect Paleo Powder

- Find Your Functional Medicine Doctor

- Estrogeneration by Dr. Anthony Jay

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