How To Lose Weight by Eating More and Exercising Less - Live AMA #13 - Clovis

How To Lose Weight by Eating More and Exercising Less - Live AMA #13

Live Ask Me Anything #13 - Topics Covered:

Intro: Welcome Newcomers!

5:24 - I don’t care what you look like naked…

6:30 - Who is Justin Nault, and why Clovis?

10:16 - FB Check

11:27 - How did we get here? What’s wrong with our nutrition beliefs?

12:19 - MYTH #1: To lose weight you need to count calories and eat less

14:50 - Emotional cycle of fear

19:43 - Why was Clovis created? Justin’s story

24:22 - "I will make you eat more." Yup, more

25:23 - Clovis Academy Transformations (Crystal and Micha!)

  • Micah - 52 pounds in 8 weeks
  • Crystal - 22 pounds in 8 weeks

27:01 - FB Check

28:15 - MYTH #2: To Lose Weight You Need to Exercise Regularly

31:33 - Eat more, move less - It’s part of our Genetics

35:13 - The science is out there, we can find it, but how do you FEEL?

39:00 - “I will ask you to stop working out. It’s counterproductive”

40:32 - JOSH!! (60 day transformation) - 40 pounds, zero fitness!

42:31- You will get push back from everyone you know (but it’s cool)

43:00 - MYTH #3: I can’t afford to eat healthy - Slash Your Grocery Bill in Half

47:00 - You are not going to be a marketing ploy anymore!

51:53 - Do simple sh*t!

52:15 - Clovis gives you FREEDOM

53:28 - Clovis Academy - Over 400 members ready to help you! (come hang with us!)

54:58 - How to get started!

56:05 - If all that happens is you lose 10 lbs, would it be worth it?!

57:30 - LIVE Q&A:

  • 59:36- Cholesterol: All the more reason to come hang with us
  • 1:00:00- Self responsibility- plan ahead!
  • 1:01:05- Food lists: almonds?
  • 1:01:34- Calories? Macros? What’s the deal
  • 1:01:14- Do you need the PPP?
  • 1:02:37- Do you adjust for training?
  • 1:02:??- Intermittent fasting? When is the right time?
  • 1:03:35- Detox time frame?
  • 1:04:09- Don’t compare yourself! Sit down
  • 1:05:10- DO NOT CARB REFEED
  • 1:05:48- AMA #10- Never too old
  • 1:06:30- Don’t compare...again…
  • 1:07:58- SALT
  • 1:08:10 - FB Check
  • 1:10:43- Wrap up
  • 1:15:10- stickin’ around prize!

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What's up, everybody. Welcome to Clovis. This is technically our week 13 of Facebook live videos. We're going to take a couple of minutes to let people get into the room because this is a really special Facebook live. This is dedicated to your loved ones. People that already know Clovis and already know me. My name is Justin. This is for you guys. You've been asking me to do a video specifically for people who don't understand Clovis. People who don't know why you're doing this whole new protocol and eating differently and telling them that their favorite foods are poison.  I want to take a couple of minutes here to make sure that we're getting people into the room. I'm going to refresh my page again. If you don't know, my name's Justin. We will try to get this video out to as many people as we can. 

We're live on the Facebook page. Obviously, We're trying to pull people in from Instagram. If you know somebody that you think would benefit from this to learn about fat loss, about weight loss, then tag them in it. Your mom, your sister, your brother, your cousin, your girlfriend, whatever. You probably shouldn't tag your girlfriend in a weight loss video. You might not have a girlfriend anymore, but you know, no big deal. I'm going to refresh this page to make sure the live feed is working. Making sure it's showing up on my end. I see it, myself. Awesome! 


What you can do is just go to this video on the Facebook page, click the share button, and you're going to see a tiny drop-down menu, and click share now, public. It should be shared on your page, so if you're connected with anyone, or your friends will see it directly to your timeline, which is incredible. That's what we want you to do. That helps us out a lot! 


This is AMA number 13. What we usually do is something called Ask Me Anything. I basically take questions mostly from something called the Clovis Academy. We have a Clovis Academy, a private Facebook group, and you can join it for free. It is private. We have over 400 members in that private group now. So generally, throughout the week, I'm taking questions from the Clovis academy. What do you guys want to talk about? You want to talk about fitness. You want to talk about cholesterol, and you talk about mindset, children, nutrition. We've done this for 12 weeks.

We have 12 different episodes covering every topic of health and nutrition. Now the issue with that is when people come into the Clovis academy, and they're brand new, they get a little bit overwhelmed because we have people that have been with us for months now. So inside that Clovis academy, they're saying things like PPP. What's PPP? Perfect Paleo Powder. That's my product, right? They're saying things like PPP. They're talking about fat loss protocols. They're talking about an approved foods list. All these things people get overwhelmed, and they're like, "Hey, I went to the Clovis academy. I can't figure out from down left from right. I don't know what's going on. I just feel like people are so far ahead of me in this." Right? So that's kind of an issue. What I'm doing is a video dedicated to all the newcomers. All the people who have just joined the Clovis academy or just emailed me or aren't quite sure yet. They're on the fence. They've seen a couple Ask Me Anythings, and they're like, "What's this dude is all about. He's really loud and talks really fast. I'm not sure about this." Right? This is for you. 


This is Ask Me Anything Number 13. We're going to talk about How To Lose Weight By Eating More And Exercising Less. That sounds crazy, right? I understand everybody thinks it sounds crazy at first. This is why for all the new people who have friends in the Clovis academy, doing this to them, trying to get them involved, become so evangelical about this. It works because it's science. It's factual because you've been lied to. We're going to take the next hour, and we're to talk about How To Lose Weight By Eating More And Exercising Less, which runs basically counterintuitive to everything that we've ever done. Everything that we've ever been told is mainstream nutrition from the doctors, personal trainers, everything. Okay. That's what we're gonna talk about today. 


I hope that gets you excited. It gets me crazy excited. I'm checking out here, seeing how many people we have in this live video. I'm making sure that people are getting into the group. We get a lot of comments rolling in. We've got people coming in. Awesome. Awesome. What I want everyone to do is get into the group, and this one's really, really important to me. It's super special to me. We're going to talk about why I'm involved in this. We're gonna talk about why Clovis happened. We're gonna talk about why out of nowhere, I just started doing custom plans and why I invented this powder and where all this comes from. This was really special to me. I really want your attention on this, right?

If you have little kids, try to find a quiet space. Make hubby take care of them or make your brother take care of him or something. Put, Do Not Disturb on your phone. Take a look at this and just go over it in a really serious way because we're going to get really deep into this. We're going to go way beyond the surface level. I know many people in the academy are used to me, spitting out science, spitting out facts, doing all these things. But today, we're really going to talk about the deep-seated issues that we have with health and nutrition and where they come from. 


Why is it that when a guy like me comes along and says," Hey, all you really have to do is eat whole foods." People freak out. But what? What are you talking about? Quaker oatmeal tells me that I need this to run marathons. I must do this. Right? So that's what I want to break down is why, when someone comes to you with new information, why does it seem so crazy? I want to explain to you before we jump into this. I don't care about your body on what you look like in a bikini. What you look like naked. I don't care about this little bit of belly fat you got. I care about your heart and mind. That's it! 

That's why I tell people from the Clovis academy to bring their friends and loved ones into this. We're going to talk about this. We're going to talk about why you're so scared to try something new, right? Why are you so afraid to try something new? Why you're so scared to ignore the overwhelming evidence that the mainstream mindset doesn't work. It doesn't work clearly with this obesity epidemic, right? So we're going to flip things on its head. I care about your mind. I care about your heart. So stick with me mentally. Stick with me emotionally. These are the things that we're going to talk about today. I will try to help you understand why everyone is so tangled up in this craziness. 


I think we're pretty much ready to get started. Now we have some people in the room, a good number of people in the room. Again, tag your friends in this. Do what you need to do to get more people in this room. Okay? So we're going to go ahead and jump into this thing. 


How To Lose Weight By Eating More And Exercising Less 


Again, my name is Justin Nault. I own Clovis. I invented a line of products called the Perfect Paleo Powder, where all this comes from. This is the Clovis academy, the Clovis social. All these things, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What is it that I do? I create extreme transformations. I change people's lives for the better, and I put 150% effort into this 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you know anybody in the Clovis academy, they will tell you the hours I work. They'll tell you what I do for people. What I do is make transformations happen. What kind of transformations? We went over this last week in AMA number 12. You can watch that one as well. 


We've highlighted it. It may have been AMA number 11 or 12, but we really highlighted some of the biggest success stories in the Clovis academy. Now I get transformation stories each and every day, but a couple of ones that I pointed out are these kinds of results. Remember, you're losing weight by eating more and exercising less. What are the results? How about Micah? Micah lost 52 pounds in eight weeks. Think about that. 52 pounds in eight weeks by eating more, exercising less. Okay? That's just one example. Micah's wife, Crystal. We'll talk about these people again. 


Don't worry. You're not going to lose any arguments. Crystal, in that same eight weeks doing this with her husband at a much lower starting weight, 22 pounds and that same eight weeks. How many of you would like to lose 22 pounds in 8 weeks? Right? I think there are probably many people that would. How many of you would like to lose 52 pounds in eight weeks? If you have 52 pounds to lose, I'm sure you want to lose that right now. Right? The faster, the better! So just keep listening. Why not keep listening? Right? You have nothing to lose at this point because if you have that kind of way to lose. Nobody else has told you that this rollercoaster, dieting stuff is none of it has worked, right? 


