Cheat Days and Energy Drinks - Live AMA #5 - Clovis

Cheat Days and Energy Drinks - Live AMA #5

Live Ask Me Anything #5 - Topics Covered:

- Zero Sugar Energy Drink (03:48)

- Monster Energy Drink (05:18)

- Aspartame and Artificial Sweeteners (06:53)

- Erythritol and/ or Xylitol Drinks (11:20)

- Orange Juice is Diabetes in a Glass! (17:22)

- Carb-Cycling/ Carb Re-feeding (19:28)

- Metabolic Flexibility vs. Metabolic Inflexibility (22:15)

- How To Refeed Carbs Correctly (25:12)

- Cheat Days! (27:33)

- ARX Workout (29:00)

- Live Q&A (33:57)

  • Extra 200 Calories per day? (34:07)

  • How To Calculate Macronutrients (34:47)

  • Calories In, Calories Out is Wrong! (35:16)

  • What Are Macronutrients and Micronutrients? (36:00)

  • Soy and the Dangers of It! A Crash Course (36:39)

  • Why Is Brown Rice Poison? (40:42)

  • How Much Water Should We Drink? (42:48)

  • Do You Need Extra Water During a Ketogenic Diet? (44:41)

  • Pre and Post-Workout Powders (46:33)

  • The Balance Between Resistance Training and Cardio (47:09)

  • Stop Eating Apples and Bananas (49:37)

- The Future of Clovis (50:53)

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Show Notes and Resources:

- Lacroix Water - Zevia - Soda Substitute - NO ASPARTAME! - Common Sweetener Responsible for Weight Gain in College Students - Artificial Sweeteners Bring on Glucose Intolerance - 3-4 Cups of Coffee a Day Linked to Longer Life - The Perfect Paleo Powder - Pre-Workout - Yerba Mate Tea - Watch Justin's INSANE ARX Workout! - Redman's Real Salt - Facebook Live AMA Blog Posts with Show Notes! - The Perfect Paleo Powder - Post-Workout - Justin's Approved Foods List! - Simple Strength: How Cardio Is Ruining Your Life - Dr. Phil Maffetone 180 Rule for Cardio - Why Brown Rice Is Poison! - Siete Brand Tortillas




You got it? What's up, everybody? We made it. I think I'm like a minute late or something. It's 7:01 PM. How dare me? So we've got Instagram live. We've got Facebook live going, simultaneously again. We pulled it off. That's awesome! 


This is the Facebook Live: "Ask me anything: Episode #5." I can't believe we were to do five. That's awesome! You guys have been great. You've been sending me tons and tons of questions throughout the week. You've been texting me and hitting me up on social media. I have a zillion questions, which is fantastic. That means we can keep doing this over and over and over again. You might end up upping it to where we end up doing more than once a week. We've touched on a million different things, and I do want to let you guys know that after we do this Facebook Live, I set them up as a blog post as well. 

I give links and resources to all the different things we talked about. If I mentioned a specific supplement, if I said my Clovis t-shirt or a Clovis pre-workout or something like that, I will backload these links into a blog post on the Clovis section. That usually happens sometimes within a couple of hours, maybe the following day, the latest. You guys can check out all the resources and such. And get your hands on anything that I mentioned, but I'll do that. I will share it usually on my personal Facebook page, and I share it on the Clovis Facebook page. 


Well, we're here again, episode number five, and we have some really, really cool topics. There's a bunch of stuff I want to touch on. Some questions, some personal, there is a lot of stuff going on right now. We did a lot of Facebook Live, and a lot of Instagram live today. I just kind of bounce around the city and do some cool things. And let you guys get a sneak peek into how Clovis works, how my day-to-day works, the crazy biohacking and silly things that I do with my body. We're going to do a lot more of that. We're gonna put up a lot more content, and I think you guys are gonna love it. 


