How Eating Fat Can Save Your Life - Live AMA #15 - Clovis

How Eating Fat Can Save Your Life - Live AMA #15

Live Ask Me Anything #15 - Topics Covered:

4:23- Eating Fat Can Save Your Life

12:42- BELIEF #1: Eating Fat Will KILL Me!

30:25- BELIEF #2: Eating Animal Protein (red meat) will kill me!

48:28- BELIEF#3: We Need Carbohydrates to Survive!

51:30- Fat + Carbs= the most dangerous combination in the world

56:15- How is it that the ONLY non-essential macronutrient has become the #1 Macro in the US?!?!

Live Q&A:

1:29:57- Q: Why no exercise in the first 30 days?

1:30:50- Q: Coffee suggestions?

1:32:46- Q: Do our macros change

1:33:45- Q: Talk about the cut of meat vs. uncured, packaged etc

2:21- Q: Brain Octane for kids, what’s the dosage for kids?

3:35- Q: Can my family start slow with the meat?

5:22- Q: Is the Carb Manager version of PPP correct?

6:38- Q: Does the approved foods list come with macros?

7:49- Q: Venison? (Hint: Wild Game is the Jackpot)

9:17- Q: When will Clovis Kids launch?

12:33- Q: Can I have legumes?

12:20- Q: What’s the difference between the Clovis Way, and Paleo? (Hint: Lots!)

Listen to the Podcast:

Links and Resources!

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- "Eat Fat, Get Thin" by Dr. Mark Hyman

- "Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes

- "Primal Endurance" by Mark Sisson

- "Brain Maker" by Dr. David Perlmutter

- AMA #2 "Alcohol Doesn't Make You Fat"

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My name's Justin Nault. I own Clovis. This is a weekly live video that we do called Ask Me Anything. I go through the weekly topics people talk about, mainly in our private Facebook group, the Clovis academy. I take most of the questions from there. I take the most common topics of that week and throw them into a weekly Ask Me Anything episode. That's what we're here for. 


This is Ask Me Anything number 15, How Eating Fat Can Save Your Life. So what we're going to do is we're going to talk about macronutrients, and we're going to take all the advice, all the things that you've learned from schools since you were a little kid, all the mainstream nutrition, we're going to untangle all the nonsense, flip it on its head and fix your health. 

I'm going to give you some information that you did not have before this AMA. I know that because there are many things in this AMA that I haven't discussed in prior AMAs. 

This is Ask Me Anything number 15, How Eating Fat Can Save Your Life. Also, we have a ton of stuff going on with Clovis, just exponential growth. The academy is now up to over 550 people. We talked a bit about Clovis kids last week. If you stick around, we're going to talk more about that tonight. We have over 80 kids signed up for Clovis kids, which is insanity. I'm going to tell you more about that. Remember, if you're from the academy, I love you. Thank you so much for watching another episode of Ask Me Anything. I know you guys set your watch to this, so I'm sorry that it started so late. I'm sorry, but thank you for watching. 

There's going to be a lot of new viewers. That's what the Ask Me Anything episodes are for. We want to get as many new viewers as possible. If you have somebody interested in Clovis or what you're doing, remember to tag them in the videos. You can click share on this video, share it on your timeline. You can click share now public to get it out there and just let people know that we're doing this live video. We can get new people into the fold to learn new things from this video. It might attract them to the academy so they can get in there with you guys. You can bring your loved ones in, make the academy grow and change more people's lives. That's what we're trying to do with this thing. Okay? 

This is Ask Me Anything Number 15: How Eating Fat Can Save Your Life. This week in the academy, I asked you guys what some of the most common topics were. So I took a few of those common topics and rolled them into this Ask Me Anything episode. It is all centered around macronutrients. Macronutrients are particularly the three major macronutrient groups that are fat, protein and carbohydrates. We're going to talk about how eating fat can save your life. I want to talk about a lot of people in the academy, the newbies, all new people that have come in. They start tracking. They get their app, and they get their macros from me. They get their approved foods list. They're gung-ho ready to go. And they feel a little defeated on day one, day two, day three. They're like, "well, I went way over on my fat, and I'm way under on my carbs. I'm way over on my carbs, way low on my protein. I didn't hit the numbers." So I really want to talk about macronutrients for that reason. We will talk about the three different macronutrients. 


Put it this way. Like, I just saw the movie Ready Player One. I read the book years ago. It was fantastic. I was super pumped when they made a movie. And if you've read the book or seen the movie, it takes place in this kind of video game, virtual reality world, and the need to collect the three keys for the big ultimate prize thing. Right? 


The three keys, and I was thinking about this, that's basically what the major macronutrients are. These are the three keys to optimal human health. I'm going to give you all three of those keys. It is fat, protein and carbohydrates. Macros are literally the keys to human health. Above all else, you need to learn about these three essential macronutrients if you want to have a shot at a healthy life. They are that important. They're everything. Now notice I said, macronutrients. I never once mentioned calories. I changed this when I make macronutrients for people. Now, I don't even give them their total caloric amount. I used to do that, but then people were like, "Hey, I'm hitting my macronutrients. Or I'm almost hitting my macronutrients, but I'm short on my calories." People kept worrying about these calories. I just stopped giving people calories altogether because they're useless. Follow the macros, and it will work itself out. So stay to the end of this video. If you remain to the end, you will know everything you need to know about the three major macronutrient groups and optimize them to live a long, healthy life. 

Also, if you stay to the end, you're going to learn about Clovis kids. 

You're going to get a sneak peek at Clovis kids, which we have built out. For those of you that didn't know and weren't here last week, Clovis kids is a program that has never existed before. It's an all-in-one get healthy program for your kids, basically for the entire family. We announced it last week. It's been a huge success so far, and we're almost ready to launch. We have it built out. So we're going to give you a kind of "behind the scenes" sneak preview of that program. Also, there will be a live Q and A at the end of this Ask Me Anything episode. That's the point of the ask me anything. I hit the major topics that people tell me that they want to talk about. And then we jump into a live Q and A. So that's exactly how it sounds.

I'm going to look at the comments on this live video. You leave me your comments. Let me know your questions. Now, remember, don't throw those in there yet, because I'm going to talk here for a while. I'm going to give you the points on these different macronutrients. If you threw your question now, the odds of me going in and scrolling down and finding your question are pretty rare. If you have a question that you want to ask, type it somewhere, write it down, think about it, save it. I will leave a lot of time tonight for that live Q and A because this is a really important topic. And for those who wanted science, we're getting back to a little bit of science, right? I've been pumping the brakes in the science thing because I don't like going over people's heads. I think tonight's the perfect combination of not going over people's heads but giving you precisely what you need to know about all these macronutrients. 

Stick around to the end for your weekly special offer. Now, if you're in the academy and you've seen these videos before, you know that these offers have just been crazy lately. We have a bunch of tech happening on the backend with the wizard. We got some fantastic surprises for you. So stick around to the end of this video. Once I get into macronutrients, please pay attention because what I think may happen with this video is some people are in a position in the academy where they're going to understand what I'm saying. They're going to say, "oh, this is awesome." And here are some words they've heard before. This might be new stuff for some of you. So, I want you to make sure you're in a quiet place. Try just to pay attention to your screen because we're going to get into some light. What I call light beginners, biochemistry, just a little bit. But it's going to be mostly just summaries and general information that can really help you lock down this macronutrient thing. We're talking about changing your life here. For those of you that don't know again, academy members, you've heard this before. Those of you that are new to me, I just want to give you a little background. 


My name is Justin Nault, and I am the founder of Clovis. I founded Clovis back in 2014. I am a Certified Nutritional Therapist. I am a Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition. I invented a line of nutritional powder called the Perfect Paleo Powder. I invented them in my kitchen way back in 2014, and now they're for sale all over the place on the internet. Also, I have helped hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people with one-on-one nutrition consulting. That's what I do. That's my main jam. It is helping people change their lives for the better.


I've made over 315 custom nutrition plans with custom macronutrients in just the last two months. That's right, 315 people in 60 days, and the results have been staggering. We've had people lose 50 pounds in six weeks, 20 pounds in six weeks, 40 pounds in 60 days, 11 pounds in seven days. Crazy! Basically, any result that you can think of. Fat loss, we've done it. We've improved people's health over and over and over hundreds of hundreds of people.

Now that you know a bit of me, I hope you trust me. Let's dive in. We're going to talk about macronutrients, how eating fat can save your life. Again, we got a lot of questions about what happens when you go over one macro, under another macro, or miss your macros altogether? What happens if I go over under certain macros? And the answer is it's different for every single macronutrient. That's why this AMA is going to have three sections, and I'm going to hit every single macronutrient for you. Okay?  


I'm going to break them down one by one because each macro must be appropriately handled. It must be handled with care. We have fat, protein and carbohydrates. Now for the sake of this video, I'm just going to call them carbohydrates. Understand that anytime I am talking about carbohydrates, I am talking about net carbohydrates, like dietary fiber, the human body can't digest them. They're moot points, literally. 


Total carbohydrates - dietary fiber = net carbs


Use those as interchangeable terms right now. Anytime I say carbohydrates, I use the term carbohydrates as usable carbohydrates. 


Usable carbohydrates = net carbohydrates


Anytime I say carbs or carbohydrates, we're talking about usable carbohydrates just to keep things simple. Okay? These macros are the three keys to optimal health. I'm gonna tell you about all of them. Let's get started. 


As you guys know, I like to talk about beliefs. Beliefs are in charge of everything. Your belief system is what dictates your behavior. The problem with that is many of the beliefs we hold are being held our entire lives. And we don't know why because some well-meaning grown-up told us something when we were eight. And we decided to hang on to that forever, which is what the US government does. 


That's what we're going to talk about first. Belief number one. This is kind of a three-part belief. 


Number one is basically eating fat will make me fat or raise my cholesterol or kill me. 


Eating fat will kill me. Eating fat is going to give me bad cholesterol. It's going to make me fat. It's going to kill me. Right? That's what the mainstream has led you to believe. Low fat, in everything. Low-fat yoghurt, low-fat milk, eat lean chicken breast with no fat. Don't eat red meat because it has fat in it. Saturated fat, blah, blah, blah. Right? Let me explain something to you. In terms of your overall health, fat is the single most important macronutrient, and I want it to make up most of your diet. That's right. I want you to eat more fat than anything else. Literally, that is the key to a long, happy life. Fat should be the number one macronutrients in your diet. When we talk about macronutrient ratios, the different percentages of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Fat is at the top of the list. Okay? Sometimes people will say, "oh, well, my fat grams are less than my protein grams." Yes, that's because fat has more calories per gram. This is also why the low fat craze started. People believed in calories that more calories mean you're going to get fat, and fewer calories mean losing weight. We know that's wrong because there's a massive obesity epidemic. So clearly, that doesn't work. But that's the reason why when I give you macros. Your fat number may be less than protein because there are more calories. It is actually more fat, just contained in fewer grams. Does that make sense? Okay? 

The doctors have had this wrong for decades. Eating fat does not make you fat. Eating fat does not make you fat. Eating fat makes you thin. If you don't believe me, or you need someone more famous than I am. Check out the book, Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr Mark Hyman

Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr Mark Hyman. That's a fantastic book. It actually explains the source of where all this fat nonsense came from. It's all political lobbyist money nonsense. Literally, genocide for the sake of money. That's why we believe that low fat is good. Also, read Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It by Gary Taubes, which is investigative journalism at its finest. It goes through all the nutrition information from the last several decades. None of it points to fat being bad for you. None of it, none of it, none of it. That's right—none of it. 


We still have the food pyramid and all this nonsense, right? Let's go to the cholesterol question. What if I told you that in the 1950s, big sugar companies paid off scientists to create false clinical studies that linked dietary fat to heart disease. That's exactly what happened. Okay? This is not a secret. They were paid off. They were paid $5,000 when in 2018, that money is somewhere around the equivalent of $50,000. These guys get paid $50,000. They release a false report linking dietary fat to heart disease. And as a result, we've had 40 years of genocide and an obesity epidemic. It's insanity, right? It is a public article. It was released in the New York Times in 2015. Somehow people missed it. No millions of people read it, but we can't make any change. We're not the politicians. We're not the lobbyists. We can't change. And the government is too stubborn. Okay? 


