In Case You Missed It #3 - Blood Pressure, Salt, and Sex - Clovis

In Case You Missed It #3 - Blood Pressure, Salt, and Sex

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Blood Pressure, Salt, and... Sex?!

The Salt-Blood Pressure Hypothesis: The theory is simple... we eat salt; we get thirsty; we drink more water; the water increases blood volume; our blood pressure goes up. Seems simple enough. But it doesn't answer the question: Does a high-salt diet lead to chronic hypertension? Spoiler Alert: The answer is a definitive, "No!" Salt is an essential mineral, which means without it... you die. However, Doctors have been telling us for over 40 years that too much salt will kill us by way of a heart attack. There is not a single sound scientific study to back up this claim. The history of the low-salt diet is almost identical to the history of the low-fat diet:
  • Both were promoted to the public with zero scientific evidence to back up the claims
  • Both have been mainstream medical advice for over 40 years while Americans have only gotten sicker
  • Both diets can literally kill you. Especially when combined with one another!
What a Low-Salt Diet Does to the Body: A low-salt diet can lead to:
  • Increased Heart Rate - a much more significant risk factor for cardiovascular events, mind you
  • Kidney Dysfunction
  • Adrenal Dysfunction
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Increased LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Decreased HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Increase insulin levels and insulin resistance
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Reduced Sex Drive
  • Infertility (in both sexes)
Does Salt Actually Raise Blood Pressure?: Not in most people! Not even a little bit...
  • 80% of people with normal blood pressure see zero change when consuming salt
  • 75% of people with prehypertension see zero change when consuming salt
  • 55% of people with full-blown hypertension see zero change when consuming salt
Hypertension is a Metabolic Disorder: This has been widely known since the 1980's. The New England Journal of Medicine published, "essential hypertension is an insulin resistant state." Over 80% of all people with hypertension also have insulin resistance. Low-Salt Diet = Obesity: Here's how...
  • You follow a low-salt diet
  • The body secretes more insulin which sends a signal to the kidney to "conserve sodium so you don't die."
  • The high insulin levels make body fat inaccessible for energy creation
  • The only energy source left is carbohydrates and your body knows this
  • It sends a signal to the brain telling you to "eat more carbohydrates!"
  • You get sugar cravings and eat more carbs
  • Blood glucose and insulin spike even higher
  • You become obese
  • Blood pressure goes up as a result... The very thing you were trying to avoid with a low-salt diet!!
Salt and Sex: A low-salt diet is basically a contraceptive for human beings!
  • Lower sex drive
  • Lower Testosterone
  • Increased Erectile Dysfunction
  • Lowers the age of infertility in women
Pregnant and Breastfeeding: Salt plays a critical role in development during pregnancy and breastfeeding!
  • Critical for breast milk production and nutrient density
A study of 2,000 pregnant women following a low-salt vs. a high-salt diet lead to:
  • More miscarriages
  • More premature births
  • More stillbirths
  • More cases of mental retardation
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