What we want from you is as much feedback as you can possibly give us on what you want to see. Do you want more Ask Me Anything type of episodes? Do you want more day in the life type stuff where you can see what I'm doing? Just let us know what kind of stuff you want to see, and let's get right into it. 


So episode number five, there are a few things we're going to talk about today. One is a zero-calorie or zero sugar energy drink. We're going to talk about that. We're going to talk about carb-cycling. Carb-cycling is also sometimes called carb refeeding; there's carb backloading. There's carb night, which is a protocol developed by a guy named John Kiefer. I'll talk about John Kiefer as well in today's AMA. 


We are going to talking about zero-calorie energy drinks. We're going to talk about carb cycling. Carb cycling is going to lead me into cheat days. We're going to have a discussion about cheat days, which I think is really important. As always, we're going to open it up to a live Q and A. As we go through this, just be thinking about what you want to talk about, what you want to ask me about. Just be thinking in your head about questions. If I say something and you want clarification, throw it the comments on Instagram and Facebook. I'll do is circle back around. Let's say, I'm just fly through something, and you, you wanted to hear a little more expand on something, then we'll go back and take another look at it. 

But right now, what we need you to do is share this video on your Facebook page. Pretty, please click the like button, click the love button, click the hot button, because I'm ridiculous sometimes. Share it on your page. I'm going to do that right now like I do at the beginning of every episode. I'm going to click share, click Share Now Public. Bam! Sent to Justin Nault's timeline, which is awesome. A lot of you would probably get both of those. Sorry about that. Just kidding. I'm not sorry at all. I'm going to continue to share it with all my stuff always, right? Okay. 


I shared, you shared, we all shared, this is beautiful! Kumbaya. I'm going to start with zero-calorie energy drinks. I was thinking about starting with cheat days or carb cycling. But I want to jump right into zero-calorie energy drinks because this is really, really important. They run rampant.

A lot of times, if you've ever worked with me. If I've ever taken you on as a client, and I've given you a meal plan or given you specific macros or something like that. A lot of times, discoveries happen. What I mean by that is someone will tell me, "I'm following your protocol perfectly. And I'm following your approved foods list, and I'm not getting any results." And then I find out that they're doing something like drinking energy drinks, or they're eating legumes or something that wasn't on the approved foods list, and it's not their fault. It's just because of lack of nutritional knowledge that they have; they might be thinking, "Hey, this energy drink says zero sugar or zero-calorie. And I know Justin doesn't want me eating sugar. So it's probably fine to drink this."

I understand how that happens, but you have to remember that one single thing like that can stop your progress dead in its tracks, especially anything that contains artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are straight-up chemicals, right? So the person that asked me about this question specifically had sent me a picture of monster energy, zero ultra. I'm probably not supposed to mention brands because when you tell people that brands are poisoning them every day. You get letters from lawyers and stuff. It's ridiculous. But anyway, Monster Zero Ultra. This product has led me down the rabbit hole of going to find what the ingredients looked like. Now, if you go to their website, it's hard as hell to find the ingredients. I don't think you can find them on the website. They like to point out certain things. We have glutamine blue. Great, fantastic. But you're not going to find any ingredients label on their website because they know it's poison, right? 


I had to go on Google images. I had to go to a Fooducate and all these different websites that I use to look up the actual ingredients of this heinous product, right? It has saccharin, it has sucralose, maltodextrin. This is interesting because maltodextrin is straight-up sugar, and this is a zero-sugar drink. I don't really know how they do that. Now I will let you in on a bit of a secret to the manufacturing world. I manufacture supplements; you can actually plus or minus about 20% of your ingredients. If you shady as hell, you can do that. I would never do it with Clovis and the perfect paleo powder ever. But some people will because they have that leeway. You can literally plus or minus 20%, up or down on your label claims. It's ridiculous. And I'm sure most of you didn't know that. 