I will give you the secrets to sustainable fat loss in an effortless way without starving yourself, without killing yourself in the gym. I want you to watch all the way to the end. Because when we get to the end, I'm going to give you guys something special. It's one of the biggest things that I've ever given anyone, even within the Clovis academy. This is a big deal.

I want you to be ready for that. Stick around to the end. I will walk you through how we get to the end, how we get from beginning to end, how we got here, and everything in between. For the academy, your loved ones, tag them, get them in here. Watch this. 


A bit about me. My name is Justin Nault. I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist and a Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition. That's a question that I get a lot. What are your credentials? I don't care about credentials, but a lot of people do care about credentials, so I have them. Okay. Yippee. Go meet Justin Nault, the Certified Nutritional Therapist, big deal. Let's jump into the good stuff. 


I have helped hundreds of people, literally hundreds of people. I made over 200 custom nutrition plans in the last 60 days alone. Over 200 in just 60 days, I'm living this every single day. I'm transforming lives every single day. I'm getting the results sent to me. The videos, pictures, testimonies, quotes online, and people share their powder and how they use it. I put it in my coffee. I do this. I do that. That's what we're doing. We're transforming people's lives. Over 400 members in the Clovis academy, and if you're a new person that somebody tagged you, that's why you're here. We will talk about the myths, the biggest myths and confusions that lie in the fitness and nutrition space. It's a huge deal. And we're going to get into the deep, deep weeds on how this stuff works. 


How are we looking? Okay. We got even more people in this live. This is great. Let's take a little break. I'm going to make sure. Okay. Yep. 

Carlin. She says I love my personalized plan.


Chelsea's tagging people. 


Jody's in here. What's up? Judy, Jody, how you are doing, man? Jody and I had some jujitsu on Monday night. I was crowned a blue belt, and Jody was there for it. Thank you, Jody. He's always super supportive. 

Yeah. We're talking about Crystal and Micah, again. Awesome. Love this AMA. 


Amanda Miller. She lost 26 in 35 days, and she's not allowed to go on the scale anymore. We'll get into that. That's a great, great comment. 


New stuff, tagging people. This is fantastic. Okay. Yeah. We are going to talk a lot about Crystal and Micah. They had a lot of friends in the academy because their testimony was crazy, and they helped me find others who need help as they do. 52 pounds in eight weeks, 22 pounds in eight weeks. This stuff is crazy! Right? Okay. We're looking pretty good on comments here. Awesome! We got a lot of live viewers too. 


Thank you for doing this topic. 

You're very welcome, Crystal. Thank you for bringing it up. 


Crystal's in the academy like I said, and this was pretty much her idea, so awesome. I told you, you didn't know what you were getting into when you said this. All right. 


Here we go. Let's jump in. We're gonna talk about fitness nutrition. We're going to talk about crunches, treadmills, weightlifting and carbohydrates. No, we're not going to talk about any of that sh**. I don't care. I want you to understand why there is an obesity epidemic. That's what we're going to talk about. If you have 10 pounds to lose, 30 pounds to lose, 50 pounds to lose, a hundred pounds to lose, 140 pounds to lose or if you're over 400 pounds, which I deal with all time, why did this happen? How did we get here? Right? It's as simple as mainstream nutrition telling you precisely what you need to do to lose weight. Then you try it, and it doesn't work, and society blames you. You don't try hard enough. You don't have the willpower. You don't have this. You don't have that. That's what they do. Right? 


Let's talk about these beliefs and how they got drilled into your head. Why can't they get out? Why you're afraid to listen to a guy like me? Why you're afraid of it? Let's talk about it. 


Belief # 1. This is what I come up against all the time. To lose weight, you need to count calories and eat less, right? To lose weight, you need to count calories and eat less. 

It seems simple enough, but yet it works for almost nobody. 33% of the American population is overweight. 33% over one-third of people are overweight. Most of those people are obese. It's insane! There were so many overweight people and obese people right now, and they're sitting in their house thinking it's their fault because they have been fed bad information.


 Let's talk about why. Let's not talk about how do you count calories? How many calories do you need is just going to tell me what to eat or not. We're not going to talk about that. We're going to talk about you thinking that eating fewer calories and starving yourself is the only way to lose weight. What do you feel? I said this to you earlier. We're going to talk mind and emotions, right? What're your feelings when you overeat? What's the first thing you feel? The first thing you think about in your head because you know how to lose weight. You know, it's as simple as calories in, calories out. Eat less calories, lose weight, right? You know, it's that simple. When you eat too many calories, what's the one thing you feel?

Guilt. The number one thing you feel is guilt. How many people have ever eaten something they know they shouldn't have eaten, and they immediately feel guilty afterwards? Did you ever feel guilty because of something you ate? Tell me in the comments. Say yes, or say no. If you've never eaten something that you know is bad for you, that you know has a high caloric content, and you felt guilty about it. Everybody does, but that comes with more feelings than just guilt. It comes with guilt. It comes with shame, and then you shame yourself. You feel guilty, then come shame. You shame yourself for being too weak and giving in and eating those calories. Your poor body is just trying to survive and telling you to eat. You get mad at yourself when you do eat because you believe in this calories nonsense. Eat less calories, lose weight. Eat less calories, lose weight. No, flip it on its head. Eat more calories, lose weight.

That's the world that I live in. That's how I had my personal transformation. That's how people in the Clovis academy had their personal transformation. Why is it so important? We're going to talk about emotions. We're not going to talk about calories. We will talk about emotions. Why? Because what did we just talk about? We talked about a couple of things. When you eat too many calories, then you feel the guilt, right? After guilt, you feel shame. You feel both of these when you eat too many calories because mainstream told you that it's bad. But what's the underlying emotion of all of these things. It's not guilt or shame.

The underlying emotion for why you keep counting calories and you keep starving yourself is this. FEAR. This is why you're obsessed with calories. This is why you've been obsessed with calories your entire life. Why everybody tells you to be obsessed with calories. Why? Because your fear is, if I eat more, I'm going to get fat. If I eat more calories, I'm going to get fat. What happens if you get fat? Well, I'm afraid that I won't get to go on dates if I get fat. I'm afraid that if I get fat, my husband's going to leave me. My girlfriend's going to cheat on me. If I get fat, I can't play with my kids. If I get fat and my kids will laugh at me, or they won't respect me. If I get fat, I can't play with my grandkids. If I get fat, I will wind up alone. 

Is this making sense? I hope it's making sense. I hope you weren't expecting another video about glucose, insulin, insulin resistance, ketones and keto. We're not talking about any of that sh** tonight. We're talking about mind and emotions, right? If you're obese and you're looking at me, and on this camera, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The fear of being alone, right? Because society has tied your self worth to your size, to your weight. That's why you're obsessed with scales, with calories, what goes into your body, with everything that the mainstream tells you to do to fix this problem that you can't seem to fix. I'm scared that I'm going to be alone. When you're afraid of going to be alone because of this calories problem. What happens? You do feel alone. You feel alone, and you're doing the rollercoaster, and nothing works. Everybody else seems to have a fantastic transformation story except for you. You're looking at all the Instagram models, and you're wondering, why not me? Why not me? Why am I so alone? Why am I alone? In your brain, more calories equal fat equals alone. Fat = alone.

That's what we're talking about. I'm sorry if this is too deep for you. This is the sh** that we need to talk about. Okay? Because you're not alone. Do you know how I know you're not alone? Because I made over 200 custom nutrition plans in the last 60 days. And you think that your problems are unique, but I'm gonna tell you some right now in those 200 messages, 200 plus messages, all your issues are precisely the same. I have PCOS, I have type one diabetes. I have type two diabetes. I'm on cholesterol medication. I'm pre-diabetic. I have five kids. I work 80 hours a week. I work a night shift. I was abused as a kid, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. One thing after another, one thing after another, I'm not saying these aren't real problems. These are your problems, and you've had unique individual experiences. I'm not taking those away from you. I'm telling you that you're not alone. 


Every story that you have ever told me via email, I've already heard it before you. I'm going to tell you that you deserve love. I'm gonna tell you that you deserve to eat as much as you want and feel good. You don't deserve to starve every day, and you don't deserve to slave away for hours in the gym. That's why we're having this conversation! This is a big deal. This sh** matters to me. This is why I do this work. You might be looking at the video right now going, "holy sh**, this guy's intense. My friend tagged me in this video. Now I'm watching this guy, and I feel like he's going to reach through the bone. He will grab my shoulders and shake me." It is precisely what I want to do. Shake you awake. You don't have to torture yourself anymore. Okay? I'm telling you, we can get you on the right track. We can teach you to eat more and exercise less and get the results you want so you're no longer damaging your body. 


In these custom plans that I've made for over 200 people, I had never once asked anybody to count calories. Go to Clovis Academy right now and ask people. Do we talk about calories? Yes. Do I say, "You need to track your caloric intake. You need to eat less. You need to track all your calories for all your meals." No. I'm never going to make you count calories. Never. Because the mainstream is, I'm telling you to do that for 40 years, and we have an obesity epidemic. We're not going to do that. I repeat, you do not need to count calories or starve yourself to lose weight. Don't think that it's a loss on me. When you write me an email, you're saying, "let me email that guy with abs and tell him my story." It's not like that. All right. I know where you're at. I know where I'm at now. I know how I got here. I know how you're feeling at this very moment. Why is Clovis here? 