There's no link between dietary fat and heart disease whatsoever. Only 25% of the cholesterol in your entire body is from your diet. It doesn't matter how much cholesterol you eat. The most significant percentage of cholesterol floating in your body came from your diet is 25% of your total cholesterol at most. That means 75% of the cholesterol floating around in your body is created in your body. It's from a process called lipogenesis.


On top of that, it only makes cholesterol if it thinks it needs it. The more fat you eat, the less cholesterol you make. So eat more fat, lower cholesterol levels. I know that sounds crazy. The government will not reverse their stance on this because it makes them look really dumb. 


It's a huge problem with trust in the American people for trusting them, and then we have the lobbyist issues. There are a lot of companies selling high grain, high sugar. They're multi-billion-dollar companies, Kraft, Kellogg, whoever else. They're paying the politicians. That's precisely how this stuff is happening. It's a straight-up government conspiracy. 


Here's an example, right? Throughout history, we're wrong. We are wrong all the time. And science, the whole point of science is to disprove beliefs that we held before having better science, right? Things change when we could eventually look under a microscope and see a human cell. Would you instead get advice from a doctor from the 1940s or a doctor from 2018? Which would you rather have? Right? The exponential growth of technology. It's a no brainer. So take smoking, for instance. Doctors used to smoke cigarettes in the office while seeing their patients. They would prescribe certain brands of cigarettes for little kids who had asthma. They have them smoke this cigarette at every meal to help their asthma. We look back on that now as people that are Neanderthal cavemen. They were as stupid as stupid can be. I can't believe how dumb they were. And yet, we still take nutrition advice from the sixties, seventies, and early eighties. It seems interesting, right? I mean, really. I mean, that's how crazy this is. The thing is, what happened with cigarettes? Eventually, people figured out that cigarettes were terrible, right? That's what happens. The tides turn. That's what's going to happen. Right now, you're watching Justin, and I'm crazy, Justin. What does he know? He's not a doctor and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm just the crazy guy that's preaching this high-fat diet to you, right? I promise you to save this video, bookmark it on your Facebook, rip it with some software to keep a Facebook video. I'll send it to you, whatever you need me to do, right? 


Save this video and mark my words. Ten years from now, every single mainstream expert is going to tell you that the only way to save your life is to lower carbohydrates, increase your fat and take a moderate amount of protein. That's what every single person is going to tell you. I will no longer be crazy, Justin. I will be vindicated, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Who cares right now? I'm still doing exactly what I'm telling you to do. Okay?


What happened to cigarettes? We figured out they've been terrible for us this whole time. Finally, it took till 1994 to be a class action nationwide lawsuit against the big tobacco companies because they lied to us. They lied about not being addictive and not being harmful to us. There's a giant class-action lawsuit for billions of dollars, right? Why hasn't that happened with this fat thing? We have science coming out that proves we need fat for every function in our human cell, but we can't do a class-action lawsuit against the government. They're the government. The government does whatever the hell it wants, where the hell it wants, and it's a game of money. It is where we get into conspiracy theories, but there's nothing we can do. 


All you can do is to read the books I'm telling you about. Please do your research and listen to me. The fact is why the spread adoption of the food pyramid led to exponential growth in the obesity crisis for all humans, adults, and children. The children one breaks my freaking heart because it's never existed throughout all of human history. There have never been obese kids. And now, 19% of our kids are obese. It's disgusting! We need to burn down the food pyramid. We need to remove it from everything, right? Crazy, crazy. 


There's an entire wall at my nephew's school. My nephew Jackson has an entire wall with the food pyramid. These cute little cartoon kids are climbing the food pyramid. Make sure you get your healthy whole grains and four servings of fruit a day and don't eat any fat, right. It's brainwashing. It's child abuse. It's genocide. 


Now let's talk about some science. Here's the truth. Cholesterol is required for every single function in every single cell in your entire body. That's how important it is. For example, your brain, your noggin, right? I can do these AMAs with you because I have plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in my diet. I can talk for five hours if you need me to. My brain is sharp as a freaking tack. Now your brain is primarily fat, and the most prominent fat that makes up your brain is DHA. So 90% of the fats in your brain are DHA. That is one of three different omega-threes. We'll talk about omega-threes. It is an omega-3 fatty acid that makes up 90% of your brain, your neurons that fire back and forth. If I go like this, my neurons are sending signals for me to raise my arm. 50% of the weight of the membrane of that neuron is DHA. So if I don't have DHA, I'm screwed. Where does DHA come from? In the required doses? It comes from animal protein and only animal protein. Don't let anybody tell you differently. It is fish and meat. That's it! So we'll talk about the omega-threes found in plants because that's completely different, but I'm going to tell you a story. I have a genetic cholesterol disorder called FH. FH is familial hypercholesterolemia. It's still difficult for me to say—familial hypercholesterolemia. In layman's terms, I genetically have high cholesterol, no matter what I do. So for that reason, that's my problem and your benefit. I say that because I trust my heart health to Dr William Cromwell. 


Dr William Cromwell is in Raleigh and Durham. I fly out there. It's North Carolina, right? Yeah, I think so. We're next to Duke University. But I fly out there just to meet with Dr Cromwell because he's considered one of the top living cholesterol experts on planet earth. The guy is that good. I fly to North Carolina just to see him. I spend five hours with him when I go there. We do an ultrasound, we look at any potential plaque, my arteries. I pick his brain on everything you can possibly think of. It's that important. This is the guy that I go to. One of the top living cholesterol experts in the world. That's where the knowledge I'm about to drop on you comes from. Trust me, you're getting this from an excellent source. Okay. And much more expensive than you're currently paying for this information, which is zero. 

Quick lesson about cholesterol. If you go to a lipid panel with your doctor, a normal traditional doctor, not a cholesterol expert, not a functional medicine doctor with nutrition training. You say, "I want a lipid panel. I want to check out my cholesterol." Right? They're gonna give you HDL LDL. They'll give you total cholesterol. They'll provide you with triglycerides. And they'll say your total cholesterol is high. You're going to die. We need to put you on a statin. They're using useless numbers. Okay? They break it down way over simplified. HDL is good, and LDL is bad. Triglycerides are bad because that's stored body fat. It says nothing about particle numbers. 


Particle numbers tell the entire story. Total cholesterol tells us nothing. Now I did do this in one AMA before. Picture your arteries as an interstate, right? Your interstate is a flowing traffic. You have cars, trucks, and you have passengers. The passengers are the cholesterol. The passengers are trying to go to work. They're trying to go do their job, but they need a way to get there. They need to commute. They commute in cars and trucks. 


Cars are like LDL, tiny little particles, right? Small, low-density lipoprotein. 

HDL is like trucks, bigger high-density lipoprotein, right? 


They're all carrying passengers. Now, it's not the number of passengers that causes a traffic jam. It's the number of vehicles—the number of particles. If you have more particles, the particles bump on and off with each other. It hits the wall of the artery, where they cause tiny little cracks. Boom. They get stuck.

Now you have a traffic jam. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. A pile-up that's stuck to the arteries and rupturing is what causes these significant heart episodes. All right. So that's how this works. The particle number tells the story, and most of your insurance will not cover tests with particle numbers. That's how this is screwed up. If you had a lipid panel done by your regular primary care doctor and didn't tell you particle numbers, you wasted your time. They stuck you with a needle for no reason. Okay? The problem is not the little cars, LDL, not even that lousy HDL, healthy cholesterol, right? The issue is VLDL. Very low density, lipoprotein.


Think of these as little mopeds or smart cars, right? Who would drive that on a highway? I don't know. It's crazy, right? These tiny, tiny little cars. Excess carbohydrates get converted into VLDL (Very low-density lipoprotein) in your liver and spit out in your bloodstream. So now you have a traffic jam. You have these tiny little particles. They get bumped and hit the wall. They stick instantly. So you need your VLDL particle number to know anything about your cholesterol risk. If you send me blood work and don't have it, I don't want to see it. People keep sending me their cholesterol numbers and saying here, "Justin, check this out. Am I at risk? Am I at risk?" I don't know. You give me a basic lipid panel. I can't do anything with that information. Literally, nothing. Okay?


Anyway, long story short. Eat more fat. You'll get higher HDL particles, more trucks. You may get more elevated total cholesterol, which is not a problem, possibly higher LDL, but probably not. Your LDL will probably go down and is also required for human survival. LDL is not as bad as you think it is. 


Now VLDL is the dangerous stuff. Lower carbohydrates, you will get a lower VLDL. That's biochemistry. That's the only place that VLDL comes from. Okay? And you'll get lower triglycerides since fat is not being stored. It's being utilized for energy. Long story short, eating fat will improve cholesterol. 


One thing I want to hit on real quick is hormones. This is a super quick, super simple thing. Cholesterol is a precursor for all steroid hormones. You cannot create any steroid hormones without cholesterol. I want you to think about it. Cholesterol is a precursor for all steroid hormones. Yes, including testosterone. I had a couple of guys ask me about testosterone. This is where we're really, really going to talk about testosterone. Okay? Steroid hormones control your metabolism, inflammation, immune system, salt and water balance, development of sexual characteristics and the ability to withstand physical injury. That's right! With less testosterone, you're more prone to get injured in the gym, doing CrossFit or some stuff like that. This is where the low T problem comes from, right? The low T problem has only been around low T commercials on the radio and TV. This has never been a thing throughout all of human history. It's like childhood obesity. This has never been a thing. It was never a thing until we started putting men on low-fat diets. You go to the doctor, "oh, you got that beer belly. We need to put you on a low-fat diet." Then all of a sudden, you hear a commercial, “Fellas, have things changed in the bedroom? Are you feeling sluggish and fatigued? You don't have that same sparkle in your eye when you look at your wife?


Right? No, dude, you just are eating low-fat, and you don't have testosterone. That's the issue! Erectile dysfunction is not a real thing. Erectile dysfunction is a term. Look this up. Like I'm saying, I'm not some secret holder. Look this up. Erectile dysfunction was a term that was invented by a marketing company that Pfizer, who sells Viagra, paid to come up with the word. It's not a real thing. Okay? So, dudes, you keep asking me about how to boost your testosterone. If you have a hot date tomorrow, right now, while you're watching this, I want you to eat six to eight whole eggs and take down a 12-ounce ribeye. Fat marbled, ribeye loaded with cholesterol. Put that down. I guarantee you'll have a better date than you would have had. This stuff is simple, people. It's biochemistry, but people don't put two and two together. 

Why does the food pyramid adoption increase, same with the low T problem? Your obesity epidemic and childhood obesity also increase. How do we not put this together? It's logical thinking, right? Logical. 

Now, eat fat, boost testosterone, dudes. Also, there are no blanket statements. I want you to understand. I can't fully practice what I preach here because I have a genetic condition called familial hypercholesterolemia. Everyone's different. I can't actually do what I tell you to do. The same macronutrient ratios. I need much higher protein and slightly less fat than I tell you to eat. The only thing that I have to worry about is saturated fat because I have an LDL receptor issue. That's familial hypercholesterolemia. Okay? You don't have that. Do what I'm telling you to do. But what I'm trying to get across is individualized nutrition. No two people are alike. I call you guys beautiful snowflakes in the academy. You're all beautiful snowflakes. That's why when you come to me, it's on an individual basis. People ask me all the time. Guys asked me, "dude, what do you do? Justin, what do you do? I want to do what you do." 


No, you don't, man, because you don't have the same blood work as me. You don't have the same genetics as me. I have spent tens of thousands, tens of tens of tens of that. I could have bought houses with the money that I have spent on biohacking and learning about myself. Genetic testing and blood work all the time, functional medicine doctors, $400 an hour. Right? Let me impart this knowledge to you. You don't want to do what I do. Let me teach you what to do. Okay? 