I didn't know it until I literally started manufacturing supplements, right? There might be less than a gram of maltodextrin, let's say. They get to put, "Oh, this is a zero-sugar drink." But what I really want to talk about is super lows, the saccharine, and these are artificial sweeteners. 


The number one artificial sweetener that I want to talk about, and to be fair, the Monster Zero Ultra doesn't have this. I believe red bull sugar-free has it. I know diet Coke has it. It's aspartame. You may have heard a bit about aspartame. You might be familiar, you might not be, but aspartame is atrocious. It's an artificial sweetener. It's straight-up poison. I've been trying to get my mom off it for decades because she loves diet Coke. We finally switched her over to Zevia. She's doing Zevia, which has fantastic, much better than diet Coke, right? 

Now, aspartame. The big problem with this is some people get sent to the hospital. Let's say you have an adverse reaction to a food additive, right? You ate something or drank something that had a food additive that you had a negative response to. Aspartame is so terrible that 75% of all adverse food reactions, literally. I think I said this to one of the earlier AMA episodes, but 75% of all adverse reactions to food additives are due to aspartame. It's that terrible. It's just ridiculous. So that's where you start understanding government regulations and recommendations and things like that. It's just lobbying. There are so many massive companies, manufacturing companies like Coca-Cola. Use aspartame, and they have a ton of lobbying power. You're not going to get these guys shut down. 

It's just not going to happen. But when you have 75% of all adverse reactions to food additives coming from one single ingredient, how do you not ban that ingredient? It's incredible. 


We did it with trans fats. Trans fats are banned from grocery stores. I don't know if you guys know that. Everybody says, watch out for trans fats. Soon you won't have to because they won't be allowed in any product, in any grocery store, right? That's a big win. I mean, when they do something like that, it's kinda like Nashville saying we're going to get better public transportation, right? This is probably multiple 20-year plans or whatever. And they say, "Oh yeah, food manufacturers, we're going to ban the use of aspartame, or we're going to restrict the use of trans fats." They're going to give them five, six, seven, eight years to get that stuff out of there. It's ridiculous. It's almost not even worth doing. You're just better off avoiding it entirely. 

Another thing with aspartame, it completely destroys your gut microbiome. The gut microbiome is a huge, huge trending topic all over the place. Now people are becoming aware that your gut microbiome really, really matters. It's connected to a lot of health issues, right? So aspartame is like napalm for your gut microbiome. It's just absolutely destroying beneficial gut bacteria. Another thing that I want to talk about is aspartame itself is interesting. Aspartame, sucralose and saccharin all have the same characteristic, which is very strange. They can make you glucose intolerant. It's really crazy. Glucose intolerance is right up there with being insulin resistant. Literally, your body doesn't know what to do with sugar anymore. 

They did these scientific studies with mice. Where they had control mice that weren't fed, artificial sweeteners. And they had mice that were fed, artificial sweeteners. This was explicitly saccharin, sucralose and aspartame. It only took eleven weeks to render those poor mice completely glucose intolerance. Think about that. 

Daily intake of artificial sweeteners made mice who share over 97% of their DNA with humans. That's why we did mice studies and made them glucose-intolerant in 11 weeks. So think about what you do into your body, right? I don't care how tired you are. I don't care how hard your job is or what you're doing. It's simply not worth chugging down aspartame. And yes, Casey, that is this stuff in diet Coke; stay away from diet Coke, stay away from these horrible energy drinks. 


The other thing I wanted to talk about is these new drink companies is coming out. So the question that I'm getting is, What does a healthy alternative? What does a healthy energy drink, a paleo energy drink or something like that? It's simply not there. They're not there. I'll tell you one black coffee, green tea, maybe Zavia. I mean, Zevia probably has between 35 to 45 milligrams of caffeine. There might be one with like 50 milligrams of caffeine, which is like literally a third or a fifth of a cup of coffee. It's really not a lot of caffeine. I mean, it might be a little pick me up for you, but honestly, just black coffee. If I'm getting you off, I know a few drinks go drink, eight cups of black coffee a day. Literally, I have zero problems with that drink eight cups of it. Awesome. If you're not drinking energy drinks, I'm super happy about that. Switch to black coffee, switch to tea, try something like Yerba Montay tea. 