I'll take you back. So I'm 11 years old. I'm an 11-year old, Justin. I didn't look anything like I look right now. This was not always a thing. Right? So I was 11. I remember this memory distinctly. I don't remember what was on the TV. I don't remember what day of the week. It was none of that, but I remember how I felt. I'm alone. Like we talked about alone, and I'm in front of the TV. I was an 11-year-old kid. A little boy, a little boy, sitting in front of the TV, not paying attention because I didn't care about what was on screen. I cared about FEAR. It is what I care about. Why was I at home from school on a school day? Because I lied to my mom, told her I was too sick to go to school. Probably put up a hell of a fight and convinced her to let me stay home. So now I'm home by myself. I remember I was 11. 


What was really happening was a field trip, a field trip that my entire class was on to a summer camp. I knew summer camp was going to include lunch, snacks, games, archery and tree climbing and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and swimming. There it is. I lied to my mom and broke her trust to stay home alone watching TV because that's a better option than me taking off my shirt in front of my classmates. Why? Because I was a fat kid.


Some of you probably have fat kids. Kids who are dealing with what I dealt with. Some of you probably were fat kids, right? You're probably sitting in your living room nodding right now, going, "I know exactly what Justin is talking about." That was me at 11. 


What do I feel after lying to my mom and sitting home alone by myself? Shame, guilt, fear. Shame, guilt, fear. Shame, guilt, fear, over and over in my head at 11th. How am I at 11 years old, and I'm that fu**** up? How? Because a few years before, when I was a real carefree little boy walking home from school, I started running down the street, right? I'll never forget this. This is one of the most devastating things that happened in my life. I'm running down the street as a normal kid should, without a care in the world, with a big smile on my face. This is awesome. I run down the street. What happens? A car pulls up. 


We'll walk you through this because I will never forget this. A car pulls up, slows down, and windows rolled down. I can hear the music playing. Two full-grown men pointed at me, and they say, "run, fat boy, run." That's it! Your whole life is different now. Your whole life has changed. You end up an 11-year-old kid who stays home from school on field trip day because he doesn't want to have a shirt off in front of his friends. Because if he has a shirt off in front of his friends and he's the fat kid, he's going to get made fun of, and he's going to be alone. It's going to feel really lonely. Getting made fun of really feels lonely. 

Anyway, yeah. We'll move on from that story. Do you want to show that? Should we show them? 


Man: Do you want to? 


Justin: Yeah. Let's pull it around. I'll show you a little baby, Justin. I don't even know how old I am in this picture, but I'll show you what I was talking about. Yeah, go ahead. 


There's a little baby, Justin, with his lovely hair. Look at that. It's a dope haircut. Let's be honest. That's what I dealt with as a kid. What that does is it affects your cycle. You never forget how you feel. You never forget how people make you feel, right? You'll forget where you were, what you're doing, but you never forget how people make you feel. You carry this in your psyche for the rest of your life. So that 11-year-old Justin basically sculpted built the foundation of what became Justin that you see now. A 31-year-old Justin with the Clovis Academy and the Clovis company. He invented a line with paleo protein products because he has a lifelong obsession with health and fitness. Whether that lifelong obsession came from a healthy place is a different story. But that's how we got here. That's why I want to share it with you because I'm sure many of you have felt this before. You felt the same things that I felt. 

Fast forward to today. All right? Yes, those stories are hard to talk about. If you are asking yourself that question. It's tough to talk about. Fast forward to today. What if I told you that out of 200 people who I helped transform their lives, 90 plus percent of them, I made them eat more. I made them eat more than they were previously eating as obese people. I made them eat more.

What if I told you that some of them doubled their calories and lost 10, 11, 15 pounds in seven days as a result. It's going against everything the mainstream ever told you. What if I told you that? Does that sound good? You had to eat more. You are going to be a normal person, not be hungry. Get to let your body flourish on the things that it needs. Give it the nutrients that it needs for once in your life. Please, please, please. You don't have to count calories. You don't have to starve yourself any more. I will teach you eat more and lose weight. 


Another thing we talked about was Micah and Crystal. I'm gonna bring a couple of these up for you just to give you a really, really good idea of what happens in the Clovis academy and what happens with Clovis with these transformations. First, we're going to show you, Micah. I'm going to show you here. I'll pull this up. You can grab the phone just so you don't hit any buttons. There you go. 


Number one on the left that's Micah. I remember Micah and Crystal because they're husband and wife. So, Micah, we increased his caloric intake significantly, and what happened? He lost 52 pounds in eight weeks by eating a full caloric load and never deprived himself. That's six and a half pounds per week. How many mainstream fitness nutrition experts have told you that losing more than one to two pounds a week is unsafe or unhealthy? They're all completely wrong. Micah, lose this 52 pounds in eight weeks and his wife, Crystal, same thing. We significantly increase her caloric intake, and she lost 22 pounds in eight weeks. By any more than she was used to, all I had to do was raise her calories, and she lost weight.

Look at that. She wore those shorts in December. Those used to be her favorite shorts. You're looking at a whole new human being, right? That's a whole new human being. She literally lost a human being in eight weeks. It's insane! Think about it! These are the transformations that we're talking about in eight weeks. So stop with the bull****. These counting calories it has to stop. I'm so tired of people starving themselves. I can't even handle this anymore. That's why we're doing this video for all your friends and family who are wondering why you joined this Clovis thing, this crazy Clovis thing that has you not any bread, right? It's insane! 

All right. So let's take a look while we're looking at that. I want to see some of these comments. We'll take a little break. I have to calm down a little bit. Yeah, this is great. We have a lot of viewers. Some people from the academy. I love them. This is awesome. Look at all the likes! Likes and hearts. You guys are making me feel good. Thank you. This is great. 


Hey, Emily! Emily joined. Awesome. Okay. I'll pull this up for you. Make it easy. We'll bring you back in, everybody. Yeah. These comments are fantastic. I'm not trying to make you cry. I promise! 


Brittany's in here. Hi Brittany. 


That's crazy! Yeah, Sarah Heckman, we've talked about this. Calories mean nothing. Tracking of macros calories will work themselves out. We've talked about this. 


Mama bear, Jackie. Thank you. I appreciate it. This is great. I love these comments. This is going awesome. Thank you, guys. Thank you for sharing this with your people. We're going to keep going. This is great. All right, what else? 

We talked about 

number one: people think they have to count calories to lose weight. They have to eat less, starve themselves, blah, blah, blah. 

Number two: the nutrition space is one of the worst spaces I've ever seen in terms of giving people false information. What closely rivals the nutrition space and incorrect information in the fitness space. The fitness industry is crazy. It is nonsensical. It doesn't make any sense at all.

It literally goes against our genetic wiring. What does that belief? The belief is to lose weight, you need to exercise regularly. By regularly, the more you exercise, the more weight you lose, right? 


The more willpower you have, the more self-discipline you have to put yourself through torture every single day; you're going to lose more weight. What do we end up with? Crossfit, Equinox, boot camps, cycling, whatever you can think of. All these group classes and everything that had this cult mentality. They make you feel bad if you're not there every day. Beachbody, 80-day obsession, we're going to work out six days a week. Insanity, we're going to work out six days a week and destroy your body. Our nutrition lands are complete sh**, but that doesn't matter. We just want people in front of the TV screen, so they see beach bodies, right? To lose weight, you need to exercise more.

Nope, no, no, no, no, no. I'm telling you no. It's actually counterproductive. Okay. But again, I'm not talking about how you should work out, how you shouldn't work out. I'm talking about beliefs. The belief is more exercise equals more weight loss. If you're struggling with your weight, let's go back to this. If you're struggling with your weight, and I tell you, "you get to go to the gym and workout now." Let's say you're 30 pounds overweight. 30 pounds or more overweight. I say, "you get to go to the gym. You're going to go to a CrossFit class, Equinox, Barry's boot camp, cycling, whatever. You're going to walk in that gym. It's time for you to work out now." What's the first thing you feel? Probably feel something like panic, right? Absolute panic! But what's really a panic? Embarrassment. Right?

Every one of us has walked into a gym felt like we don't know what we're doing. Looking at other bodies with bigger biceps and more abs and running faster and lifting heavier weights. We're embarrassed! We're insecure! I get messages all the time from mommies. What are you talking about, Justin? Right? Of course, I have to go to the gym, but then you say, "okay, well, what do you feel when you go to the gym?" 

"I feel like sh** when I go to the gym," 

I asked them, "why do you feel like sh** when you go to the gym?" "Because I don't know what I'm doing there. I don't even know how to use this equipment. So what do I do? I take a magazine, and I quietly walked to the first elliptical machine or treadmill. And I put that magazine there. And I do this walk on the treadmill. When the elliptical around, who's looking at me, who's judging me right now." 


I've heard stories of people that are at least 30 pounds overweight. They get on the treadmill, and people laugh at them, and they go home.

That's fine. Forget about those people. You don't need to be there. You don't need to be there. Why would you put yourself through this torture? It's the same thing as starving yourself to lose weight. Now, you're going to put yourself through a whole different kind of torture. A whole different kind of willpower you're not designed to have because no human being is designed to have it. We are designed to eat more, move less. Eat more, move less. Eat more, move less. Lose weight by eating more and exercising less. That's what we're designed to do. It's literally the way we are genetically programmed. 


