Life... After 'Success!' - Live AMA #32 - Clovis

Life... After 'Success!' - Live AMA #32

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Live Ask Me Anything #32 - Topics Covered:

Life... After 'Success!':

1:36- Intro... 4:00- "Life... After 'Success!'" Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… 8:23- Freedom - this word is wildly misunderstood... 9:17- I'm writing a new E-book! 10:30- Clovis destroys all other programs. Period. 14:15- Success looks different for everyone 15:03- “What happens next?” The most common question I get... 19:00- Does your life check these boxes? 19:58- Short-term goals set you up for failure. Yo-yo diets... 24:30- Changing your reality... 28:37- Why people self-sabotage 31:42- My current personal goals... 35:54- This is about your life, not just fat loss... 40:28- FB Check 41:43- Always be a white belt... 44:50- The underlying issue with obesity is Fear... 48:50- If you're miserable... change things! 53:10- Live Q&A:
  • 54:47- Commenting on Comments: “I want muscles in my arms!”
  • 57:11- Commenting on Comments: “Nothing has happened for 12 days” (homegirl has actually lost 58lbs. This is a lesson in MINDSET)
1:00:15- I create your custom nutrition plans on THIS
  • 1:01:20- Q: How do I get my boyfriend to even watch an AMA? He’s close-minded (Here’s the thing…)
  • 1:04:37- Commenting on Comments: “Breaking my longest fast ever!”
  • 1:05:55- Q: What are the benefits of an intense workout while fasting?
  • 1:08:44- Q: Can I drink LaCroix while fasting?
1:11:18- Why on Earth don't you have a Custom Plan yet?!
  • 1:14:31- Q: "Best AMA for someone interested in Clovis?"
1:16:33- Wrap Up

Show Notes and Resources:

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