When people come off energy drinks, they usually do it in waves, right? So there'll be a typical energy drink, like a monster or red bull or something like that. And they go, "Well, Justin said, I can't do that anymore. That has aspartame." So they make the mistake of still walking around the kind of energy drink, cooler aisle gas station. Whatever's going to give me energy, right? And you'll find drinks. I'm not supposed to sit here and bash particular brands. Still, there are a lot of what I call gas station, health drinks. And you pull them off the shelf, and you take a look at them, and they use sugar alcohols to sweeten their products. Then they claim that their products have zero sugar. So you're looking at eight grams of erythritol, but somehow the total carbohydrate is zero. And you're like, "What the hell? Like everything I know about reading carbohydrate labels, this doesn't make any sense. This is crazy." So the claim is that these sugar alcohols are not usable carbohydrates or don't spike insulin. They have a low-glycemic index or whatever, but that's what we have science for. 

So, Dr Rhonda Patrick, I've talked about her before. She's amazing. She owns a website called Found My Fitness. She has a fantastic podcast. Fair warning. It's tough to listen to. She's brilliant. Sometimes, she's so far over my head. I have to go back and listen five times. Literally. She's the most brilliant nutrition mind I think I've ever met, right? She exposed me to a study that was done on college students. Everyone's heard of the freshmen 15, right? You gained some weight in your freshman year; you're eating pizza, beer, whatever. They actually studied specifically these zero calories sugar alcohols. I think specifically for this test, I think it was erythritol. Actually, it's erythritol and xylitol, I'm pretty sure. 

What they did was they did extensive blood work and tested these kids. The students had gained a significant amount of weight and specifically gained abdominal fat. So these people just got fat and smushy, right? The test that they ran on them had a 15 fold higher amount of sugar alcohols in their system than the students who did not gain any weight. Think about that for a second. You're sitting here pounding these energy drinks. These things that you think are not impacting your glucose, on your insulin, because of these crazy ridiculous claims that these companies made. They're allowed to do this. Somehow from a marketing standpoint, you're drinking these things and thinking that you're making a good decision. And all of a sudden, you gained 15 pounds, and most of it is gross belly fat. 

You're sitting there pinching your stomach, like "what the hell happened to me," right? These people had a 15 fold increase in these sugar alcohols. It's about as clear cut as you can get. You have to be careful with all these artificial things. The question you have to ask yourself is, why are you reaching for these things? Why? If there's one thing I have drilled in people's heads over and over and over and over, it's you don't want to be carbohydrate dependent. Carbohydrates are sweet. They taste sweet. Fruit is very, very sweet, right? This is sugar. You're trying to emulate sugar. Why? This is the opposite of what you want to do for long-term health and longevity. You want to get off sugar at all costs. You're not smart enough to trick your body. I'm telling you right now, you are not smart enough to trick your body. I have erythritol; my body won't even know. This is going to taste so good, and I'm gonna be healthy. 

No, that's insane. Don't do that. Don't do that. All you're doing is sitting here going, "Ooh, this tastes sweet and delicious." You're causing cravings. You're causing your body. You're tricking your body. It's like we talked about, right? Last week, I talked about your body is when you start thinking about eating carbohydrates, you start secreting insulin. Your pancreas starts to secreting insulin before you've even touched it. You look at a bagel, and you're like, "I'm eating that bagel in a second. It is going to be delicious." Your body starts spitting out insulin instantly. It's that smart. You are not smarter than your body. So when you pick up this erythritol, xylitol, sweet sugar substitute drink, that you're going to grab your tricking your body. You're trying to trick your body, but it's going to have these same reactions, these negative reactions. 