Every time someone tells you to eat less and exercise more, they're telling you to go against your genetic wiring. It's impossible to do long-term unless you're some crazy fitness person getting millions of dollars to do this DVD to teach people to work out. Guess what? I know those people I've met them. They don't work out six days a week. They tell you that they do. That's what we're dealing with. 


For most people, the idea of going to the gym leaves them embarrassed. I have to walk into this tribe that I'm not a part of where everyone's going to judge me. I'm going to be the biggest one there, and what am I going to feel? Alone, guilt, shame. It's scary as sh** to walk into a new gym. I'm a pretty intense dude. If I walk into a new gym, I still feel intimidated because somebody there who deadlifts more than I do or can do a Metcon faster than I can or can do more muscle ups than I can. It happens to everybody. It's human nature, but you think you're alone in it. 

You're not alone. Everybody deals with these things. But what happens is the same way that your self-worth as a human is tied to your weight. Your worth as a human here in the gym setting is now linked to how other people see you. That's it! Your self worth is tied to how other people see and think about it this way. Everybody takes this fitness-first approach. It's always fitness first. How much can you work out? Right? That's where new year's resolutions come from. How many people have made a new year's resolution? Yes. I'm sure you have. I'm sure at some point, even if you did it silently and didn't tell your friends about it. Everybody has made some sort of "get in shape" new year's resolution at one year or another it happened. Right? But everybody starts fitness first. They say, "I'm going to go to the gym six days a week." They make some insane commitment they can't possibly stick with. I haven't worked out in two years, and somehow on January 1st, I got a planet fitness membership. I'm going to go to the gym six days a week. By the time Wednesday rolls around, you can't walk. You're sitting in an ice bath wondering why you did this to your body saying, you're never going to go back to the gym. And by the way, you never cancel your membership. You're paying for that membership month over month. And you don't care because at least you have a gym membership. You can say you have one. In one day, I'm going to go, right? But you never go back. 


If it hurts that bad, your body shouldn't be doing it. It is not designed to do this. Understand this! It's funny, like I'm laughing at you. Think about it. The mainstream tells you this stuff over and over. Everyone's miserable doing it. Everyone's miserable, but they still continue to do it. They don't question this. They don't question at all. And then, when you fail, you're disappointed in yourself. What do we back to? Guilt, shame, fear over and over. 


Here's the fact, exercise has nothing to do with weight loss. Literally, nothing to do with weight loss on a biochemical level. This is just science. It's plain and simple. There is no science supporting the myth that the more you exercise, the more weight you're going to lose. Science doesn't exist. How do I know? Because I wasn't looking for it. I spent six years looking for it, and I can't find it. I spent six years looking for it. 


Here's what happens with the academy, right? The academy tells me people are saying that you are crazy. Clovis is crazy. Paleo is crazy. And I need to give them evidence. I need fuel to talk to them. No, you don't. Why do you need that? These are people who will go to a taco bell without thinking twice. And then you tell them that you need a spare, I guess. All of a sudden, they're a nutrition expert and researcher. Well, where's the evidence? I'd like to see some clinical studies. Would you? Because I could give you all the scientific data in the world. I provide the scientific data in these Facebook lives, and it goes like this over people's, and they take everything that I'm saying the wrong way, or they invent their own thing or twist my words in some crazy way. The evidence doesn't matter. How do you feel? How do you feel? You can sit here all day and go, "This guy's wrong. You need to exercise six days a week to lose weight." Okay? Prove me wrong.

You're watching a video called How To Lose Weight By Eating More And Exercising Less. The odds are whatever you have tried is not working for you because you're still here watching this with me. Why am I so in your face about this? Because I'm just as frustrated as you are. My story doesn't end with the 11-year-old kid. The 11-year-old kid in the mirror wakes up every day and hates his body. What was he doing? He was literally taking days like he's waiting for Christmas. I'm taking days like counting, hoping I turned 15. I want to be 15 years old. Why? Why is 15 significant? I'm 11, and I'm miserable. Right?

I want to be 15 because my Dad has an entire Olympic weightlifting set in the basement. It's everything I need to lift weights and get ripped like the guys in the muscle and fitness magazine that I make my mom buy me at the store. Right? He's got a treadmill. Now I'm counting days because my Dad tells my brother and I that lifting weights before 15 will stunt your growth. A lot of people believe this back then to be true. I don't know. I haven't looked at the research honestly, but I knew that my parents would not allow me to lift weights until I was 15 years old. 


I count down the days, hating my body every second of the way. I don't want to stop my growth. I'm waiting for fifteen, fifteen, fifteen, fifteen, fifteen. Boom, 15th birthday. What happens? I started lifting weights for an hour a day, and I started running on the treadmill for 45 minutes every single day. We're talking seven days a week because I'm a fat kid, and I don't want to be a fat kid. And thus begins my unhealthy obsession, incredibly unhealthy obsession with fitness and nutrition. 


I'm a 31-year-old dude who still has body dysmorphia. I own a nutrition company. How many of you seen my video ironing with no shirt on? For every one of you that has seen that video, I'm fu***** mortified. I hated it for real. Some of you might watch that video and go, "screw this guy. He has abs." Yeah, tough. My experience is my experience. Okay? 


When I got told "run, fat boy, run" when I was eight, nine years old, whatever that is. It doesn't go away. Maybe, I'm hoping, someday I'll be comfortable with my shirt on. I hope so. I don't know if it'll happen with my shirt off. I don't know if it'll happen. I certainly hope it does. Mind and emotion are all I care about. I don't care what you look like naked. Right? What I did was worked out nonstop and kept looking at muscle and fitness magazines, not knowing that all these dudes are roided out of their minds. I'm never going to look like them. 


No matter what I do, I'm still smushy. I'm smushy. I still have, you know, smush on my chest, smush on my abs. I still have love handles. And I'm working out more and more and more and more and more. I can't figure it out. Who do I blame? Myself. I blame myself. That's how we got here, right? 


Let's go back to today and these transformations. One of the things that I do in the 30-day protocol, I'm just going to give you this flat out. I'll let you know how it goes. If you come to me, particularly if you're overweight if you're in the high-risk zone, which would be at least 30 pounds to lose, which is considered obese. I'm going to ask you to stop working out. I'm going to make you stop working out for 30 days. I'll let you go for a walk. I'll let you go for a walk a few times a week. That's perfect! But I'm going to ask you to stop all intense exercise because it is counterproductive. That's right! It does not help with fat loss. In fact, it is counterproductive to the goal of fat loss that you have. There's a boatload of science behind that. You don't care. I don't care. 


Do you want to talk about insulin right now? Do you want to talk about glycolytic exercise? Do you want to talk about aerobic threshold training? Do you want to talk about metabolic flexibility, metabolic inflexibility? Do you want to talk about when your pancreas starts to creating insulin? Do you want to talk about that sh**? No, it doesn't really matter to you, right? What matters is your mind and emotions. You're tired of being told to exercise more and eat less. That's all there is to it. Exercise is precisely nothing to do with fat loss. Remember that! Exercise is exactly nothing to do with fat loss, and I'm going to prove it to you right now. I have countless testimonies and countless transformations from the 200 plus people. There are 200 plus people in just the last 60 days. I've been doing nutrition consulting for years over and over and over again. It's not rocket science. It's science, plain and simple. I'm going to show you something. 


I'm going to show you somebody in the academy who is referred to as the wizard. This is Josh. Josh believes so wholeheartedly in this that he now works for Clovis. This is Josh on day 1 and day 60. That's a 60-day transformation. Now, the reason why I show you this particular transformation is that he did lose 40 pounds in 60 days with zero workouts. Not a little bit of workout and not a couple times a week. Not just resistance training, not just the robot training. He did it with zero workouts. 60 days lost 40 pounds. Do you understand that's eight pounds a week in fat loss. Eight pounds a week in fat loss. 40 pounds in 60 days with zero fitness. Can we stop with exercise more to lose more weight right? This is what we're talking about. How to eat more exercise less and you get results like that.

All right, let's do a comment checking. How are we looking? Is he a unicorn? No, he was operating on good advice. Curious about inches because I don't touch scales. That's fantastic. We're going to talk about that. We're going to talk about how to track scale. The worst way to track. The Wizard is very popular. You guys are awesome! Is he a unicorn? I like wizard junk as an inside joke. So crazy. Right? It's nuts! The Wizard is a badass. 


I know Jenny, you love science talk. We'll get into science talk another time. This is too important right now. 

This is very important. Okay, let's go back. We'll talk about one more thing. We'll touch on this one somewhat briefly, but it is very important. What I'm trying to express to you is the pushback that you're going to get from people, right? 


You have to eat less, starve yourself to lose weight. Everybody knows that you have to count calories and eat less. No, no, no. We took care of that one. 


You have to exercise more to lose weight. No, we took care of that one too. Nonsense. 


No science, no science, no science, no science. I'll do an hour-long AMA just on the science and fitness if you'd like it to. Just on the science for all the nerds out there. We will talk about this stuff for hours if you want to. But you don't care right now. That's not why you're watching this video.

Debunk calories, debunk fitness. 