So what happens if I go over my fat macro? Nothing. Assuming that you adjust your carbohydrates accordingly. We're going to get there when we talk about net carbs. That was a lot of stuff. Let's take a little break. 

Let me know if I'm talking too fast. Anytime we start late, I find myself just going, blah, blah, blah, blah, and talking really fast. 


Brittany Bolton: I was thinking, Hey, I'm just telling you what guys think, you know. I heard the hot date. Your commercial was amazing. 


Thank you. What else have we got?


Fat is number one. Yes, Brittany! Even vegetarians eat fat and pescatarians. Alright, cool


Do you guys have any questions about that? 


It's my favorite AMA so far. 


Really? Jackie. Awesome. Okay, cool. Yeah. I'm trying to keep it not incredibly ridiculously sciency. Excuse me while I drink this for a second. 


Please give us the geek stuff. 


I am giving you the geek stuff. I promise. I'll give you a preview of geek stuff. You don't want geek stuff. You think you want geek stuff. Everybody thinks they want geek stuff. Trust me. When you spend thousands of hours studying biochemistry, you don't wish geek stuff anymore. Okay. 


Let's talk about number two. Again, we're going on beliefs here. What's the big belief that I get a lot? Animal protein can kill you. Particularly red meat. The meat will kill you. Meat causes cancer. Meat causes organ failure. No, stop speaking. You sound dumb. It's all there is to 

  1. There is no link between organ failure and red meat. There's no link between cancer and red meat. It doesn't exist.


I want to bring this up because I've heard this over and over in the academy. Often, there'll be somebody reaching out to me on behalf of one of their parents who's a little bit older. The two main points that I hear is someone who has had renal issues. That's kidney disease. They've had kidney disease in the past. They're afraid of high protein because their doctor, who they should fire immediately, has told them that the high protein caused their renal issues. No, that's simply not true. I'll walk you through that. The science isn't there. Okay? People want to get protein from plants. That's number two. I get vegetarians and vegans. We're going to talk about Brittany in a second because she told me I could.


Vegetarians and vegans. We're going to chat about them because there are a million reasons people don't eat meat, and I respect all of them. If you're an animal rights activist, that's awesome. You're a member of PETA. That's awesome. If you're a vegan and you're a Buddhist monk. Awesome! I respect that more than you know. It doesn't matter how much I tease or joke or whatever. I genuinely respect you. I think that's freaking awesome because you stand for something. A lot of people don't, okay? So first things first, let's get that out of the way. I respect what you stand for, but it's not going to give you optimal health. That's all there is to it. If you want to be a Vegan Buddhist monk, that's fine. You're probably going to live a little shorter than I am. I'm sorry, it's just one of those things. 

I'm going to walk you through it because I work with vegans and vegetarians all the time. If they don't want to change to eating meat, I just try to get them to be as healthy as possible. I give them the tools and tricks they need to try to optimize that. I don't ask them to change. That's not my job. 


Let's start with this idea that a high protein diet can cause renal issues or any kind of organ failure. No, first things first, I ask people the same question, and I have a little fun with them. I'm teasing them a little bit, and I hope they don't mind. They say, "Well, I can't do a high protein diet because I have kidney issues." I was writing back, and I go, "what's the threshold for a high protein diet?" And then I wait, and I never get a response, or I get a question mark, or I don't really know. I never really thought about it. Well, I'm not putting you on a high protein diet. I'm absolutely not. I would never have you put your protein at more than 30% of your total calories. Anyone's kidneys can handle that. Even sick kidneys can do that.


First of all, let's get that out of your head. What do you think a high protein diet is? Bodybuilders and endurance athletes eat like 1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. I did this math to give you an example. I'm a 165-pound man right now. I'd be eating 198 grams of protein a day. I write to some women. I tell them they need to eat 93 grams of protein or 103 grams of protein. They're like, "I can't do a high protein diet." I'm like, "what exactly do you think is high protein?" You need enough protein to survive. Amino acids are the building blocks of every single tissue and your entire body, such as bones, organs, skin, teeth, hair. It's all made of amino acids. You need their little Legos that piece together and build your whole body. You need protein to survive. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. The single best source of amino acids on planet earth is animal protein. That's all there is to it.


I'll give you an example. I just finished a mass gain protocol where I ate over 300 grams of protein. This is a fun story too. I ate over 300 grams of protein a day for 30 days straight. Over 300 grams of protein. It's not fun. I gained a boatload of weight, and then just for fun, I went boom. Lost eight pounds in seven days just because I wanted to prove that I can. I can do whatever I want to do with his body at any given time using biochemistry, using science, super easy. But I ate over 300 grams of protein a day for 30 days straight, and my blood work is beautiful. 


There's another guy right now. You can look up. His name is Dr Sean Baker. He's famous for the carnivore diet. He was on Joe Rogan's podcast. He just did Robb Wolf's podcast. He's eaten nothing but four pounds of meat. Nothing but meat, no vegetables, no starches, no nothing. He's eating nothing but the meat for four pounds at least per day. That's over 1800 grams of meat every day for 15 months.

He was on Robb Wolf's podcast. Robb Wolf is a genius. He has a chemistry degree and went through every single page of this guy's blood work. Took his blood, went through all the blood work and said, "dude, you're healthier as a horseman. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it." And he's eating four pounds of meat a day. Okay? 


We have to question these things that society has taught us to believe. Red meat is going to kill you. This dude, like he deadlift 500 pounds for reps. He's like an absolute savage. He holds multiple world records in his age group. He's about to break another world record for rowing on the rowing machine. He's like going for another world record. The guy's a complete savage eating four pounds of meat a day. Okay? What happens is your kidneys are responsible in metabolic processes. They're accountable for excreting nitrogen, basically byproducts of nitrogen. They excrete them from the system. They filter out nitrogen. Basically nitrogen byproduct. Yeah. Nitrogen gets in our system, primarily through animal products. So people think that you're just going to overload the kidneys, but you're not. I mean, this guy's eating four pounds of meat a day, and his kidneys are just fine. Kidney failure does not come because of meat. So get that out of your head. Even if you have sick kidneys, it's crucial that you limit simple sugars, lower carbohydrates, get adequate hydration and adequate electrolytes. That's really important. If you study all of the conclusions from all studies surrounding high protein, it has zero negative effect on the kidneys of healthy individuals. Even unhealthy individuals with prior kidney issues can easily handle protein amounts that I recommend around 30% of daily calories. I'll never have you over that. It's not going to hurt your kidneys. I promise you. 


Long story short, there is no reason to limit protein intake to prevent or repair kidney issues. Okay? Now new studies have shown the single biggest problem with renal issues is tied to your gut microbiome. You guessed it. We talked about it in AMA number nine, with little kiddos. Your gut microbiome turns out that the latest cutting edge studies show a direct correlation between the imbalanced gut microbiome and kidney failure. Okay? Now, the issues we're dealing with in the gut are low stomach acid, fermentation, and leaky gut syndrome. What does all that come from? Lectins. We talk about it all the time. Lectins equal leaky gut equals inflammation equals sick organs. Systemic inflammation equals sick organs. This is not caused by the protein. It is not caused by animal products, so stop thinking like that. 

The second part we got to hit on is a plant protein. You would have to eat pounds and pounds and pounds and pounds to come anywhere close to the potency of amino acids. We are talking about Brittany again. She learned this the hard way because I was really, really trying to help her with this. It's not even close, right? Not to mention a lot of vegetarians say, "well, there's this food in this food that has this essential amino acid and this amino acid profile and quinoa and legumes and nuts and seeds." All these things have these excellent amino acid profiles, right? The issue is they're all loaded with lectins. You can't digest that protein. This is an issue called bioavailability. 


To give you a quick rundown of bioavailability. Let's talk about spinach. People like to talk about spinach having calcium, right? I don't need milk products. Well, you don't really need milk products, but they say, "I don't need meat and animal products as I get my calcium from spinach." Your body can absorb 5% of the calcium. If you look at a nutrition label on spinach and you look at the calcium amount, understand that you can only absorb 5% of that. 95% of what's listed, you can't absorb. That's the problem with plants. Plants have things like oxalates, lectins and all these things to prevent predators from eating them that ruin the bioavailability of their nutrient density. You're measuring nutrient density under a microscope or whatever, or burning calories on one of those bumps and burners or something, doing some scientific stuff, saying this is the energy that's contained in this plant. That doesn't mean you can digest it. It does not mean you can digest it. Please, dear God, please learn this. 

On top of that, without meat, you can't get essential omega-3 fatty acids. Earlier, we talked about how 90% of the fats making up your brain is DHA. So EPA DHA, this two omega-3s that come from meats, are most notably found in wild-caught fish. That's what I would tell you again. From wild-caught fish, shellfish, that kind of thing. One of the differences between grain-fed and grass-fed beef is the omega-3 fatty acid profile. Grass-fed beef has like six times more omega-3, and grain-fed has way more omega-6s, which are actually inflammatory and way fewer omega-3. So grass-fed beef, the omega-3 profile. I don't know if you knew that, but that's another reason why grass-fed beef is so much better. And that's why fish are touted as the best source of omega-3 fatty acids because they are. So what vegetarians and vegans love to say is, "I ate seaweed, or I ate flaxseed, or I ate this and that." Right? And they're getting the third omega-3 fatty acid called ALA, which stands for alpha-linolenic acid. Now ALA is an omega-3, but let's talk about bioavailability. The argument is if I eat a ton of ALA, it's going to convert into EPA and DHA in my body. But let me tell you right now. Do you want to know how much ALA is converted into EPA and DHA? Because it's hilarious. It's literally hilarious. They eat a ton of ALA thinking that they're doing something good for their brain, trying to get that DHA for their brain. Less than one half of 1% of the ALA you ingest from plants will be converted into EPA and DHA. I'm going to repeat that for you. Less than one half of 1%. So for every 100 grams of ALA you eat, you're getting less than half a gram of omega-3 that your body needs to survive. Good luck with that. Good luck. It's crazy. It's so difficult to wrap my head around how people can understand this. I know they're understanding it because they already have a bias. They're saying, "okay, I don't want to eat animals. So I need to figure it out, I need to look for information that confirms my biases." So that's what they're doing. You can find this stuff, and you can find all sorts of vegan propaganda films. Go watch What The Health, right? It's nonsense. Absolutely nonsense, a complete lack of understanding, complete lack of biochemistry. 

I'm not even touching on vitamins here. I'll give you a fun example, right? The people that want science, right? Let's talk about science for a second. So micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. Your macronutrients, fat, protein carbohydrates are measured in grams. They're big, macro, meaning larger. Micro meaning small. Micronutrients, vitamin A, D, K, E, Vitamin C and all your B vitamins. So for the sake of science, since people want science. Let's talk about B vitamins. Vegetarians, vegans, like to say that they can supplement B vitamins or they can get B vitamins from algae or things like that. Right? What they're getting are even supplemental forums. Let's just take vitamin B6, right? 


Vitamin B6, all of the supplements that you're getting are pyridoxine form. It's vitamin B6 pyridoxine. What the body needs is vitamin B6, pyridoxal. Pyridoxal vitamin B6 is the only vitamin B6 that your body can use. You can take all the B6 pyridoxine you want, but it still needs to be converted in your body from pyridoxine form to pyridoxal form before the body can use it. What does the body need to convert pyridoxine B6 and pyridoxal B6? It needs vitamin B2, riboflavin. What are the primary sources of vitamin B2, riboflavin? Liver, kidney, heart, beef, Turkey, chicken, all animal products. You have these people who are supplementing pyridoxine vitamin B6, and I'm good I got vitamin B6. It can't get converted because they lack vitamin B2. It can't get converted to B6 pyridoxal. So their body just excretes it. What have you done? You've spent money on a supplement and peed it into the toilet. 