The scary thing about sugar alcohols is they haven't really been used in products for that long, so we don't know the long-term effects. It takes a while for a study to come out like the one that they did with these college kids, right? I'll give you another example of aspartame. Aspartame, pretty sure, is linked to a huge increase in the risk of dementia, Alzheimer's. Still, we don't have enough studies to prove it, right? So you have to remember that sometimes it's going to take science time to catch up. If we do more studies, in my opinion, we'll probably find a direct correlation between Alzheimer's and aspartame. I think that that will happen, but we do need more studies. We have to say right now, it may increase the risk. It's just, these things are so new to us. It's like when I talk about feedlot and factory farming, right? It's been around for 50 years. It's a baby.

Your parents are older than feedlot farming. There's a lot of new stuff, and we don't know the long-term effects of these things. Just stop putting it in your body. Stop with these energy drinks. You want an energy drink? Grab the Perfect Paleo Powder Pre-workout. I made it. I trust it. It's healthy. Go pick that up. If you need to pick me up, use The Paleo Powder Pre-workout. I'll give you a link for it, right? That's what you need to do. It's crazy. You need to stop putting these garbage in your body -- these zero-calorie, zero sugar, whatever. It's a giant myth. Don't trust them. Okay. 

That was a long spiel about zero-calorie energy drinks, zero sugar. Sorry, it's a long one. 


Let's talk about carb cycling. You guys are leaving some comments, and I want to go back and see them. 


Sparkling water

Great. Sparkling waters. Awesome! Go drink sparkling water like this product placement. You're welcome, LaCroix. This is just normal LaCroix, sparkling water. It's not flavored. I don't care about the flavor. I just like sparkling water. Cool. 

What's this we have, real quick. I don't drink energy as I don't need them. When you say juices like orange juice. 


Orange juices are diabetes in a glass. Remember that! Orange juice is diabetes in the glass. If you have orange juice in your house, throw it away! Tropicana, Florida, whatever these brands are, throw them away. Literally! They are nothing but strip sugar. They have no fiber. They have none of the micronutrients that you're interested in. Throw it away, throw it away. Anybody who's like, "Hey, drink orange juice because it has vitamin C in it." Yes, stupid. Don't drink it. I'm telling you. It's easily, easily as bad as any soda. It's straight-up fructose. You're literally drinking liquid fructose, right? So people stay away from Coca-Cola because of high fructose corn syrup, but they forget that orange juice is literally 100% fructose. Orange juice, Coca-Cola throw them both in the trash. Don't drink orange juice. There we go. 


If you squeeze it yourself? 

No, don't do it. It's still orange juice. Okay. I want to get to all these comments and everything, but yeah—orange juice. No, stay away from it. I don't care if you squeeze it yourself. If you squeeze it yourself, what are you doing? The rhine, the skin, all these things. All of like the fiber, the cellulose, all this stuff that makes up the orange. You're extracting the sugar. The sugar is in the juice, so you are literally extracting the sugar. I can't stress this enough. I'm telling you, there are so many people. The number one pushback I get in all these AMA's is that fruit is good for you. Stop. Just stop! What you're doing is you're taking food that you love that is bad for you, and you're trying to justify continuing to eat it. And you're going up against me here. Don't do that. I've been down the rabbit hole for years. Trust me. I love fruit. Just as much as you do. It's delicious. Do I eat it? Nope. Not even a little bit. Not in my house. I don't buy it! Nothing, right? I don't. 

I'm pretty healthy. Just stop with the fruit, okay? All right. Let's move into carb cycling. Carb cycling has a bunch of different names. The idea of carb cycling is really just a carb refeed. You might have a refeed day. Now, remember, we're not talking about cheat days yet. This is totally different. We're going to talk about cheat days, but the two go so close hand-in-hand that we need to talk about both of them. 