Let's talk about number three. I can't afford to eat healthily. This one is particularly upsetting to me. I can't afford to eat healthily. I get it all the time. Organic is too expensive. You say grass-fed meats are too expensive. Pastured eggs are $2 more. It is too expensive. Produce is too expensive. This, that, the other thing is too expensive, right? I can't afford it. I can't afford it. Now, what's happening in the academy is pretty cool.  We have a whole lot of moms, which gives me a whole new perspective on the world. I have a mom, but I'm not a mom, and I'm going to be a mom. I have to listen to the moms and hear them and hear their complaints. And I hear the same thing over and over and over. And these moms, again, think their stories are unique. Their story as an individual. They have an amazing story. The problems that they're dealing with are not particularly unique. 


You know, there's always going to be unique stories. You guys know the story of my niece, who has a rare genetic disorder. She's one of 150 in the entire world. That's some real sh**. Okay? It happens. Sometimes crazy things happen that you can't explain, and you can never change. Those things happen, but most of the time is, "I have four kids, and my job pays me X and groceries cost Y and my husband makes X and groceries cost Y, and I can't afford this. I can't afford to feed my family like this." So let's go back in mind and emotions. What are you telling me? Because I read between the lines. This is why the success rate is so high in Clovis. Because everything that I say to you to get you compliant. I hate using that word, but getting compliance is we're talking about what's in mind and heart.

I don't care about your bikini. I care about mind and heart. If you're a mom and you're saying, "I can't eat healthily, I can't afford to eat healthily. I can't afford to feed my kids healthy food." 


What do you feel? I know what you feel because you're telling me. Some of you, I may say these things to you. It's going to be real upsetting because you're the ones that have been emailing me. You feel helpless. You feel trapped. You have kids, but you didn't expect to have kids. And now you have kids, and they're your whole life. You feel trapped. You want to eat healthy for yourself, but what comes first? Always the kids that come first, right? If I was still single, I didn't have kids, I could afford to get organic groceries as Justin does. I could get grass-fed beef, right? 


She started feeling trapped. You feel this trapped feeling, but what always comes back to and why I'm touching these three things, the calories, the exercise, and can't afford to eat healthily. I'm touching on these things because everybody pushes them inward. They say, "it's my fault. It's my fault I can't afford to feed my kids healthy. It's my fault that I can't eat healthily or my family's not on board. I can't get my family on board. I can't get them to ditch junk food. I must be a terrible mother. I have a little kid who's a dictator, who runs my household. I'm a terrible mother. I'm terrible."  


Everybody pushes it inward. Fear is what it goes back to every time. This is why I do this work. I'm so sick of this. I'm sick of this. I need people to understand that they need to sort this out. They need to sort this out before they can sort out the rest of it. It's not your fault. It is not your fault. You have simply been operating a piece of bad information, but it feels like your fault. 


If you have a kid who's a fat kid like 11-year-old Justin, he comes home really upset because somebody called him Doughboy like what happened to me? The older kids would slap my belly and call me Doughboy; that used to happen, right? If a kid comes home crying, you can blame yourself again. You blame yourself. I was the same way, so the idea is this all goes together, right? If you've been programmed by masterful marketing companies. As I said, at the beginning of this thing, Quaker Oats has you convinced that the healthy whole grains. 

You're going to run a 5k, and better have some oatmeal. What does every runner do? They do a bowl of oatmeal with fruit, right? All this crazy stuff is marketing. Marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing. You've been hit by marketing companies. You have not been hit by nutrition experts. You've not been hit by people who care about your mind and emotions. 


You have people who care about money. They want your fat wallet to go in their thin pockets to make their pockets fat. That's all they give a sh** about. You have to understand that. You've been hit by marketing companies, so I can teach you how to fix that. Because the fact of the matter is my grocery bill is probably less than yours. Even if you were a single 31-year-old bachelor, like me eating junk food, my grocery bill would still be cheaper than yours. I'm certain it would be because I figured it out. The fact is I can teach you to slash your grocery budget significantly 100%. Even in the academy, this isn't something we go deep, deep, deep in, but we can. If you want to talk about it, but it takes a little bit of effort. If you're going to figure out how to make this lifestyle far more affordable than your previous lifestyle with your grocery budget, we can do that. 


I did the same thing that everybody else did in eating fewer calories exercise more. When I was a kid, once I learned how to lift weights and everything, then I had my license. I get my drivers license, I'm driving home from school, and I would stop at Subway. Now in my head, I know as long as I burn enough calories at night, I can eat whatever I want.

So I'm justifying shitty food choices. I'm justifying junk food. I don't know if anyone's ever done this, but I will walk into Subway. Subway sandwich shop, and I would give them a dollar. Here's your dollar. I would like foot-long Italian herbs and cheese. Notice that I did not say a sandwich. I mean the loaf of bread. I'm going to give you a dollar. You're going to give me a 12-inch loaf of bread, and I'm gonna drive home and eat that entire loaf of bread because it's delicious. And then I'm going to say, "It's cool. I'm going to lift weights for an hour, and I'm gonna run on the treadmill. It doesn't matter." 


There are people out there saying to me all the time that where the food comes from, it doesn't matter. What? What? I can't even put my head around that. I had that thinking when I was younger. It was the same way in college. I boxed in college. So there's a boxing gym that I'll go to every day, six days a week for two hours, I'll go two hours a day, and box. I nearly kill myself every single day, six days a week, and then I get home with a microwaveable pizza and ramen noodles. I have a microwaveable pizza and ramen noodles, but I worked out for two hours. I'm going to burn it off anyway. It doesn't matter. I'm gonna burn it off, right?


 We have to get you out of that mindset because the result of my hard work was feeling like sh**, being smushy, never have abs. Smushy here, smushy there, smushy everywhere while working out two hours a day eating bread, microwaveable pizza and ramen noodles. The fact of the matter is you do need to eat the right foods. Okay? But what if I told you that I can just slash your grocery bill? I'm telling you right now, you can eat healthy on a budget, guaranteed! I can figure out any budget you hand me in no matter where you live, even if it's a food desert. I can help you work this out. 


Not only that, but I can cut the amount of time you spend in the grocery store in half. I walk into a grocery store it takes me five minutes. I'm in and out five minutes. The issue is you're walking up and down the aisles, and little Timmy likes these weekends. Little Johnny likes these apple jacks, and hubby likes this Dr Pepper. Still, mom likes this diet Pepsi, and this one likes carrots, and this one likes celery, and this one likes big Newtons, and this one likes Oreos, right? You have a shopping cart full of sh**, and you're spending 400 or 500 bucks on what? And half of it goes back. 


Look around your house three months later. You're going to find expired stuff that you didn't eat. Processed junk food in a package that you don't eat. Think about it. Flip this stuff on its head. Just start thinking logically because maybe no one said it to you like this before. When you get off this Facebook live, walk around your house, see how many things you have that are expired. How many things are in a can? How many items are in a box? How many things are in plastic? How many things are all over your house that you're never going to touch, that you spent 5, 6, 7, 8 bucks on? You find hundreds of dollars in wasted groceries. For 90% of you, this is true. Yes. There'll be some outliers who have a house like mine. 


This is a direct quote. A direct quote from a client. "It's amazing how simple my fridge has become. There is so much less stuff there than it used to be. But there are so many more options for meals." It's huge. At first, they think I'm crazy. It's so freeing to not be driving home from work going, "I want to try that new recipe that my favorite food blogger posted, but there are 15 ingredients. I don't know if I have all the ingredients. I better start with the grocery store." 

"Oh God. Well. I don't want to go to the grocery store. Maybe it will be a subway night. Maybe it'll be a pizza night. Oh sh**." 


Right. Let's get that out of your life. Do simple sh**, please. I'm telling you. Just think about it like this. I care about mind and heart. How do you feel? That's a stressful scenario. I just walked you through in the car, and all you moms and dads are doing it every freaking night, right? Let's stop the nonsense. Stop the nonsense. Do simple sh**. Okay. 

To recap all of this, I'm offering you freedom. That's what Clovis is. That's what Justin Nault does. I'm offering you freedom. It says I Am Free all over our social media. That's what this is all about. Do you want to be free? Do you want freedom from junk food, freedom from fast food companies, from marketing companies who don't care about you or your kids? Freedom from your kids getting made fun of at school. Do you want freedom from all this stuff? I did. I was begging for it. It took me till I was fricking 25 years old to learn any of this stuff. And I near killed myself for over a decade before I got here. 


I'm 16 years into my health and fitness journey. It wasn't always this. I had to figure this out, and now I have a moral obligation to give it to you because it's that important. You guys needed to hear this, whether you want it to or not. Some of you in the academy might be disappointed that I'm not getting into science tonight. Sorry, this one's not for you. This is for the unsure people. The people who are lost, people who are dealing with guilt, shame and fear. They feel alone. Don't be alone anymore. 


We have over 400 members waiting for you in the Clovis academy. Over 400 members, all the testimonial pictures,, oh 400 members. That's where you find community. That's what you find that your problems are not unique. People have dealt with, and they have solutions that you haven't thought of. That's what it's for. That's what the community is for.


Let's take a little break, check some comments. It's already nine. Whoa.


What is the academy? The academy is a private Facebook group. We'll put a link for it. Don't worry. 

Application process? Yeah. Don't worry about that. We'll take care of that. You will have to get approved by the Clovis group. I think she's laughing because I'm talking to her. 

Yes, Heather, I'm speaking to you. Man, it's hot in this light. 


Day 16, and I still need to hear this. Yes, you do, Seidi. I've seen some of your posts. 