You can't use it. 


There's just a little bit of science for you. There is so much more to this than the vegetarians and the vegans. It's not even funny. I highly suggest or if you want to read a point of view that's different from your own and see how your belief system stands up, which people are supposed to do. If you're a Christian, read a book by an atheist, see how your beliefs stand up, right? And vice versa. That's what everybody should be doing. If you're on the search for truth, that's what you should be doing. Okay? So if you want to see how your beliefs stand up, read The Vegetarian Myth. Read the book, The Vegetarian Myth and come back to me. We'll talk about it. There is so much more to the story than you realize. 

The truth is there is no link at all, but cancer, kidney failure, heart disease, whatever. There's no link at all between that and ethically sourced meats. If you want to go find me a clinical study, a double-blind placebo-controlled study that's not a survey study that does correlation, not causation. If you're going to find me a study that shows 100% grass-fed organic beef causes heart disease or kidney failure, or cancer. Find me that study, happy hunting, go find it. I've been at this for years. I can't wait for you to go find me that study and bring it back to me. I'll put my hands up, and I'll admit that I'm wrong. Okay? I guarantee you I'll be the first to put my hands up and admit that I'm wrong. Go find that study for me. 


Also, in summary, there is no way to get all of your required amino acids. 

Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals from plants alone without massive supplementation. Even if you do supplement, then what's going to happen? Those supplements like those B6 and B12 and all those things they're coming from animal products. You might get them in capsule form, which saves you from cutting into the meat and eating it yourself and seeing the blood and all that. But you're still taking in dead animals. It's all there is to it. Suppose you want optimal health as a vegetarian or vegan. In that case, you're probably going to have to supplement something that contains animal products somewhere along the way. That's just the truth. It's the way we're designed to eat. All right.


 Josh, I don't know if can we show that picture that we wanted to show with Brittany's comment? Sure. Alright.


I'm gonna tell you guys a story. My friend, Brittany Bolton. She is a Canadian. Yeah, she's awesome. We went on a really cool trip up to Vancouver. She's great, but she's been a vegetarian since she was six years old. A lifelong vegetarian. What I'll probably do is we'll show you this in a second. I was trying to get her off this vegetarian train. I mean, I didn't want to mess with her belief system. I try not to with vegetarians and vegans. I just explained to her where I always start with, "Hey, you can add eggs. No animals are harmed using eggs. So you don't have to worry about it. They're not fertilized. You're not killing a baby chick, which some people think we're just crazy." Literally, it's not harming anything. They're just going to rot, or raccoon's gonna eat them or something. 


I got her on eggs, but the issue is if eggs are the only source of protein nobody wants, or if she doesn't want to eat 8, 9, 10, 12 eggs a day to hit her protein or the macronutrient ratio that I gave her, right? I'm really, really pressing, so she tried just the egg thing and doing the vegetarian approved list, which I do have. If you want it, I'll send it to you. So finally, she decided she's going to add some collagen protein. Because she really doesn't like the idea of red meat, she went with fish collagen, which is awesome. That's fantastic. So I'm going to show you this comment from her. 


She posted this. I'll read it for you. 


"It's been just shy of two weeks since taking an amino filled protein powder for the first time in my life as a vegetarian. I usually eat 90 to 100 grams of protein versus the 20 to 30 I used to get, which is a big improvement. There've been two significant changes I have noticed since starting the protein powder. 


  1. deeper nights of sleep. 
  2. more intelligent 


Number two sounds crazy, but I'm much more alert, quicker, smarter in the workplace, and I'm retaining information that I used to be unable to retain. I'm better at remembering things that I usually forget, like names. I feel intelligently unstoppable. Go protein, go. Guys, that's two weeks. That's two weeks of increasing her protein to a very, very, very moderate ratio. I think we're doing either 25 or 30% of her daily calories or protein, right? Nothing crazy. No adrenal failure. It's not going to happen. 


What happens if I go over my protein macro? Nothing. Assuming you adjust your carbohydrates correctly. 

Let's check some comments real quick. How are we looking? Yay, Brit love that GIF. Life-changing. I'm so happy as a lone vegetarian you are covering. Yeah. We have a few in there. I'm pretty sure. 


Missy, you're addicted. Awesome. Come back next week. This is awesome. My brain hurts. I told you people try to say they want science. 


Nikki, you're lying. You know you didn't like the part about B6. All right. Let's see. Hey, Sean. Plant protein did nothing but make me sick. Yeah. A lot of the plant proteins are loaded with lectins. They're no good. All right.

Let's move on. I'm taking too much time here as always. Guys, I talk too much. This is just crazy. Do you want me to keep going? Can I keep going on, please? I have more to say. One more macronutrient. We need to talk about carbohydrates.


The belief is we need carbohydrates. We need carbohydrates for survival. We need carbohydrates for growth. Kids need carbohydrates to grow. We need them for athletic performance. We need them for this, that and the other thing. Well, okay. It is simply not true for a deep dive on this. Check out a book called Primal Endurance by Mark Sisson. For all you athletes out there. It's really the CrossFitters and stuff that like get in my face about this stuff. They're just like, "you need carbohydrates." And I'm like, "Okay, let's have a deadlift competition because I don't need carbohydrates." 

Do you want to do this? No. Okay. Sure. Awesome. Nothing to prove here, right? 


There are no secrets here. You don't need carbohydrates. They're not required for survival. They're not necessary for athletic performance. Many of the top athletes in the world are utilizing fat for fuel, and they're breaking world records. I'll give an example. We had an academy member share this the other day. I think his name is Zach Miter or Zach Mider. I'm not sure how to say the dude's name, but an article was put out about Zach Mider, I think it is. He is a hundred-mile runner. He's an ultra-endurance athlete, the world record holder for ultra-endurance races. Hundred-mile races. Understand people have a bucket list of doing one marathon, 26.2 miles. This guy runs hundred-mile races, and he eats almost zero carbohydrates. He relies on fat for fuel for a hundred plus mile race. Let me spell this out for you. Suppose a hundred-mile race runner doesn't need carbohydrates. In that case, you don't need carbohydrates for your cushy beach body workout in your living room. 

Not even a little bit, not even a little bit. It is not required. Okay. Of the three primary macronutrients, only two are essential. Essential versus non-essential. Essential means needed for human survival. You have to ingest it because the body can't make it by itself. Not essential means not required for human survival because the body can make it. Your body can make its own glucose from glycogen stores and from amino acids. It can strip amino acids and make glucose, right? Glucose is carbohydrates. So your body can make its own glucose. Carbs are literally not required for human survival. If you don't have fat and protein, you die. Literally, you die without fat and protein. 


Without carbohydrates, you can live a long, happy life, literally. Your body knows this. If you rescued a survivor on an island, they've been on an island and starving for three weeks, and you brought them to a buffet. He's going to run right to the butter, scoop it with his hands and start eating butter. That's what he's going to do. His brain is telling him to. He's not in control of this. You could have Doritos laid out for him, and he's going to go to the butter and eat it because you need these things for human survival, and your brain will make you crave them when you've been short on them for too long. Literally, I mean, these are true. There are documented cases of this. It's really crazy. Without carbohydrates, you can live a long, happy life. Any and all problems spawned from overeating fat, or too much protein only happened when combined with excess carbohydrates. I'm gonna use this board real quick. 

I'm going to show you if we have excess carbs plus excess fat. You have a massive energy surplus. So excess carbs plus excess fat, your two fuel sources, you end up with a massive energy surplus. Fat is stored instead of being burned for fuel. All of these excess fats will get stored. After all, you can't burn it because you're too busy here. And these excess carbs are going to get stored as fat as well in the form of triglycerides. You're going to get triglycerides, so that's how carbs are stored. You have a glycerol molecule that attaches and stores that are triglycerides, right? Excess fat, when there's a surplus, gets stored as fat. Excess carbs get stuck. This is a fat creation machine that surplus back fat, fat, fat, fat. 

The combination of fat and carbs is the most dangerous dietary habit you can have in the world. Okay. Let's move on from that. Let's just keep excess carbs plus excess protein. Now, again, you have a massive surplus, but you have a glucose surplus. Because once your glycogen stores are filled up, any extra is converted into glucose. So even protein is then converted into glucose. Glucose is then stored as triglycerides, as body fat. So now excess carbs plus excess protein, glucose surplus body fat storage, guaranteed hundred percent. 


Let's hit one more thing. Excess carbs plus low fat or low protein equals anemia, type two diabetes, high cholesterol, cognitive dysfunction, Alzheimer's, dementia, excess body fat. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. Your body can not function in this. This is what all the doctors are telling you to do. Get 60% of your daily calories from carbohydrates, limit your fat to less than 20% and get the rest from protein, right? It's insane. It's insane. It's where the obesity epidemic comes from. We didn't even talk about cognitive disorders. I lost two of my grandparents to dementia and Alzheimer's. I promise you that their low-fat diet had something to do with it. We're a hundred percent French Canadian. We have nothing to eat but carbs in my life growing up. It's crazy. I'm telling you, there are people right now. 


There are functional medicine doctors that are reversing all symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia. Reversing all symptoms in elderly patients. 

They're doing it with high fat, low carb diets. I'm telling you right now, this stuff is crazy. This is the reason why excess carbs are the common denominator for all problems, right? It's excess carbohydrates. It's crazy. Just so you guys know, I'm not an anti-simple carb. Even if you just cut sugar and grains, I'd be super happy with that. I won't even touch the fruit. I won't even talk about fruit today. All my academy members will be satisfied. I won't even talk about fruit. If you just remove grains and processed sugar, your health will improve. Get rid of the simple carbohydrates because micronutrients are essential. I'm a big fan of leafy, green vegetables, colorful vegetables, getting all those micronutrients, right? There's a difference between survival and optimal. You can survive without carbohydrates, but getting in a lot of leafy green vegetables and all those micronutrients. Those are critical for brain function too. There's a difference between just surviving and optimal. All the RDA is a hundred percent of your daily vitamin C. That's all just for you to survive. That's the limit that most people need, and it's only like 70% of people is what the RDA is based on. You need that much vitamin C to not get a disease and die. So trust me, you want more than that. 


For instance, when I first went paleo, I mean, I was paleo, and I was eating like four bananas a day and a full bag of cashews and all these almonds and cooking stuff and almond butter and coconut, and just mixing fat and carbohydrates. And like, "dude, I’m on paleo, and I'm not losing weight. I didn't get it." Once the carbohydrate story clicked for me to biochemistry, click for me. I effortlessly went from like 26% body fat to like 12% body fat. I sit right now at about 13. It's crazy. Like my whole life has changed, and I've never looked back. I just keep this weight off effortlessly. Like I said last week, I lost eight pounds in seven days because I freaking felt like it. Right? It's pretty crazy to be in control of your body. I can teach you to do these things. That's basically the story on carbohydrates. 


The wrap up there is carbohydrate is the only non-essential macronutrient. I'm going to ask you a question. This is food for thought for you guys. How is it in our society based on the food pyramid, right? You have your food pyramid with all your carbs, right? I want to ask you guys to just think about this logically. How is it that the only non-essential macronutrient that we don't need for survival has somehow become the number one macro in America? This is a big question mark, right? Think about that. 


When you stop, I might seem like crazy Justin here, the high-fat, low-carb guy, but I want you to really think about this. Look it up, do the research for yourself. This is non-essential. You don't need carbohydrates for human survival. 

It is somehow the number one macronutrient in America, and our kids are eating it a hundred percent of the time. Does that make any logical sense at all? Any logical sense. And now we have a childhood obesity epidemic. One out of every five white kids will be type two diabetic by age 12. One out of every two African-American kids will be type two diabetic by age 12. Why? Carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs. 

