In Case You Missed It #18 - Free For All! - Clovis

In Case You Missed It #18 - Free For All!

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Free For All!:

This one was an absolute free-for-all, for sure! Tons of rapid-fire questions and I'll try to summarize here by showing you the Question and a quick answer... What is the Best Source of B12?
  • Animal Proteins and Organ Meats
Why Did You Add Items to the Approved Foods List?
  • To ensure compliance. I only approve very specific items. Details matter.
Omega 3 vs. Omega 6?
  • Too much Omega 6 can be inflammatory. That said, if you are following a Clovis protocol, this is a moot point. Don't worry about it.
Why Is Dairy So Bad?
  • Most dairy in America is from feedlot cattle and is wildly inflammatory. The animals are fed antibiotics and hormones which are stored in the fat you are drinking. Most dairy products also contain sugar. Check the ingredients list on milk, you'll be shocked by the sugar content!
The Truth About Acid Reflux...
  • This is a problem of not enough stomach acid causing foods to not be properly digested. They rot and ferment in your gut and cause heartburn. Treating this with antacids only makes the problem worse!
Thoughts on Depression and Changing Your Diet vs. Antidepressants?
  • Depression begins with poor gut health. It is an inflammatory chronic disease. Lifestyle intervention will always be more powerful at reversing chronic disease than conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals.
What are Your Thoughts on MCT Oil?
  • Fantastic superfood! Follow my recommendations on the Approved Foods List.
What Are The Benefits of Oil Pulling?
  • Mostly that coconut oil is antimicrobial. Kills the bad bacteria in the mouth and changes the environment so healthy bacteria can thrive.
Can You Make Suggestions for Better Sleep? Can You Explain Why Salt Doesn't Affect Blood Pressure? Why Is Pea Protein Bad? Do Sprouts and Broccoli Cause Heartburn?
  • Absolutely not.
Will Bacon Make Me Fat?
  • That depends on the rest of your diet. Bacon alone will not make you fat.
How Much Is Too Much Collagen?
  • Collagen is very hard to overdo. Just stay within your Custom Macros!
Do You Have Any Tips to Help Deal With Cravings for Unhealthy Foods?
  • Remove them all from your home! No exceptions! Remove them and the cravings will subside. If they are simply not an option, it makes things much easier. When out and about, you must rely on discipline here. Discipline equals freedom.

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