Yeah, this is so great. 400 plus, Josh.

That's true, Amanda. Thank you. 

It is. It's a moral obligation. That's precisely what it is. 


These three things. That's what I would feel, and I'm sharing these with you. That's what it would be. #IAMFREE 


Protein, veggie, fat is done. I like it. Do simple sh**. Josh owns it. The wizard. 


Yes. Krista loves the way her fridge looks. 


Look, this is crazy. This is awesome. We'll never see Justin again after that statement. Okay. 


You guys are awesome. Thank you. We still gotta hope.


Wow, we have even more people than last time we checked. Good. You guys are sticking with me. You stay until the end. Hooray! We're almost there. 


Let's see what else we got. So quick rundown of how this works. If you want to do this, all you have to do is look up the Clovis Academy. Email me directly. 


Yes, I'm going to do this. I'm aware of what's going to happen. Hit me. That's it! That's all you gotta do. You end up with an approved foods list. You'll end up with custom macronutrients and with all the tools and tricks you need to do all the things that we just talked about. You'll learn how to track correctly. You'll learn about non-scale victories, and I will get you off that godda** scale and teach you how to track sh** that matters.

When you're in the Clovis academy, 400 plus people right there at your fingertips to help you. Just go in there and poke around. Once I approve you, go in there and poke around. You'll see the way people answer each other. It's a no bull*** space, though. Don't get in there and be mad at me because you can't eat Graham crackers. You got to deal with real people. 


I'm asking you right now. If you do this and all that happens is you lose 10 pounds. Is it worth it? Was it worth one hour every time watching this crazy guy who gets super aggressive? I know I get super aggressive. I care about this stuff a lot. It really, really gets to me. Plus, I have personal experience with it. If all this did was help you lose 10 pounds, would it be worth it?

If all that happened was your sugar cravings went away. Would it be worth it? If all that happened was your grocery bill got cut by 10%. Would it be worth it? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Start thinking about your health from mind and heart. Don't look at the Instagram model with 12 pack abs and Photoshop. Don't look at the people with thigh gaps. Don't look at the muscle in the fitness dudes.  


Hey, I love The Rock. He's funny. He's a great actor. He's on all the steroids. Literally all the steroids. He steroids like your kids eat gummy bears. Stop comparing! Let's talk about some real-life sh**. The real sh**. Clovis sh**. I'm here for you. I'm literally waiting. That's all you have to do. That's about it. I think that's all I got for you guys.

I hope you enjoy this. It needed to be done. I told Crystal in the academy. I said I don't think you understand what you just set in motion asking this question. 


Let's do this. All right. I went a little longer than I thought, but let's open it up to some Q and A. There's a bunch of you live right now. Let's see. Be careful what you wish for, right? If you have questions, hit them right now. 

Amanda, I'm never hungry. The Rock is hot, though. 

Yes. He will die younger than all of us. Just so you know.


Yes. Crystal is the easiest protocol to follow ever. You will not be hungry, and the pounds will melt off. Yes. That's Crystal with the shorts. That's Crystal talking to you right now. Comment on her. Say, "Hey Crystal, awesome. You can fit four of you and your shorts. Congratulations." 


Talk about our gut health. Okay. Gut health is a really, really big deal. If you want to talk about gut health, go into Ask Me Anything Number 9, it's Feeding Your Children And Their Gut Bugs. Because everything that I talk about with the gut microbiome for your kids applies to adults. Remember, adults are huge little kids. Little kids are just really tiny adults. We're humans. Human beings. There's no childhood nutrition. There's no adult nutrition. There's no in-between pre-teen nutrition, right? The gut microbiome applies to everybody. We'll talk about probiotics, prebiotics, how to restore the health of your gut flora. Some people are on a specific gut health diet that I put them on because I need a little more help than everybody else does for their digestive issues. IBS, Crohn's disease, ulcers. I've seen it all. I cured all sorts in a professional MMA fighter. 


I do this stuff all day, every day. There's nothing you have that I haven't seen. Okay. 


Guy: Emily asks, what AMA can we share with someone who has no clue what Clovis is, but we want to get them on work.


Justin: This one. Yeah. Right now, AMA number 13. Remember, every time I do an AMA, there's a blog post with show notes and resources. A lot of people don't realize this, but the resources are at the bottom. I should probably underline them, but they're all clickable links. If I tell you about a book or a supplement or an article you should read or something, I link out to everything. Youtube video links, everywhere, Go to that website. You'll see all the AMAs. They have little fun, little titles on them, and underneath the video shows you a minute marker. So at minute 4:53, what are lectins. At minute 8:52, a crash course on dairy. At minute 9:53, does alcohol make you fat? Right? One of my favorite episodes, by the way. Ask me anything, go there. Yeah, Crystal's awesome. My dad asks about cholesterol.

Okay. It's things I talk about all the time. PCOS, rheumatoid arthritis, type one diabetes, type two diabetes, cholesterol. Is this safe for people on cholesterol medicine? Yes. I feel the same way about people with high cholesterol, and I feel about cancer survivors. You have a moral obligation for yourself to not get worse or not go back or not relapse, right? If you don't learn about this way of eating that I'm telling you about. That's a really bad move on your part. I'm not going to call you crazy. I would never do such a thing, but trust me. If you have high cholesterol, even more reason, reach out right now. Okay. Cholesterol is a big, big, big deal. 


What else we got? A minute marker. Jackie's my minute marker. 


I need tips on fitting all calories into lunch and dinner. 

Maybe one snack. 

Remember one thing that we talked about in the academy. There's self-responsibility here, right? If I give you macronutrients and I give you everything you need like a foods list. Everything you need, you just need to figure it out. Pick your favorite foods, pick a lunch, pick a dinner, combo, little jigsaw puzzle. It takes 30 minutes to figure it out. I promise you. Figure it out. A lot of people do. A lot of people don't mind intermittent fasting. I do it sometimes. I'll fast for 18 hours and do one meal a day. I literally fit all my calories into one meal. It's just crazy. Just take, if you have all your meals spaced out and you're used to doing that, just take all that food and put it into meals. It's pretty easy. 


I have a question regarding food lists. I see Almond flour, but not almonds. 

Yes. There is a reason for that. Usually, when manufacturers make almond flour, they take the skins off. There may be some brands that don't put the skin on. The almonds are the problem. Almonds are loaded with lectins. If you want to learn about lectins, go to Ask Me Anything Number Two: What are lectins? Check that out. It's at the 4:53 marker. I know that because I have to share that all the time. 


What else we got? Yeah, Gabrielle. That's a good question. Remember, do your macros correctly. Remember, I do all these calculations myself. If you do your macros correctly, your calories will work themselves out at least within 20, 30 calories, right? Plus or minus 10%, whatever the calories literally don't matter at all, hit your macronutrients. If you hit macronutrient nutrients perfectly, you'll see that your calories are almost spot on to the calories I gave you. Okay? What else we got? 


Is your powder part of the plan? It can be. Yeah, sure. Most of the people are on it. If I have fitness athletes that come to me that are doing something like CrossFit, they'll get on pre and post-workout, if you want, if what you're really looking for is fat loss. I highly recommend the fat loss powder. I'm glad you said that because it's almost the end and I'm asking you to stay to the end.


If you're interested in this, stick around, don't go anywhere. I'm not going to talk about it just yet. I'm looking at a couple more questions. 


Chief on the block, Kristen Schwartz. That's hilarious. 


All right, what else we got? Do you change how much you eat on the days you train? No, I don't. Your macros will be adjusted for your level of training, and we'll talk about it because we talk one-on-one. So no, we don't adjust that. We could slightly if you want to, but this all depends on your goals. Again, I don't make blanket statements, right? I take every single person on a case to case basis. I do this all myself. If you tell me your goals are muscle gain, we're going to have a different conversation. If you tell me your goal is fat loss. Okay? So we'll have to talk about that One-On-One. 


Is there a time window to eat if you're doing intermittent fasting? Yes, absolutely. That's what intermittent fasting is. You eat all your calories in a shorter window, five or six hours. Don't even attempt that caffeine because I know you're new to the global academy. You're new to this whole thing. You're setting yourself up for failure. Don't even mess with intermittent fasting right now. Do not do it. Do you think it's going to give you faster results? It is not! You're gonna screw this up. You're not going to hit your macros. You're gonna try to hit those macros within a five-hour window. It is not going to happen. I'm telling you anyone who jumps into this with zero experience and goes right to intermittent fasting. They fail every time. What happens when you fail? Disappointment. I didn't do it right. I didn't do it right. I didn't do it right. Don't do that, Kathy. Trust me. Just hit your macros. Okay?


How long did detox last? It's different for everybody. I mean, the longest I'd ever seen is like a 10-day detox. That's for someone who literally dealt with a truck driver once who drank 13 Pepsi's a day. I'm not kidding. 13 Pepsi's a day, and that was the worst detox I've ever seen. That was about 10 days. It depends on your carbohydrate intake. So again, it's who you were before you got to me. You're an individual, and your experience won't be like anyone else's. That's another thing that happens. I get these fit people in the Clovis academy that email me, and they're pis*** because they're like, "I want a transformation like Crystal had. I want a transformation like Micah had." I'm like, "you weigh 116 pounds. How do you want to lose 52 pounds in eight weeks?" Everyone, stop comparing yourselves. Academy people, stop comparing yourselves because you see a post in the academy, and then you write to me directly. How come I don't look like them? You started at 116 pounds, and you have six-pack abs. What do you want me to tell you? You got a tiny bit of pinch over here, and you're like, "I want a transformation." It's different for everybody. Everybody is different. Okay. What else we got? Anybody else?