That's it. This is simple stuff, guys. It's really simple, right? It's really, really simple. There's a lot of people that are going to tell you I'm wrong. Do the primary test. Look at my video. Do you want to look like me or the people telling you that I'm wrong? It's that simple, guys. This is crazy. I mean, this is all I'm trying to do with Clovis, right? I'm trying to take the status quo, the standard mainstream of looking at things and giving you a different point of view. Getting outside of the box or outside of the pyramid. Think outside of the pyramid for a second. Just think by yourself for a second and look at this. It's the number one macro in America, and it's not required for human survival. At least all of these problems, glucose surplus, energy surplus, fat, triglycerides, will kill you. These will kill you. It comes from excess carbs. 

Do you guys see why I do this work? This is why I do this work. It's crazy, right? So recapping the beliefs. 


Eating fat will make you fat. Raising your cholesterol will kill you, right? Done! Wrong! No, completely wrong. We just dispelled that one. 


Then we talked about animal proteins will kill you, or they're bad for you. Red meat is bad for you, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Not true. We dispelled that too. 


Number three, we need carbohydrates. No, we don't. They're not essential for human survival. Carbohydrates are not necessary for human survival. 


What happens if you go over your carbohydrates on the Clovis plan? You get fat, or you don't lose weight. Okay? Probably won't get fat because you're still probably taking in way less carbohydrate at less than 10% of your daily carbohydrates. Your macronutrient ratios. 

You're not going to get fat, but you're not gonna lose the weight you want to. You're not going to get the crazy transformation results that I get with other people. You have to lower carbohydrates for that.


So recapping macronutrients are everything. Every single person who came to me from Clovis and did a weight loss challenge at their CrossFit gyms said, "Hey, they gave me these macros, and I did it for 30 days, and I only lost like two pounds. I don't know why." And I look at their macros. They're entirely backwards, like 20 grams of fat and like 135 grams of carbohydrates. Of course, they didn't lose weight, but they don't know that they're not dealing with the excess glucose in the system. It's crazy. 

Let's take a little break. How are we doing on time? Oh wow. We've gone about an hour, huh? Little less than an hour. Okay, cool. 

Rip the bandaid off, Christie. Some hand-raisers. I like this. I'm baby-stepping there, ladies. Baby steps away from the fruit salad. Throw the food salad in the trash. Don't baby-step it. LeBron James dumped that in your trash can. Okay. Any questions? 

Hands up if you love Justin. Hands up if you love Brittany. 

Thanks, Brittney Bolton. You crazy Canadian pescatarian. Conversion complete. 


You really hit the nail on the head with the word genocide. 

Yeah. It's super, super sad. I know. It's really tough to deal with. What else have we got? 


Fruit is not worth it. I promise. 

Yes. A hundred percent. 


Commerce, fast-food money. The need to hold two jobs, latchkey kids. There's always going to be obstacles. There are always going to be ways around obstacles. People get to decide if the obstacles define them or if the challenges do not define them. I can tell you stories about people who have little to no money making this work every day. I promise you. 


What else have we got? But I love fruit. Everybody loves fruit. It tastes like candy. It is candy. A toxic candy from nature. 

Thanks. It's not really from nature. It's all GMO at this point. Every fruit you eat, even if it says non-GMO is GMO. I guarantee you blame it on Kellogg's. 


People go nuts when he talks about fruit. 

Everybody gets freaked out about fruit. 


Be nice if there were stores that carried food with no carbs. 

That would be fantastic. If there was just an awesome store where everything you can be bought. 


I'm going to make a grocery store that just has the approved foods list. And then you go in there, and you can't make bad decisions, and your kids can't go, "Mommy, I don't want this." Because it won't be there. 

All right, what else we got? I'm just seeing off the fruit train. 


AMA is masterful and amazing. 

Thank you, Brittany. It made me laugh out loud. 

Yeah, dementia is heartbreaking. It's terrible. My mom, both her parents, my grandmother, and my grandfather had long, painful years of suffering road. It was really, really bad, really bad. If you want a book on that, if you're dealing with dementia, pick up Brain Maker by Dr David Perlmutter. You will not be disappointed. Pick up Brain Maker by Dr David Perlmutter.

Let's see what else we got. Any new ones? I have lost almost two inches around my waist since I started on the fifth. That's right. She did. I'm not surprised, but I know you are, and that's awesome. Tell your friends. 


What else have we got? I hope my excitement is contagious because I really care about this stuff more than anything in the world. Let's see what else we got. Looking good. 


No wine for the first 30 days. Do yourself a favor, and don't drink wine for the first 30 days. Also, wine is not a blanket statement. Go to Go to AMA number two. Alcohol doesn't make you fat, and check this out. Not all wine is the same. Women love to tell me, "I just like a glass of wine at night." And then I find out they're drinking some sweet Muscadine wine with 30 grams of sugar per glass. It's crazy. 

Just joined. Tell us the plan. 

It doesn't work that way, Melinda. You got to email me. Everybody's different. There is no blanket plan. There is no blanket plan for everybody. You're all snowflakes. 


Dry wine. We'll talk about it again. Most dry wine in the United States is garbage. It has 76 known carcinogens. I can teach you the brand drink but just stay off it for the first 30 days. Do yourself a favor. 


We'll get into more Q and A's here in a second, but I want to talk to you about this because we have determined through this AMA that macronutrients are everything. Calories are nothing. Macronutrients are everything. If you hit your macronutrients correctly, your calories will work themselves out anyway. So don't ever track calories again. And I know they made these new nutrition facts. The FDA passed a new law where calories and fat are like the two biggest things. It's ridiculous. They have their heads so far up. I can't even stand it. It's ridiculous. It's all money, money, money, money, money, money. Right? Ridiculous. 


But anyway, so speaking of macronutrients. Macronutrients are the most important thing for getting a handle on the health of human beings. We're all human beings. We're all grown-up human beings watching this AMA. You might have your kids with you. Let's talk about the kiddos. The same thing goes for kiddos. Macronutrients are the most critical thing for little kids. Now the issue with this is people get on the Clovis train, and they go, "I'm going to convert my kids, right? So I'm going to slowly take away sugar. I'm gonna slowly take away fruit to kind of give them what I get." Nobody ever thinks about the macronutrient need of their children. How many macros is your kid need? Somebody tell me. Nobody knows, right? You're lucky if you're the kid eats a quarter of what's on the plate that's put in front of them. 


We did an Instagram post about how all little kids eat a hundred percent sugar all day at school. Snack, time, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, all day long sun up to sundown. And then when it's sundown, we get mad at them because they won't go to sleep, right? That's a parent's fault, not a kid's fault. Okay. And you're literally the kids getting in trouble. He's like laying in bed going. I literally can't sleep. You gave me 800 grams of sugar today. You just gave me an apple an hour ago, and now you want me to go to sleep, right? It's crazy. This is where Clovis kids came from. We, we built out Clovis kids this week. We're just about to launch. Everybody's going to get access.

All the people that signed up, we didn't want to give you access before this AMA because I feel like you would have just gone over to Clovis kids and started touring around in there. There's a whole brand new website, whole new program protocol and new approved foods list that nobody else has, right? This is all membership only. People signed up last week and got a crazy deal. I want to tell you, the foundation of this program is the Clovis kids macros calculator. Nothing like this has existed ever. It is literally my proudest creation. Maybe even prouder than paleo powder, right? This is literally my proudest creation. This is based on an algorithm that I created myself. This is literally my life's work. Okay? It's decades of study, decades of looking into health and nutrition since I was a little kid, when I was a fat kid, getting made fun of, right? 

I didn't know it, but I wanted a macronutrient calendar for little kids in the back of my head. Now, here I am at 31, and I've created it, right? That is the backbone of the Clovis kids program. But the Clovis kids program is much, much more than that. This macro calendar doesn't exist anywhere else. I can help you use this calculator to apply macros to your kids to get an idea of what they need. Now, the thing is, kids are still growing. So parents lose their minds. When I first tell parents that I've worked within the past, your kid needs this much food. They're like, "What? My kid is getting a fifth of that or a quarter of that or half of that. How am I going to get them to eat this much food?" And I'm saying, "Listen, you don't understand. The calorie per pound need of children is way higher than grown-ups."


You're done growing, right? We're done growing. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. Amino acids are in everything in all your tissues. They get put together like Legos, amino acids, build together to create proteins. Those proteins plug together like little Legos to develop tissues, bone, hair, skin, eyeballs, whatever, right? Every single thing in your entire body is made up of amino acids. Now your little kids need to make new tissue. You don't need to make new tissue unless you decide that you're trying to get into a bodybuilding competition. And then you need to put on muscle. That's the only time that adults need to grow, right? Some of your kids, they're going to need more food than you need at 8, 9, 10 years old. They're going to need more food than you. Here's the problem in America. All of our kids are malnourished. Like literally like severely malnourished because a hundred percent of their daily intake is coming from carbohydrates. They're getting no nutrient density. None of the DHA we talked about that they need their brains to grow. None of the cholesterol they need to create steroid hormones to help them grow. Literally, we're just destroying these kids. That's also why you have really overweight little girls starting their cycles at like 6, 7, or 8 years old. Their hormones are so disrupted because they're eating nothing but sugar. It's hormone disruption. This is super important. I need parents to understand the needs of their children. That is the goal of Clovis kids. Okay? And I can handle any goal for your child. Moderate fat loss, rapid fat loss, muscle growth. If your kid's in the bottom five percentile or whatever they say is just like this tiny little kid won't grow. We can work that out too.


Now I can at least give you the tools you need to tell you what this kid needs. We can work together to figure out how to get it so they can start to grow again. Okay? I see people with their kids all the time, man. And it breaks my heart. When I get on social media and people share pictures of their kids, I'm just sitting here going, "that little kid looks like Dracula. He needs so much vitamin D." It's not even funny. How does a four-year-old have bags under his eyes, right? This is crazy, people. We need to fix this. This is why you need Clovis kids. If you have kids, you need Clovis kids. This is my proudest creation. I'm going to be putting a tremendous amount of effort over here to Clovis kids. That's going to be like my number one thing. I love all of you guys. I love the academy. I'm still going to take care of you. I promise. Don't worry. We're going to work it all out, but I'm going to be putting a tremendous amount of energy into those 80 kids. Okay. This is super, super important. 

Justin: Josh, is it possible? Can you want to grab the phone again? Can we show them a little bit? 

Josh: Um, if you want to, do you want to grab it? 

Justin: I'll grab it. Hold on, guys. We're going to show you Clovis kids real quick. We'll give you a little sneak peek. 


Tell me when dude. All right. Josh is logging in. I'm gonna make sure you can see this. This is the first sneak peek at Clovis kids. Josh is logging in here. There's me and my ugly mug. I will tell you all about Clovis kids. That's just a little step one intro. Welcome to Clovis kids. Step two tells you all about the private Facebook group. Clovis kids have their own private Facebook group. And then we have the FAQ section, and that's just some of the most common questions that I get from parents. We fill those out, and we're going to add to those as we go. Then we have the macros section. So the macro section is basically an intro to macros. I teach you about what macros are macros for kids.

Let's see this calculator, boom. This is literally like my prized creation. Okay. So Josh is just going to type in stuff for his kid, right? So there's Liam, he's gonna put male, he's going to pick his age. He's gonna put his weight in there. He's going to say that he's either sedentary, lightly active, whatever we decide, and then we pick a goal. You get to pick maintenance. His goal is maintenance calculate, boom kidneys, 1,277 calories, fat, net carbs, protein. Those are all measured in grams. There is the Clovis kid's calculator. It's unbelievable. I really, really think that all parents should be using it. Then we talk about the approved foods list. That's a download for the kids' approved foods list, which is entirely different from the grown-up approved foods list. I added a ton of stuff. 