Carb cycling is done for several reasons because going strict ketogenic, incredibly low carb is not suitable for everyone. I'll give you an example. It's not ideal for me. Why do I know that? Because I've done extensive, extensive, extensive, extensive blood work. I've done blood work. I've done urine samples. I've tested my gut microbiome. I've mapped my genetics. I have a map of my human genome, right? I know exactly what works for me, and very, very, very low carb doesn't work for me. Just for me, that's me as an individual. 

Now, I would recommend very, very low carb for people. 99% of the time, because people are coming to me for health problems. They need that reset, right? I tend to use keto like a reset because the goal is metabolic flexibility, but we'll get there. I want you to understand what carb feeding does. Particularly for women, women listen up. I think that we have mostly women in here right now. So pay attention to this, right? Very, very low carb keto can be troublesome for women. It can lower something called your T3 levels, which is one of your thyroid hormones. Your T3 thyroid level can go down, and that can cause all sorts of problems. It's actually good for women. You can actually do even, even two carb brie feeds in a week. 

But the thing I want you to remember is not yet. We're not there yet. I want to talk about metabolic flexibility. Most Americans suffer from something called Metabolic Inflexibility. This means that their body is unable or at least very, very bad at burning fat. Why? Because we're a carbohydrate dependent society. We eat between 300 to 600 grams of carbohydrates on average. When I say we, I mean most Americans eat 300 to 600 grams of carbohydrates per day. They've done this their whole lives because of the good old food pyramid, right. We've talked about the food pyramid and these AMAs over and over and over and over because it's horsesh**. Don't ever look at it. Don't do it, or turn it upside down. Then you're like, "Okay, this makes a little bit more sense." Right? 

We're so dependent on carbohydrates that most of you, I mean, even like Casey is younger than me. I'm 30 years old. I have three decades under my belt of eating carbohydrates, right? That's a long as* time. A lot of time. I'm old as sh**. Now that's a lot of carbohydrate eating. If I was eating 300 to 600 grams of carbohydrate every day, I was about 25 years old until I found paleo. Right? Until six years ago, I hadn't figured this stuff out yet. What happens is your body constantly has this ridiculous surplus of glucose—so much glucose pumping through your system. Glucose is the fastest energy source. Your body can create energy from glucose faster than any other food molecule, right? All carbohydrates are glucose. Carbohydrates will all end up as glucose at some point, right? 


The thing is, your body has always had glucose. So it's never had to burn fat for fuel. It doesn't know how to burn fat for fuel. If you can burn both glucose, carbs, and fatty acids for fat for energy, you can burn them both equally and efficiently; you have achieved metabolic flexibility. Let's say you're doing cardio the way I recommend it, correct cardio, right? And you're staying below a certain heart rate, and you're staying in the aerobic threshold. You should only be burning fat. You should only be burning fat for fuel. That's it! You don't need to touch glucose because you're not doing glycolytic exercise. Glycolytic exercise means that you are burning glucose for fuel, right? And that's like CrossFit like anaerobic, where you need all outbursts to strength. You're going very quickly all out versus strength.

You have to burn glucose, right? And if you don't have glucose in your system, your body will create it from muscle, and that's fine. It'll deplete your muscle glycogen stores, or it'll actually start stripping your muscle, which is not a good thing, but it takes a long time to get there. You can have 400 grams of stored glucose in your system. Still, as long as you have that stored glucose, any additional glucose that you put in your bloodstream gets shoved not into your muscle cells; it gets shoved into your fat cells, okay? Now that we're there, that's why you don't need carbohydrate to refeed day right now. Especially if you've never done my 30-day protocol or like Mark Sisson has a new book, The Keto Reset. I think it's a 21-day keto reset, right? Suppose you've never done a reset to get yourself to achieve metabolic flexibility. In that case, there is no reason you should be doing a carbohydrate refeed day. There's no reason because you probably have so much glucose in your system that you don't need to worry about running out of it anytime soon, right? Your body is used to burning carbohydrates. You need to force it. You need to punch it in the face and say, "you either learn how to burn fat, or you die" You're not going to die. I promise you, you won't. 

