How Setting Goals Sabotages Freedom - Live AMA #19 - Clovis

How Setting Goals Sabotages Freedom - Live AMA #19

Live Ask Me Anything #19 - Topics Covered: Part 1


8:13 - Who is Justin?

8:57 - Clovis Academy! Come check us out

10:04- Don’t throw up while I fix the camera…

12:07- How Setting Goals Sabotages Freedom!

15:39- We’re looking for improvement not perfection

18:28- “I AM FREE” What does that really mean?

19:15- J’s trip to Mexico: A story about freedom

21:20- Your Sunday cookout is not reason enough to fall off the wagon; a once in a lifetime experience is...

24:12- Scenario #1: This is NOT freedom…

25:26- Scenario #2: This is also not freedom, it’s obsession


30:30- FB Check

31:15- Let’s get into GOAL SETTING…

31:49- “I don’t believe in time limits for your health goals”

Part 2:

1:40- If I don’t hit my goal what else can I do? *insert crazy suggestions here*


6:09- Things I’m hearing in the Clovis Academy…

6:35- FB Check

6:55- Ketosis Masterclass!

9:09- “Chase results not ketones”

9:49- Ketogenic Mini Masterclass

14:10- The big difference between Clovis and Keto

18:41- FB Check

18:42- Commenting on Comments: "Do I need a perfect macro split each meal? Or per day?"

20:01- Commenting on Comments: Don’t skip the carbs or you’ll be in a dangerous deficit

21:40- Fasting can be a great thing, but you have to use it correctly

22:34 Fasted cardio? What’s that?

24:34- Why am I not hungry?

25:09- Ghrelin and Leptin: Science

29:17- Fructose is at it AGAIN

33:06- Women: your hormones are trying to figure sh*t out (ie. your cycle)

34:30 FB Check and Live Q&A

34:35- Commenting on Comments: Working out after the first 30 days

34:53- Commenting on Comments: Salt shots

35:40- Q: "What happens when you don’t hit your Macros?"

36:51- Catabolic vs. Anabolic

41:03- Q: "How close to the Carb goal is good enough?"


Live Q&A:

  • 49:00- "Can you eat too late at night?"
  • 49:17- "Why no zucchini?"
  • 49:42- "Dr. Bronner’s Sugar soap? Yes or no?"
  • 54:45- "Visbiome and infants? Is my breast milk enough?"
  • 56:09- "Do you think you can overdose on probiotics?"
  • 56:55- "What other brand do you like besides Visbiome?"

57:19- Wrap Up!

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