Oh, here's a little preview. Boom. It is a vast foods list. So you get the approved foods list. And then, we have the resources section. We have a reading list. These are some of my favorite books. It's separated nutrition, mindset, kids, books that you can read to your kids. If they're minimal, right. Then we have the Ask Me Anything section. We're going to have clips. A lot of preloaded AMAs that are already about kids are going to be sitting there. And then we're going to have the different sections specific to kids that we'll add there. And then we have the articles and websites. We have articles from some of my buddies; Robb Wolf, Ben Greenfield. I will be hanging with those guys in just a couple of weeks, actually. And we're going to talk to them about Clovis kids. We'll do some videos with them too, but there's a little sneak preview of Clovis kids, right? If you have not signed up for Clovis kids, you need to sign up for Clovis kids. We're going to talk about that right now. Let me put this back on. Okay. 

Yes. Okay. If you sign up for Clovis kids, that's what you're gonna get access to. Very, very shortly here, we're going to send you a custom login. You can figure all that stuff out. I want everybody to be involved with this. As I said, we have 80 kids signed up. This brings us to tonight's special offer. It is to get as many people as humanly possible into Clovis kids. That's what we're trying to do now. The people who signed up last week got the best deal to offer on Clovis kids. It was crazy. They got a bag of fat loss, a bag of digest and rest. They got access to Clovis kids for 97 bucks. It was nuts. We ran it. People went crazy for it. We signed up 80 kids, right? It was fantastic. Tonight's offer is going to be a little bit different.

Clovis kids, as you saw as a full-blown interactive platform, it's designed for you to interact with your kids. When to talk about some extraordinary things, reward systems, maybe some Clovis box where your kids can buy headphones, gizmos, and gadgets. We're going to go over this. They get access to me, Mr Justin. I will go live with your kids. Let your kids know that they have their own nutrition coach. It doesn't just have to be mommy or daddy trying to get them to change. They can look at me, right? And I can talk to them directly, and they can respond. They can talk to me. We can go Facebook live together. We're going to work all this stuff out inside the members-only section of Clovis kids. It's all about interaction. I'm trying to get you to build memories with your kids around getting healthy. My dad and I had done a lot of work to get healthy together. It's memories that I'll cherish forever, right? So tonight I'm going to give you another opportunity to join. We're going to start with Clovis kids. I'm going to provide you with access. 

Does this look good, Josh? 

Josh: Great. 

Okay. Access to Clovis kids. For those of you that don't know, Clovis kids is a paid membership site. The price to get into Clovis kids by itself is $127. You're going to pay $127 to access Clovis kids. It is why the people last week got such a crazy deal. Okay? Because Clovis kids come with custom macros for your kids. You can access the Clovis kids. You're going to get custom macronutrients, and you're getting access. So for those of you in the academy who know what the academy is like, the same thing. We're going to have a private Facebook group. The Clovis kids, Facebook group, which is awesome. The Clovis kids Facebook group is gonna be amazing because we can go live inside the Facebook group. We can bring your kids on in those Facebook lives because that's a private, safe space. This is a community. It's meant to build community and have people feel safe. 

Nothing will get shared outside of that without your express permission. This gets you into access to Clovis kids, custom macros, and access to the Clovis kids Facebook group. You can share videos. You can share tips and tricks. I got my kid to eat better by giving them Zevia as a reward like Josh does with his little dude, Liam. He's like, "Hey man, you ate some Turkey. Cool. You get some Dr Zevia, right?" It tastes like Dr Pepper. So that's the thing. With all these little tools and tips and tricks, you can get to change the behavior of your kids. We're going to give you all that. Now we're going to do something special too. I'm also going to provide you with a bag of kids Digest and Rest Paleo Powder. Let me explain that to you. Yes, it's Digest and Rest Paleo Powder. 

But I want people to understand, especially when you learn your kid's macronutrients and you go, "Wait for a second, I have to get my kid. How many grams of protein and how many grams of fat? How am I going to do that?" Things like digest and rest are going to help you tremendously. It's a quick way to get them 15 grams of protein, right? 15 grams of protein and only 120 calories. We have little tricks like how to do digest and rest hot chocolate. Give the kid a treat. They drink it. They think it's delicious. They don't know they're drinking something healthy. Don't tell them, "Hey, I have a new healthy drink for you." Right? But this is kids digest and rest. And the reason why I'm writing kids on the board is because it is not for you. Okay? Don't drink your kids' digest and rest. You get a bag of digest and rest for your kid. The retail price on digest and rest is $59.99.

Okay? So to recap, you're getting Digest and Rest for kids. It's for kids, not for you and access to the Clovis kids program. Which gives you custom macronutrients and access to the Clovis kids Facebook group. Now, I also want to talk to you real quick about Digest and Rest because many people ask me about this. I get a lot of questions about breastfeeding. Is this safe for breastfeeding? Is this safe for kids? And I have a real hard time not yelling at the camera when that happens because I would never create anything unsafe for all humans. Okay? Humans are humans. If you're taking a supplement that's only safe for people 18 years and older, not safe for kids, throw it away. You shouldn't be taking it. Children are humans, right? That's like saying, is a banana safe for kids, or is meat safe for kids, or is broccoli safe for kids? 

It's food. Right? I make my products out of food. All of my products, including Digest and Rest, are safe for breastfeeding. And they're safe for children. I highly recommend them for children to help you hit your macronutrients with your kids, okay. After you know your macronutrients because you've got custom macronutrients. So you're getting kids Digest and Rest. You're getting access to Clovis kids. We start with access to Clovis kids, usually $127. We have Kids Digest and Rest, which is $59.99 a bag. And today I'm going to give it to you for a grand total of, okay. I'm going to do something different. Hold on. Let me figure this out. 

Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to add to this. I'm just going to do this. Screw it. I'm going to do it. I'm going to add this tonight. My heart's racing because I'm excited about this. Just tonight, right? Josh has no clue what I'm doing. Don't shut it down. He's busy right now. Okay. Listen, I need to talk about this. Josh and I have talked about it extensively. It wasn't something that I was going to talk about here tonight, but I'm going to do, I'm going to add to this. Here's what I'm gonna do. Right? I told you the Clovis academy has over 550 members, right? I have made custom nutrition plans for over 315 people in the last 60 days. I need you guys to understand that I'm getting between 30, 60 emails a day from adults. 

These are adults that are looking for macronutrient plans. You guys see how it happens. Someone just came into the Facebook live and said, "tell me the plan." Everybody just wants the plan, right? I'm spending hours and hours a day. It's a tremendous amount of work. I need you guys to understand what a lot of people do, and it's okay. I told you guys to do this, right. It's okay. I get messages from a lot of people. "Hi, my name is X, and I heard you do macros. I need you to do macros for me, my husband, my daughter, my brother, my sister-in-law, my coworker at work, my grandfather, my dad, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Right? I sometimes get these emails that literally have 10 people that want macronutrients, and you know what? I do them all. And I do them all for free. I do these adult macronutrient plans for free. As I said, I've done over 315 in the last 60 days. Things are changing with Clovis, and I just need to be real with you about it. I hope Josh doesn't hate me for just revealing stuff to you. 

Listen, it's not sustainable. Okay? The way it's going with the Clovis academy, 550 of you, I'm trying to respond to all your comments. I think I do a pretty good job of doing that. I have these 315 people. I make the macronutrients. They reach out to me over almost every day. What about this? What about cheese? What about wine? What about this? What about that? I'm answering all these emails, 315 people over 315 people. My client's folder in my messages is just insane. Right? It's unsustainable. Now what I've found is I have 80 little kids to look after. Okay. I have this, I have Clovis kids here, and that has 80 kids in it. Now, these kids' parents are trusting me with their health. I have no choice but to focus as much attention as I can on those little kids because I can't think of greater responsibility than that. 

I can't thank them enough for trusting me with the health of the most precious things on planet earth, right? I have to put a lot, a lot, a lot of effort there. I thought about this in my head, and I didn't know if Josh would go for it. So here we go. I'm not gonna make free macronutrients for adults anymore. I can't do it. I love all you guys, a lot of you guys in the academy that just throw so many. This makes me super sad. I'm really having trouble talking about this. I can't do it. I can't keep doing it. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna focus as much as I can on Clovis kids. I'm still going to make macros for adults, but I'm going to have to start charging for it. What I'm gonna do is moving forward. You feel free to send your adults to me. That's totally cool. If you want new macronutrients, think about what I'm about to do because I can't do free macros for adults anymore. I have to move beyond that. I have to segment my time, and I had these parents paying me and trusting me with these kids. I have to go full bore in that direction. It has to make sense to me. I have to be able to drown out some of the noise of the adult macros. 

Let me erase this real quick so I can fit this in. I'm going to start doing adult macros, and this is just kind of the first number that I came up with, but I'm going to start doing dope macros for $97. I will still do macros for your friends, family, whatever. Send them to me, and we can make that happen.

As you guys know, the people who have lost 50 pounds in six weeks, you know it's worth it. I'm 100% worth it. I can absolutely change lives. I can continue changing lives, and I can do the deeper work if it makes sense for me. This comes with some changes in career outside of Clovis and everything. A lot is going on for me because things grew much faster than I anticipated, right? I will do adult macros for $97. What I want to do just because I just kind of dropped this bomb on everybody's head, who knows me as, you know, free macro guy. What I'm going to do is I want to put all this together. I don't even know what that is. I'll add it up. Here's what I'll do. If you do this tonight for Clovis kids, if you sign up for Clovis kids, you're going to get access to Clovis kids with custom macros, access to the Clovis kids Facebook group. That's $127. 

Josh, can you do this math for me real quick? And then if you do a bag of Kids Digest and Rest, you're going to get not for you for your kids. You didn't get that for $59.99. So $127 plus $59.99. And then, I will run adult macros for all the parents in the house. Let's just do it like that. I'm gonna charge 97 per going forward. Let's add those up, Josh. And let's say there are two parents in the house. What's that like $380? Okay. This would be a total of $380 for a household with two parents, right? And I'm going to run macros for all your kids, right? So that's $380 access to Clovis kids, custom macros, access to Clovis kids, Facebook group, Kids Digest and Rest. So $127 plus $59.99, I'll make macros for you and two parents up to two parents. So that's $380. So tonight, I'm going to do this all in the spirit of, let's say in the spirit of last week, I'll do all that for 97 bucks. 

I'll give you all that tonight for $97. So you'll get macros for yourself, for husband, wife, partner, whatever it may be. How many parents were in the house. I will throw the adult macros in. Because I really want to see the whole family coming to Clovis kids. I've never been more excited about anything in my life. Clovis kids have literally taken over the majority of my brainpower at this point. That's where I really, really want to put my effort. Access to Clovis kids, custom macros, access Clovis kids, Facebook group, usually $127. We'll give you Kids Digest and Rest, normally $59.99 and adult macros, which I'm going to start charging for $97 apiece, and that's typical $380. We'll give it to you tonight for a total $97. As you guys who have been here before know, we will do this with a hashtag. So Josh set up hashtags for you. Here's what we'll do. So there's no confusion about Digest and Rest and what flavor you want. So here's all you have to do. 


So #buyvanilla or #buychocolate.

Okay. So that's all you have to do in the comment section. Just enter #buyvanilla if you want vanilla. #buychocolate if you want chocolate. You're going to get all of this, absolutely everything here. It's going to tell us precisely what flavor of digest and rest you want. This all makes sense, right? I'm not crazy. I'm trying to piece this together, but yeah, so that's it. I'll give you all this for $97 tonight. This is a one-time-only thing. I want you to understand because I'm really going to be firm about this. I'm going to be firm about making macronutrients going forward because I really have to protect my time to focus my time here. The kiddos have no say in their health, and we really need to fix that. Okay? So I need to put a lot of time and energy into Clovis kids. 

I would really love it. If you have kids and trust me to help them after everything that we've just talked about. The importance of macronutrients, how critical it is, your child's growth, health, happiness behavior. You'd be stunned, how this is going to impact their behavior. If you want the new approved foods list, then just #buyvanilla or #buychocolate. Here's something that's happened in the academy organically. And it makes my heart grow 10 sizes instantly. It's unbelievable. We had some people last week talking about Clovis kids. Some people can't afford the Clovis kids program. That's obviously going to happen. It's kind of beyond our control. We need to make this stuff sustainable, but we had some incredible good Samaritan. Some super generous people within the academy reached out to us directly privately and said, "Hey, can I buy this for someone else?" 