Oh, hell is about to break loose. Here's Amanda. Amanda's always going to comment. All right. We don't have too many more questions rolling in. So we're going to probably wrap this up here in a minute. Yeah. It's 9:12, so we started a couple of minutes late. I want a couple minutes over. No big deal. All right. Some time I'm going to explain this refeed thing. I'm starting to see. Stop. Stop. I already did it. Actually, I did one. Yeah, I already did an AMA on refeeding. No, especially not with dirty carbs. That's ridiculous! There's cheat day carb refeeding. I can teach you about refeeding for women if you're on a keto diet. Remember, you guys aren't keto. Everybody thinks this is keto. This is not keto. Keto is the most misunderstood term in all of the nutrition. I know bestselling authors of keto books that don't understand how keto works. I know them personally. Okay. Think about that. Right?

What else we got? Yeah. Join the academy. Look around. 


I'm 55. Am I too old? No, not at all. AMA is about fitness. You go to iamclovis/ama. Look at my AMA's. It's all about fitness. I want to say it was number 10. I'm not exactly sure, but my dad's in there. He's 59 years old. He deadlifts like 315 pounds. I worked with him for about three years, and I mean, he's just ripped the strategy. He's got biceps bigger than mine. My dad is a total badass. He's 59 years old. It's never, never too late. 


Had high blood pressure in the first 30 days. Okay. We've addressed this, right? I always tell people this. People freak out. They feel a little bit weird, and I'm like, "oh, okay. You feel a little weird because you're detoxing off sugar." 


And then you go to Publix and test your blood pressure. "Oh my God. My blood pressure is up by two points. I'm going to die." 


And then tell Justin, like, "Does this thing can cause high blood pressure?" It's your body. We need undoing decades of damage. Okay? I had a conversation with somebody in the academy today that was asking about results. And I'm like, "you've been doing this for a couple of weeks. We're undoing decades and decades and decades of damage. Okay?" Everybody's body goes to different things. It's like when you have a fever, or when your kid has a fever, what do you do? You get baby Tylenol that some doctor sold you on, and that costs you money. 


Remember, their fat pockets, and you shove it in the kid's mouth. He's having a perfectly normal biological response to an issue or a stressor. Fevers are perfectly normal. It's the body's way of fighting off a virus by itself. Right? But what do you do? You interfere. You shove medicine in that kid's mouth to get the fever down. Now the kids are going to be sick for three days longer than he would have been. If you just let the fever work itself out. Yes. I know some of you will say my kid at 106 fever, he had to go to the emergency room. Yes, absolutely. Of course! There are different levels of things. What I'm saying is your body has biological responses to things. 

Blood pressure is being one of them is trying to sort things out. 


I bumped you to five to seven grams of sodium per day. That's a big deal. Without sodium, you're screwed. But the American heart association tells you that you need less than 1400 milligrams a day of sodium because sodium raises blood pressure. We really don't know.  It was like cholesterol. Is cholesterol or high cholesterol bad? We don't know. Some people with low cholesterol can get a  heart attack. Some people high cholesterol, too. People don't really know. Okay? So that's the thing. Sodium is required. The electrolyte is a requirement. If you have less than 3000 milligrams of sodium per day, you were in the highest risk bracket possible for cardiac disease. The highest risk bracket possible under 3000. The American heart association tells you to do less than half of that. What? What? Insanity. Right? Crazy. Okay. What else you got?


I know! I'm sorry, Crystal. I get super excited. Amanda, your 13-year-old does love salt shots. We gotta talk about this t-shirt thing, right? 


Oh, I love fevers. Awesome. Snuggles when there's a fever. Yeah. Duh, don't stick a pill in the kid's mouth.


Krista, you're awesome. Krista, some of us struggle with patience. I wasn't gonna say I'm glad you came in here. Thank you. I don't know what that hashtag means, Laura. Yeah. Comparing, not comparing.

Stop comparing. Please stop comparing.


Oh, Justinisms. That's awesome. Hey, look, there's my dad. Charles Nault, that's my dad. I'm 59. I started at 56. Life-Changing at any age. Dad is a savage. He's a giant rock star. Okay?


How else do we look? We handled high blood pressure. Love it. Congrats. 

Congrats on your blue belt. 

Thank you, brother. I got a surprise. Two belt promotion on Monday. I'm now a blue belt in jujitsu, so that's pretty awesome. I don't know if Jody's still around. He might still be in here. What up, Jody? He's awesome. 


What else we got? Love the products. 

Thank you. 

My four-year-old has her saltwater. That's amazing. I have IVs. Can I consume your products? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Any single gastrointestinal GI issue, whatever. I've seen it all,  dealt with it all, fixed It all. Hit me up.


All right. I think that's it, guys. We're at 9:16 Central time. It might be different for you guys. 


Please slow down. I'm trying, guys. I'm trying to slow down. I promise. 


What's the best way to drink PPP? Okay. No, this is different for everybody. I made a joke about this in the academy today because somebody was like, "I bought PPP and put it in coffee, and I hated it. And now I don't know what to do." 


I was like, "who told you that you have to put it in coffee? I mean, the instructions in the back of the bag say put it in water. It is designed to be in the water." 


It's delicious by itself. It's delicious by itself. Put it in six ounces of water, shake it up, drink it. That's what I recommend the first time you ever try it. Try it with water by itself. Don't even put ice in it. Just cold water. Mix it, shake it up, so you know what it tastes like, at least. Right? See what it tastes like before you start experimenting.  


I put it in coffee every morning. That's how I do paleo powder. I love it in coffee. It's delicious. That's my favorite way to do it. But it doesn't mean it's the only way to do it. I prefer to compete. Yeah. Dying at the coffee comment. 


Hey Stephanie. She's funny. P3 with water. Yes, so try it with water first and see what you think. All right, guys. I think we're gonna wrap this one up. This ring light thing makes me hot as sh**. It's really hot up here. Yeah. I'm looking at notes. I think I touched on everything that I wanted to. Coffee is water. Kind of. Coffee activates digestive enzymes, so it's technically not water. 


We talk about science now. Am I going to get the science? No. 


I should have tried water first. Yeah. All right. Awesome. I think we wrap it up. Yes. We'll take your time. Yeah. Okay. 


You guys officially made it all the way to the end of technically AMA number three, but really just a separate video of How To Lose Weight By Eating More And Exercising Less. I promise you something if you stick around to the end. I'm glad you did. Some of you know that you broke Facebook yesterday. If you're in the academy, we do all sorts of crazy sh** that you don't see unless you're in the academy. Academy is a lot of fun. You get a sneak peek into my life, the life of my friends and my crew here at Clovis, the people that I love.

Here's what going to do. Thank you so much for sticking around. Desiree, time to break the internet. Let's break the internet. So what I really want to push towards here is this whole thing of How To Lose Weight By Eating More And Exercising Less. 


We had a question about that loss earlier. Is your fat loss powder require? No, it's not needed, but I highly recommend it. Here's why. I'm changing your body on a biochemical level. Jenny, you get some science. Congratulations. so we're gonna talk about glucose and insulin, right? While you're sleeping, you're fasting. The word breakfast. All right, let's hear it. Let's just do this one. Break Fast

You're fasting while you sleep. Nobody really thinks about this, but you are. You're fasting when you sleep. The longer you sleep, the better. You fast. Fasting is great for you. Fasting is fantastic for it. You don't need to eat every few hours and speed up your metabolism. Oh my God, this speed-up your metabolism thing. Okay? No speeding up your metabolism. We're not talking about it like that. We're talking about biochemistry, how the human body works. Burning fat does not require you to speed up your metabolism. It requires you to change your metabolism. So breakfast, when you wake up in the morning, you take food, and you break the fast. 


The way that fat loss was designed, and it'll say this in the bag. It's intended to be a replacement for breakfast. Now, why? Because it's 120 calories, but it's incredibly nutrient-dense 120 calories that have 15 grams of protein, beneficial, healthy fats, and only six net carbs.

Okay? So six net carbs is not enough to knock your body out of something called Ketosis, which is the fat-burning mode. Now, if you're significantly overweight, you're probably not getting into fat-burning mode. You probably have something called metabolic inflexibility, and that's what I can help you fix. Fasting is still great. It gets you closer to that. Lowers your blood sugar levels. It's going to be way lower in the morning. That's why they test fasting blood sugar, fasting insulin response when they do blood work and that kind of thing, right? So you can break the fast with paleo powder but still get the vast majority of the benefits of fasting without the hunger associated with it. So people talk about intermittent fasting, which I don't want you to do initially. I just want you to hit your macros. I'll give you a macro, which paleo powder counts towards, where you take that off in the morning.

Mix it with your coffee and mix it with hot water. Mix it in cold water, whatever you want to do, take it in the morning. This will keep you full for a couple hours, like Emily, who's in here. Emily always tells me how full it keeps her, which is amazing. Emily loves it. She takes it twice a day, a lot of the time. 


You do this in the morning, so you don't fully break your fast. You still get some of the benefits of fasting without having to actually fast. You can still have energy, still feel pretty good. Have that kind of full feeling without just being starving and fasting. Just because you heard fasting was great because it's a fricking marketing term now. Okay. Most people fast and don't even realize it. Okay?


