Hormones: Finding the Balance - Live AMA #31 - Clovis

Hormones: Finding the Balance - Live AMA #31

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Hormones: Finding the Balance

3:49- Episode Summary... I am NOT a Doctor! 7:38- Endocrinology, in a nutshell... 8:38- “Adrenal Fatigue” 9:47- Hormone replacement therapy… 13:14- Cofactors and Coenzymes... helper molecules 15:05- Upstream and Downstream effects... 16:55- Visual Analogy... Cell Phones and Hormones! 22:46- “‘Adrenal fatigue’ is a lazy diagnosis 25:00- The real problem... The HPA Axis 25:46- The importance of Gut Health 25:26- Insulin Resistance/ Leptin Resistance/ Blood Glucose 27:41- Essential Fats for Hormone Balance 30:21- Liver Detoxification is crucial for Hormone Balance... 31:40- FB Check
  • 31:58- Q: "What about fatty liver disease?"
  • 32:40- Q: "Self-test for hormones?"
33:52- Elephant in the room: Starvation Diets 37:55- Clovis is not a 30-day reset! 40:00- Estrogenics... The Horror! 47:18- FB Check
  • 47:33- Commenting on Comments: Clovis Butcherbox
  • 47:54- Q: "Does this include steroids and antibiotics with feedlot cattle?"
  • 48:56- Q: "What do you think of things like the Think Dirty app?"
49:43- Most of you are already taking medications... 50:07- Over 100 million women are on chemical birth control... 57:27- The Functional Medicine Steps for Natural Hormonal Balance 1:01:58- Children and Hormones... I get very passionate! 1:06:20- Nutrient Density- step #1… 1:10:27- FB Check
  • 1:11:09- Commenting on Comments: "Clovis slowed the onset of puberty in my 9-year-old daughter." (Big Win!)
  • 1:12:24- Q: "Where do you get your water from? What do you drink?"1:14:00- Q: "Do parents with poor hormone balances pass that onto their kids? Or do they filter out?"
  • 1:17:14- Q: "Can we talk about PCOS? This is a lot to unpack"
  • 1:18:38- Q: "Is Clovis protocol just for people who want to lose a lot of weight, or people who only want to lose a little?"
  • 1:19:29- Q: "Is the protocol all green veggies? Nope!"
  • 1:20:25- Commenting on Comments: "If they don’t customize it for you, it won’t be right for you." I’ve already tried it all kids!
  • 1:24:03- Q: "What about herb medicine?"
1:26:40- Wrap Up (and what is Justin’s Tattoo…)

Show Notes and Resources:

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