Yes, the answer is yes. If you do this tonight, this #buyvanilla or #buychocolate, right? If you do that and it's not for you, and you just decide, you want to gift it to somebody, your cousin, your brother, your sister-in-law, whatever it may be. If you're going to give that to somebody else, that's totally cool. All you gotta do is we'll put you in touch with the wizard. He'll walk you through it. We'll just credit that payment to the appropriate person and create an account for them. You can do that anonymously if you want to. That was the thing last week. Some people wanted to remain anonymous. I think that is fricking amazing. I wish that there were people like you in the world for real. I mean, it's, it's incredible stuff because we're really trying to change lives here. That's what we're doing. 


We're trying to change lives. You guys know this is a real lean operation. That Clovis is running. You know me, you know the wizard, you know, Madame wizard, she's a little rockstar, right? So it's a huge deal. We're trying to do the best we can with this, but we run everything really, really lean. We need this to be sustainable. You guys know I'm still rocking gigs every weekend. I'm still busting my a** playing music to make ends meet. Anyway, yeah, this is Clovis kids. So $97 for the #buyvanilla or #buychocolate. You can buy for strangers. You can buy for friends, family, anyone you want to. I urge you to come into Clovis kids. Let me change a kid's life. Let's do this thing. All right. Now we're going to go into Q and A. Let's talk about some Q and A.

What do we get here? Some people are buying. That's good. Some get back. Okay, cool. Clarify. The Kid's Digest and Rest are not different. No, that's what I said right off the bat. It is usual digest and rest. We're calling it kids just because it's not for you. Okay. Buy it for your kids. Get it for the kids, for the kiddos. It's the same thing. All my products are safe. They're safe for breastfeeding. They're safe for all humans on planet earth. Literally, safe for everybody. Okay. Do you have any questions about the deal? Not just the deal. Ask me some questions, right? Whatever you guys ask me questions about the academy. When I said, give me topics for tomorrow. Let's spend some time here. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here as long as you guys are here. Shoot me some questions. If you have questions about anything, let's do it. 

So when we end our 30-day reset, we pay? 

I'm not sure what you mean by that, Cathy. 

Maybe. Yeah. I mean, I guess if you want me to run new custom macros. Yeah. That might be the case. 


We'll talk about it again. Don't worry about it after 30 days. 


Well, why no exercise for the first 30 days?

Todd, this has taken on a person by person basis. Okay? It's not true for everybody. If you're more than 30 pounds overweight, I'm going to take exercise away from you because you're working against yourself. This is something called glycolytic versus aerobic activity, right? If you have a huge, huge excess of fat, you're dealing with a lot of systemic inflammation. So spiking cortisol levels, spiking inflammation, which is what exercise does. It's your body reacting to a stressor. That's the whole reason why it repairs itself and gets better, right? It's counterproductive for what I call high-risk clients. If you're more than 30 pounds overweight, high-risk. I put you in that high-risk category. We need to get the body fat under control before we can add an exercise. You're literally working against you. You're working against yourself. That's why you see chubby CrossFitters who are working out six days a week and just can not lose weight. Right? They're working against themselves. 

Coffee beans?

Same price. Yes, I'm glad you chimed in. Okay. A couple of places. I have my personal favorites, right? Bulletproof brand,, Bulletproof coffee, beans, they're whole beans. They really are fantastic. They're independently lab tested. The way they collect the beans is nuts. The beans never touch the ground. It's really, there's like, no mycotoxins/ There's a lot of molds and mycotoxins and a lot of coffee brands out there. It's terrible. Don't use your freaking Keurig. Don't ever buy coffee beans that don't have a roast date on them. If you can't see the roast date, it's months and months old, including Starbucks. Don't buy some Starbucks beans, right? If the roast date isn't on it, anytime you go to a really nice barista shop or something, coffee shop, there's going to be the roast date right on. It's probably going to be a day ago or two days ago.

That's what you want. You don't want to buy beans that were roasted late. I would say three or four weeks is like your maximum past the roast date. So Bulletproof coffee beans are fantastic. It has two websites for delivery. I used to use Craft Coffee. is great. Also, counter-culture coffee is great. Go to those websites. Now you want to get single-origin beans. Don't get these blends that are always cheaper. They're more affordable for a reason. Anytime you get single-origin beans, you're going to get a really, really good quality coffee. People think that they have coffee issues or whatever. It's usually not. There was a girl in the academy a couple of days ago, whatever that was just like, "Yeah, I have this huge sensitivity to coffee." And I was like, "oh, so you're only drinking black coffee." And like, "no, of course." She's adding cream and sugar and milk and whatever else, and you blame it on the coffee. It's crazy. You're putting a bunch of poison in a perfect cup of coffee. Get good coffee beans. I urge you spend the extra money. Get good coffee beans,, I think, is the website. Craft coffee, Bulletproof coffee beans. What else who've got? Which coffee beans do you recommend? Yes. The ones that just said, okay, coffee, beans, coffee, beans.


Canadians message Nicki, figure out shipping. Awesome. 


Do our macros change? 

Yes, absolutely, but only when there are significant changes. So some people will come back to me and be like, I lost five pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds. I need new macros. No, you don't. I assure you. You do not. The macros take a lot like, for instance, Micah. One of the great transformation stories, he lost 50 pounds in six weeks. Micah needed new macros, right? The dude lost 50 pounds. He literally lost a little person like, so we had to rerun his macros. There will be a time that comes for that. But it's much further down the road than you think 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 20 pounds. It doesn't matter. Trust me. 

Sprout says bulletproof coffee beans. Yes. Sprouts do, whole foods do, a bunch of places sell Bulletproof now, which is awesome. So our macros, whenever I had. 


Good night, Brittany. I love you. Bye. Crazy Canadian. That was Canadians. Have a good night, aye.

I had to. Yes, Jackie, thank you. Only after you've made significant strides. 


Talk to us about cuts of meat versus uncured packaged IE bacon safe quantities. 

Okay. This is the kind of meat that is really not an issue. This is a complete non-issue. This is something called eating snout to tail. Snout to tail is one way that people say it, like literally all throughout human history, we've eaten bones. We've eaten organ meats. Organ meats are the most nutrient-dense. You can have a few ounces of liver a week and cover all your vitamin A needs. All this crazy. It's really insane. Like I actually take a liver supplement. I can tell you guys about it if you want to learn about a liver supplement. But the cuts really don't matter at all. If you're getting grass-fed beef, I mean, you could be eating that cow's tongue or that cow's heart. It's very, very nutrient-dense. It's very good for you. The organ meats are actually the best part of the animal for you. Don't worry about the cuts. Now, uncured package all that with bacon. You always want uncured bacon. The issue is most bacon is going to have some form of sugar in it. It's just going to. It's the way bacon is made like bacon is not just a natural thing. You can't just like cut bacon off the animal. Like there's no bacon section of a cow. There's a shoulder of a cow, you know, or a pig or whatever. Right? Just be very careful. My favorite brand is Applegate. Applegate has no sugar added. They have their Sunday morning bacon, which is a good one, but then they have one that's legit. No sugar added. All you guys have to do is just read the ingredients list. That's it. 


People keep asking me all these big questions about bacon and getting really confused. It needs to say no hormones, no antibiotics, humanely raised. Look at the nutrition facts if it has one gram of sugar per two slices. You don't want that brand. You have four slices, you're taking in sugar, right? That's been cured in a lot of sugar. Just be really careful. Just learn how to be labeled detectives. Okay.


Thank you for all you have done for free for so long


Yes, crystal. Thank you. That means a lot to me and understand the academy is not going anywhere. You guys learn so much from each other. It's ridiculous. You're answering each other's questions in ways where I'm just like, "Oh my God, I feel like I have a bunch of little children that don't have, like, I'm just taught them these things. And I watched them just go teach them to each other." It's like the most fulfilling anything I've ever done. It's absolutely incredible. What's really cool is a lot of you guys were my friends like, before this, you know? So the people that I love and care about, I see them changing their lives. When Jackie sends me videos of her twins. Her twins are drinking Digest, and Rest through a bottle is like, "oh, I think my heart's going to explode. I'm going to die in my house alone." My dog just feels like I don't want to do this. No, nobody else. But anyway, literally she sends me these videos and pictures of her little kids. They go crazy for the Digest and Rest in the bottle. Her little twins are adorable. 

I'm so happy with all of this in the academy. Just keep sharing. I'm going to do the very best I can to comment and get back to you guys. It'd be great. 


Most of the bacon I've seen is eating grains.

Yeah. Okay. That's really not a problem. Right? This is really confusing too. Cows are herbivores. Cows should only eat grass. Pigs are not necessarily herbivores. They're omnivores. They'll basically eat anything, right? Pigs will literally eat anything. It's less of a deal for a pig to eat grains. All the bacon you get is going to say vegetarian-fed. Okay. That's really not a big issue. It's really not a big issue for pigs. That's the thing about pasture-raised chickens too. You'll get a lot of chickens that say vegetarian-fed or like vegetarian-fed free-range or whatever. Pasture-raised chickens are little dinosaurs. They're evil little savages. They'll kill snakes, ferrets, and chickens. It eats bugs all day long. They carnivores man. They are predator carnivores, right? They're not just carnivores. They'll eat anything really, but they're little dinosaurs. They're scary as hell. Look up videos, just Google chicken kills the mouse. It's hilarious. It's really fun to watch. 

We have a few messages already, which is awesome. Josh has told me about this while we had a little break to chat. People that do want to buy this program for other people, that's fantastic. Please do it guys. There are people who need this. Their families need it. They have a lot of kids. You can do some good. If you can afford this, you can really do some good by hitting #buyvanilla or #buychocolate for 97 bucks. You'll give all this to a family. And on top of that, if you buy this for a family, I'll run your macros and their macros as the parents. I'll run the macros for the parents and whoever purchased. I'll just consider it a purchase of macros as well. If you do that kind of good. If you're giving back to people, then I want to give back to you.

I'm going to try to just do this the best I can, right? Just #buyvanilla, #buychocolate. Buy this for somebody, give it as a gift, and I'll run your macros. I'm just going to keep this up here just as a reminder. We can do a few more questions if you want to. I'll kind of just stay out of the way you guys can see that, right? If you don't have questions yet, just keep the questions coming, and I'll keep looking back here. I really, really want people to get involved with Clovis kids. It's everything, man. This is everything. Really. When you think about it, we talk about the food pyramid. All the stuff we're trying to undo all the genocide. 

A brain octane for kids dosage. Be very, very careful with this. I went through this with my niece. My niece, for those of you that don't know, I have a niece that's a hundred percent vegetative, and she's fed through a feeding tube. She's four years old. We have had some fun experiments with MCT oil. You have to be very, very careful. It depends on the age of the kids. Again, Nikki, you're asking me a blanket statement. You're saying brain octane for kids. I don't know how old is the kid, right? If you're dealing with a two-year-old, you gotta be real, real careful. If you're dealing with a four or five-year-old, he's still gonna be careful. Maybe not as careful, but you're dealing with quarter teaspoons, half teaspoons, single teaspoons. I mean, really be careful and leave it up to the kid. Right? Start slow. The thing to understand is that as a grownup, you give yourself a little too much and have stomach discomfort. You're like, okay. Like I figured that out. If you do that to your kid, he's not gonna trust you. Right? Mommy gave me this, and I got a stomach ache, and now she's wanting me to retake it. It's not going to happen. You got one shot at this. So start low and work your way up. Okay?