So that's the thing if you want fat loss. Yes. I highly recommend it. Especially if fat loss is your goal. So that's a big thing. Everybody's different. If your goal is fat loss, I think you should take the fat loss powder. Absolutely. So for most of you, if you're watching this, the video's title is How To Lose Weight While Eating More And Exercising Less. You're probably pretty interested in fat loss. So my fat loss formula is for sale. Yes, I sell products, but I like to do things like this. 


We have something special in the comments here. I want you to use the comment section right now for a minimal time only. I haven't decided how long I'm going to do this. And if we break the internet, we break the internet like we did yesterday. So here's what I do.


All you have to do. Pay close attention to this because I want you to start your comment with this. No other text, no other nothing. If you want fat loss, power, these 30 serving bags, the fat loss powder. Tonight for making it all the way to the end of this, I'm going to give you $30 off. This product is usually $79.99. I'm gonna give this to you for basically $49.99, whatever. I'm going to give you $30 off for that fat loss so you can try this. If you don't know me, if you don't know what Clovis is. Grab it, try it. It has a money-back guarantee. Give it a shot. See if you like it. If you want it, reach out to me or, better yet, before it even gets delivered to your doorstep. Come to me, and I'll see you how to use it. I'll set you up with this plan that we talked about today. Here's all you have to do. Comment in the comments section #BuyFatLoss. All one word. That's all you have to do. BUYFATLOSS if you are interested in fat loss. I'd like to buy a bottle. How much by fat loss? How much is it? $49.99. 

And regular is $79.99. 


There's ever a time to do this, do it right now. Because as soon as we stop running this, it's going right to $79.99. I'm not going to take it off of that. $79.99. That's it. 


Jason just did it. #BUYFATLOSS. Josh #BUYFATLOSS



Fantastic. Okay. Dream of buying digested recipe. How about this, Krista. I'll get with you. I'll get with you separately. We'll hook you up. Okay? Yeah. We're gonna break the internet again. We're going to do it. Okay. This is great. Thank you, guys. Keep doing that. That's it. #BUYFATLOSS. 

What's going to happen? I know some of you did this yesterday. Don't worry. This is me we're talking about. Okay? This is something new, clearly. I'm sure you've never had seen anybody ask you to buy something to the comments before, but that's what we're doing.


So keep doing #BUYFATLOSS. This happened a lot today. Josh reached out. Sent individual messages to people and just said all we need is the flavor you want because we have cacao, and there's vanilla, right? You get to pick a flavor, choose your shipping address or where you want to send it. You want to buy one and ship it to your friend. Just do that, and then give us their address. This is it right here. All you have to do is #BUYFATLOSS, and you get it for $49.99. That's $30 off. The normal price of $79.99. It is the most expensive powder that I have in the whole line of perfect paleo powder. I'm going to keep this video up, and I'm gonna let you guys keep commenting #BUYFATLOSS and keep getting this discount. I don't know how long they keep it up for, but it'll be out for a while.


If I were you, I would jump on it because you're gonna love it. If anybody in the comments section has fat loss, tell people how much they love it. Just tell them to listen to this. 


Jenny, what did you say? Calm down you. I got you. I got you. The Wizard got you. I promise. Okay. Promise. Look at me in the eyes. I promise. You've got this. Everybody #BUYFATLOSS. They went through it. Yes, it worked. Don't worry. Anybody who commented on anything worked. I promise you it will work comment with the hashtags. You get the deal too, Emily Smith. Yes. Awesome. Kathy, great decision, Kathy. I'm super pumped about you. She's been super, super active. She's brand new to the academy. She's been super, super active. This is awesome. Yeah. 


Rachel really loves her fat loss.

This is the best. I have some. I love it in my coffee.


That's personally what I do. I don't even need to lose fat, really. And I use fat loss every single morning in my coffee. The fat loss cacao is my favorite for some reason. 


I really like post-workout too. Yeah, this is a pretty crazy discount. You're not gonna see this anywhere else. This is just something that we decided to do. Everybody in the academy was asking me about their family and friends. So tag your family and friends right now. If you say, "Hey, this powder." 


If someone's been to your house and tried it and said, "I want to get some of this." Tag them. 


Tag your sister, mom, brother, your cousin, whoever. Tag them, and tell them what to hashtag, right? I love to see this #BUYFATLOSS. 


I love eating a ton for dinner and then use this for breakfast. Yeah, that's great. That's awesome. 


Post-Workout is a bomb, too. I love it. I have some post-workout before we started this. That's part of my aptness. I had post-workout and a cold brew before I got here because I was super pumped about this video. I got in your face, always in your face. 


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so in your face I can't help it. It's just me. Okay. Who else? Emily Smith. Awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So you're gonna see a lot of this message popping up from Clovis culture telling you that this worked. Keep going. This is awesome. 


I can't wait to put in my coffee tomorrow. 


Yes, Erica. Awesome. 


Laura loves a fat-loss powder, and Laura loves kettlebells. Laura and I are basically spirit animals.


All right. What else we got? Jessica Smith, I love vanilla. Yes. Yes. 


What if I didn't get a message? You will get one later. You will absolutely get them later. Promise, promise, promise, promise, promise. 

For those of you that aren't in the academy, you don't know what happened yesterday. You're a little confused about this, the newcomers coming in, but don't worry. Don't worry. We're working this out. Justin is my spirit animal. Laura is my spirit animal. We should get together and swing kettlebells because that's what normal people do. 


#BUYFATLOSS for life. What's up, Brett? Oh, dude. I got to do it. I'm going to do a video for Brett, and who's your buddy. I almost forgot about that. Brett's got an awesome charity. He does call it "Who's Your Buddy?" If you got a link or something, Brett, throw a link up there. Let people see that. It's still up, Amanda.  


Josh, you see that one comment from Kathy? Cool.


We're always working behind the scenes. Always. Always, always.


We're going to send them all messages, but it's not working right now.


Yeah, so don't worry if the autoresponder isn't working. Facebook doesn't like what we do. Let's just be honest. If the autoresponder is not happening right now, don't worry. We're probably not going to bed tonight. We got this. Clovis behind the scenes. I'll let you guys a little bit behind the scenes. You can check out Instagram stories and all that to see how we do this. We got an excellent team. Everybody on my team loves you and cares about you exactly as much as I do.

I like cacao better. That's me personally. I like the cacao better.  I like the cow better in coffee. 


Chelsea's over here saying that vanilla is her absolute favorite. She likes vanilla better. That's only because she's super weird. 


No sleep until I get it. 

It's a deal, Kathy. I'm on it. Don't worry. 


Yeah. My favorite powder is cacao. The biggest drinker of fat loss, I know it was Emily. Emily is still in here. Emily, tell people what you like. She has multiple times a day. I love this group. 


Sean, we love you. You are one of the most active people there. You're awesome. 


Your transformation, Shawn's son, is a badass. I love that, dude. I wanna meet him. Member, we want to see transformations. Everybody wants to see that. 


Just tell him that because of the way Facebook changed, that thing. We'll send them all a private message with the link. It's not working for some reason, but when we send it to them, just to make sure that they would get it from us.


Guys, what's happening right now is if you haven't gotten a link automatically from putting your comment #BUYFATLOSS or if you did and it doesn't work, or you didn't get the link yet. We will send you a new one. Don't worry. We will make it work. We will send you a new one. You will get your powder. You will get your discount. I promise you. But once we send you the link, even if we send you the link tomorrow morning, if something goes completely arrived, what shouldn't be the case. But if it did, when you get your link, remember that you have to fill it out. You have to enter your card information, confirm the amount, hit the accept button, confirm payment. You definitely want to do that if you want to get this discount. And then, once that is done, we're going to ask you for the flavor and the shipping address. 


What's happening is Facebook is crazy because they've had a lot of bad press lately. They've handled some things very poorly. They start changing things. We have tech that's been built out, and it's built on the Facebook platform, and then Facebook starts changing shi*. It gets crazy. Okay. Don't worry. I promise you, you can get this. 


We sent Clovis culture a message that better. No, that is not better. I can explain all that, but it's on the back end. No, just the comments are best. We can track all this. Don't worry. check that out. Brett, Everybody click on that. Yeah. Jessica, we just talked about it. Don't worry. I know Jessica. You can just text me. We're good. Don't worry about it. No worries. I'll take care of you. I promise.


Brett, tell me a bit of it. I know that you're raising money for, I think, pediatric cancer, right? Pretty sure he was doing it for pediatric cancer. 


Brett is a total badass. Brett's going to be a remarkable transformation story because he's been killing it. We've been talking about his macros and what he needs to do. Great. Great. Great. 


All right. So again, you can still do this. I don't know how long we'll leave it out for. And we've been at this a while now. What is it? 9:30. All right. Cacao was Amanda's favorite. Awesome.


Everybody who did this, thank you so, so much for helping us to figure this out, for helping us use this tech. It's really exciting. You guys are awesome. Thank you for sticking with me, so I can't believe we still have so many live viewers. We have a boatload of comments. This has been awesome. I hope that we inspired some people to make some changes. Remember, I don't care about your body fat. I don't care about your bikini. I care about your mind and heart. That's what the academy is all about. This Clovis is all about us. It's always going to be all about heart and mind. Thank you guys so much. You're awesome. I appreciate it. My name is Justin. We will see you next week.

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