Live from Puerto Rico! - Live AMA #37 - Clovis

Live from Puerto Rico! - Live AMA #37

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Live Ask Me Anything #37 - Topics Covered:

Live from Puerto Rico!:

7:50- LIVE Q&A:
  • 9:34- Q: "How can I have a gut of steel like you seem to?!"
  • 13:27- Commenting on Comments: “I don’t think I could travel like you and not get sick”
  • 14:14- Q: "What do you think about people wearing their electronics?"
  • 17:38- Q: "Did you pack any Clovis Approved Foods for your trip?"
  • 19:51- Q: "If you’re hitting your macros and getting enough sleep, but you’re stressed, can you gain weight?"
  • 22:25- Q: "Food, environment, and seasonal allergies?"
  • 24:08- Q: "I’ve been breaking out a lot lately but eating right. Could this be stress?"
  • 26:47- Commenting on Comments: "Your cycle can affect your acne."
  • 27:27- Q: "Would minimalist shoes be bad for me to wear while doing my clinicals?"
  • 29:16- Q: Nurses - "Do you use the hospital sanitizers?"
  • 31:04- Q: "Being totally Clovis for so long, am I less likely to get sick?"
  • 32:34- Q: "How long does it take to heal a leaky gut?"
  • 34:00- Q: "Is stomach rumbling a good or bad thing?"
  • 35:35- Q: "How do you know if your gut is healed?"
  • 39:02- Q: "Zinc gives me an upset stomach, is the problem with the dose?"
  • 41:41- Q: "Alzheimer's runs in my family. Are there any supplements I should be taking?"
43:00- SPECIAL DEAL!!! 46:56- Wrap Up!

Show Notes and Resources:

- Join The Clovis Academy for Free! - I Am Clovis - clovis®kids - The Perfect Paleo Powder - Healthy Gut, Healthy You by Dr. Ruscio - Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker Ph.D. - Vivo Barefoot Shoes - Vibram Barefoot Shoes - Mother Dirt Probiotic Spray - Probiotic Action Probiotic Spray - Host Defense: MyCommunity - Thorne Research Bio-Gest - Genius Foods by Max Lugavere

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