Yeah. Lynette, even if we started last week, we'll talk about it. Well, I'll get you in touch with the wizard, and we'll figure everything out. I thought I already ran the macros. I'm pretty sure I thought we already did macros. I could be wrong. Okay. Is it okay to do conventional meat with the first couple of months? I think once we get in routinely used to eating this way. Yes, it is. Okay, that's the thing. A lot of this meat issue, right? Because if you want grass-fed or wild-caught fish or pastured poultry, I understand that that is not a reality for everybody. That's totally cool. Just eat meat. Okay. Really? It's not the difference. It's not all or nothing. If you're like, "Okay, I can't get grass-fed beef. I'm going to eat Cheerios." No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let's concentrate on hitting your macronutrients. We can worry about food quality down the road because you're going to see little things. A lot of people think it's more expensive to eat healthy. I've talked about this over and over. When you're not buying soda and Doritos and Fritos and marshmallows and pop tarts and Cheerios and milk and whatever else. It's just a house full of packaged foods that half of it never gets eaten. It goes stale and gets thrown away. 

When you break those habits, you're going to all of a sudden start seeing more and more room in your grocery budget. As you get down the line, you might be able to talk about these things. But no, just conventional meat. And now farm-raised fish is probably a little worse, but we talked about the stay in the Clovis academy. Shellfish, scallops, mussels, shrimp, lobsters, shellfish, all that stuff. Don't worry. You can get farmed. This is not the same issue. Go with conventional meats. You just do it. Yeah. Don't worry about it. Don't sit here and say, "Justin said, it's gotta be grass-fed. It's gotta be grass-fed all or nothing." I never take the all or nothing approach. Don't worry. Okay. 


What else have we got? conventional meat. Yeah. Lynette. We'll figure it out. Don't worry about it. That's what I figured. 


Yes, Christie. One scoop of Fat loss at 120 calories. When do two scoops, can that replace a meal? Yeah, absolutely. Again, you're not scanning in carb manager. No. I'm working with the carb manager closely right now. We're working on a spreadsheet to add all of my products into their database. There is a product in Carb Manager called Perfect Paleo Powder, and it was mine. It doesn't exist anymore. That was the original formula that I made in my kitchen back in 2014. It's completely different macronutrients. Just make sure your custom tracking. You're talking about 240 calories, 30 grams of protein, 12 net carbs for a double dose of fat loss. Track those net carbs. Don't forget about that. 


I actually saved money buying this stuff on Justin's. 

Yes, exactly. Carlin. Exactly. I try to tell people that. What they're thinking about is saying my grocery budget is $300 a week for my family. Now he wants me to buy this beef that's $3 more per pound. Now, all of a sudden, my grocery bill is $315. No, that's not the case because you're removing all the nonsense. You're getting rid of all the nonsense. You're just getting veggies and meat and eggs. Right. It's super, super simple. Don't worry. You will save money on this. 


Manually add all PPPs. 

Yes, Kathy. Yes. 


I've saved so much money on the approved foods list

Yes, absolutely, Monique. 


My grocery bill used to be literally three times. 



Their approved foods list is something that comes to the Mac. 

Yes, absolutely. The approved foods list comes with Clovis kids. 


I don't know if you're talking about Clovis kids or you're talking about macros, but when I give people macros, they get the Clovis approved foods list, which is completely different from the Clovis kids approved foods list. It's much, much different. In fact, and we even get into personal care items. We talk about what soaps, what the deodorant is, what to paste, what everything to use for your kids. We talk about milk. We talk about butter. We talk about everything. Everything you can think of is on the approved foods list to literally transform your kid's entire life. If you're holding back, don't hold back. I'm telling you, once you start seeing people in the academy that are also in the Clovis group, the Clovis kids group, talking about how crazy this is, you're going to want in. It's going to be 127 bucks. 


What else have we got? 


Yeah, Sean, I made him. Sean, keep in mind. You can share with friends, you can find friends in the Carb Manager. You can make your own entry for PPP, which is awesome too. Yeah. You can add it as many meals, and then it's saved for you. Yes. A hundred percent. So Kathy, once you add PPP, then just save it. You can save it as food in the car manager app. Kristen, venison's about the best thing you can eat. I eat a ton of venison. Just for fun, one day again. I always tell people, look this stuff up, just for fun. Google the nutrition facts of venison. And then Google the nutrition facts of beef. Venison is a superfood. Any wild-caught game is a freaking superfood. Like I have a wild boar that I procured in the woods and is in my house now. I don't know how it got there, but I eat it. It's awesome. The nutrition facts are crazy nutrition facts on wild boar is nuts. There's so much protein. The protein per ounce is crazy. Wild game is as good as it gets. We are designed for it. All right. Think about it this way. If you picture a super athlete, like a ridiculous super athlete, right? A jacked and perfect physical specimen, runs all day professional athlete type thing, right? That's what you're talking about with wild game. Now, if you picture a cow that was raised on a feedlot farm. Just picture the most obese human you can picture who lays around all day and does nothing and eat junk food that's poison. That's what you're eating most of the time with cows. Wild game is everything. That's where it's at. If you're in a place where you can get the wild game, eat that all the time better than wild-caught fish, better than grass-fed beef. Get wild game. If you can get it, it was really wild. Get it. Awesome. 

Justin: When will Clovis kids be up and running, Josh? 

Josh: We're going to be sitting everybody log-ins some of them tonight and some of them tomorrow. 

Justin: Some people will be getting their Clovis kids' logins tonight. We'll get some tomorrow, but everyone will have their Clovis kids' logins by the latest tomorrow. Okay. 


What else have we got? Yeah. That boar is weird. He was like 60 yards away from me and died. I don't know. I don't know what happened. That was really weird. All right. So Clovis kids tomorrow, wild game. Seriously, Justin goes wild game. Yeah. Basically, if I were on an island of cannibals, I'd be in legit trouble. I'd be in big trouble. All right, What else have we got? Yeah. Kristen knew the more wild game you can get. Stick to that. It's awesome. You got uncles or whatever, or if you get wild game yourself. Do that, do that all the time. My goal is for my entire family to be fed a hundred percent of wild game. That's my personal goal. It's one of my things about being paleo if I really, really want to live by paleo principles. The only way to know exactly where that food is coming from is if I get it. I like feeding my family with meat that I procure. It's a very, very, very good feeling. 


What else have we got? Have we got anything left? Again, remember, guys, if you can afford this, it'll come back to you tenfold in the back end. Karma wise, right? #buyvanilla, #buychocolate, give it to a friend, give it to a family member, help them out, help them fix their kiddos, help me help them fix their kiddos. It's awesome. It's really important stuff. This is a great, great deal. And again, it's gonna jump to this. You're looking at 127 bucks just for membership, and that does not come with a bag. It does not come with adult macros. It doesn't come with any of this stuff down here. Just keep that in mind and think about it. If all this did was to help one kid pay attention in school, have a little more focus in school, or if all this was to help one kid lose enough body fat that he doesn't get bullied anymore. Think about it like that, right? Or if all this did was help one kid improve his behavior in school and stop getting in trouble and stop getting sent to the principal's office. Would this be worth it for that? That's how I try to think about all these deals. This right here, this total $97. If that was all it did to help one kid stop getting bullied, is it worth 97 bucks? If you get adult macros as a result of this, all this does is help you drop 10 pounds. Was it worth it? That's all you get out of this. Was it worth it? Think about it like that. We're doing the best we can to give you guys the best deals to help change lives. We're all about changing lives. That's what we're trying to do. 


How are we looking over here? 


No legumes?

No, Kathy, no legumes. Legumes are a big deal because everybody's always really wanted them. Again, if you go back and you listen to what I talked about, net carbohydrates and everything. This is a bioavailability issue. Legumes are covered in lectins. They're literally poison, and they're poisoning your body. Even if you read the macronutrients, it's like it has high protein, high dietary fiber. You can't digest that stuff. It's not bioavailable. Unless you soak the beans overnight all night long, then you cook them at very, very high heat. You're cooking the lectins out, but you're also cooking some of the nutrient density right out of the food. It's really just not worth it. Not worth it at all.


Justin: Oh, Josh, you're going to handle the video thing? 


Josh: Yeah.

Justin: Awesome. The major difference in my way and paleo, paleo does not restrict carbohydrates whatsoever. Paleo does not have your track macronutrients. It does not have you restrict carbohydrates. All you get with paleo is like paleo or not. Eat this and not that. There's no macronutrient counting, no nothing. You could eat 100% paleo and give yourself type two diabetes. A hundred percent, literally. People who just are constantly baking and making stuff, paleo and paleo desserts, and eating five bananas a day and a whole bag of nuts. It's just ridiculous. Right? It's ridiculous. You can't just use paleo and expect to get good health results. My ways are, are, is very, very different from paleo. Very different. 

No, it's not the certain nuts in legume thing. No, Kathy. If you look up a paleo food list and then compare it to my approved foods list. It's not even close. That's the thing. Paleo has all these foods over here, and eat this section that is loaded with lectins. They're inflammatory. They're full of sugar. And they're all in the eat section on paleo because they just don't know better. That's really all there is to it. They just don't know better. I know better. That's why I get crazy transformations there in six months transformation. I get with people in six weeks. That's where these crazy transformations come from. 


Hey Anna? 

Yes, exactly. See, Sean, you're looking at it like you're thinking that my approved foods are a paleo list, but it's not. You're looking at their list, just like, "oh, wait a second. They can't eat that." 


You will be disappointed about bell peppers, Christie. Sorry, it's loaded with lectins. What else have we got? 


My feet shrunk in one week. 

That's awesome. Cathy. 

All right, guys, what else have we got? 

We're coming up on two hours again. We're going to do two hours every week, I guess. That's what we do now. Again, this deal is going away. I would hop on this. Now, if you can find it in your heart to give it to somebody else, go ahead and do it. $97 access to Clovis kids, custom macros, access to the private Facebook group, the approved foods list specifically for kids. That is a new foods list that none of you has. Kids Digest and Rest $59.99 a bag. $127 for Clovis kids and adult macros. I'll run it for both parents. If you buy it for someone else, I'll run macros for you as the purchaser and the parents, partners, whatever it may be for whatever family you purchased it for. I'll run them for those adults as well, all for $97. Remember, #buyvanilla or #buychocolate. I'd love to see more of you guys do this. It would be fantastic. 

Let's see how we look in here. Sean, when you, dot, I get nervous. I feel like that's going to be a lengthy thing or something. 


14 years old is absolutely a kid. What do you mean not a kid? 

That's confusing to me. He's absolutely a kid. He's built like a man, but he's 100% a kid. He has a nutrient needs of a kid. We need to sort that out a hundred percent. We absolutely need to sort that out. Yes, he's a man-size, but he's a kid. He's still growing. Unless you think your 14-year-old has done growing, he absolutely has the nutrient needs of a kid. Now he's dealing with a weight issue. Oh, a hundred percent. We need to figure that out, and we still want him to grow correctly. His tissues, bones, organs, all these things, and brain need these things to grow. So that's the thing. If you go to a doctor, your doctor is not going to do this. Your doctor will put your kid on a 1200 calorie a day diet, starve him, and stunt his growth and brain development. So don't do that. Come to me. I promise you. 

Guys, I think we're going to wrap this one up. 

Thank you so much. This is Ask Me Anything Number 15, How Eating Fat Can Save Your Life. That was like a masterclass on macros, you guys. I really, really hope you understand that. Go back and watch it as many times as you need to. Take notes, share them with your friends. Remember, this lives on the Clovis page, not the Clovis academy. So share it with your friends. Thank you, Sean. Thank you, Kathy. Kathy, the wizard will get in touch with you. Don't worry about it. We'll take care of everything you guys rock. Thank you for all the likes. I see all the likes coming in, the likes, the loves, the smiles. You guys are awesome. Thank you for letting me do this. Thank you for understanding this and the way we're in the direction we're pushing Clovis. Thank you guys so much. You're amazing. I love you. Thank you for letting me do this. You're my favorites. Ask Me Anything Number 15, How Eating Fat Can Save Your Life. Thank you, guys. We'll see you next time.

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