But that's the keto flu and things like that. People feel crappy during the sugar detox because their body doesn't quite know how to burn fat yet. And then a lot of people will say, "Oh my God, I woke up, jumped out of bed, was like, whew, I feel better than I've ever felt my brain's on fire. My body's on fire. Like I have all this energy. I'm not hungry. How come I'm not hungry? I haven't eaten in two hours, and I'm not hungry. It's crazy." The metabolic changes start to take place, and this is moving into metabolic flexibility, right? Now once you're there. So let's say you're someone like me, who I stayed in a deep state of ketosis for over six weeks. I stayed low carb paleo literally for years. So my body's very, very efficient at burning fat, right?


I can consider something like a carbohydrate refeeds day. Now what that means is this is not the same as a cheat day. This is not the same as bingeing on junk food. There are these things like carb backloading, right? Where a carb backloading is like, "okay, don't eat carbohydrates all day long." Then getting an intense workout in the afternoon and then eat your carbohydrates at night. Makes some sense. It does. That's basically what a carbohydrate refeed is, but where people get it twisted, they start thinking about it like a cheat meal or a cheat day. Or like, "okay, so Justin says, I get a carb-refeed day." Now, remember you're already metabolically flexible. Right? So we've gone through 30 days of you being strict. I tell people this all the time, give me 30 days. I will change your life. 

I promise you to give me 30 days strict, but I don't stand for bull****, right? I'm telling you, if I say, give me 30 days, you give me 30 days. If you call me two weeks later and say, you know, "it's my sister's wedding." We need to get you to the point of metabolic flexibility. We need to do that first if we get you there. Okay. So now we're 30 days out. You're metabolically flexible. Your body's learning how to burn fat for fuel. Let's talk about a carbohydrate refeed day and what that looks like. I have a list of approved foods, and I put it in the show notes. I'm going to do it in these show notes, as well. As in all the previous show notes on the Clovis blog, Clovis We have the newsroom, which has all these AMAs in there. 

In those AMA, you're going to find links, a Mailto link, that will email me directly at I'll send you my approved foods list that it's taken me years to come up with. It is the perfect approved foods list, in my opinion, right? There are resistant starches in there. There are some paleo-friendly carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, something like sweet potatoes. If you have one day a week, you're like, I'm going to eat 200 grams of sweet potatoes, or I'm gonna eat them a full bag of broccoli and sweet potato. And you know what? Go crazy once a week, go get a couple of sushi rolls, white rice, sushi rolls. Stay the hell away from brown rice because it's poison, but white rice go out and get some white rice sushi rolls. I'm giving you permission to one day a week only after you're metabolically flexible. Remember, if you haven't given me 30 days yet, you don't get to do this, right? Yeah. Jeff, just email me or click on that link. And we'll talk about this. Everybody in this room, you can get the list. You can get the list. I'm going to make a blog post. I'll post it. I promise you I'll get that list, right? 


This takes me into cheat days because this is where people go wrong. When I tell you to do a carb refeed day, I don't mean you go to Chili's and get a double fudge ice cream Sunday after your meal and take in 600 grams of straight sugar, don't do that. That's not a carb refeed day. That's poisoning your body. That's finding an excuse to eat junk food, which I don't believe in, right? I'm never going to approve of you eating junk food. 

Let's move into cheat days, right? Cheat days are interesting. Cheat days 

come up from old school bodybuilding, right? If you remember, I love to drive this into people's heads. If you use science from decades past to make modern-day nutritional decisions, it's like trying to send a picture message via text with a rotary phone. Don't do it! We couldn't even look at cells under a microscope until, I don't know, the 1970s. We didn't know what was going on on a cellular level, okay? So don't take advice from these old school mentalities. You don't want to do that. It's a terrible, terrible idea. Now the idea was, if we spike the hell out of insulin, spike the hell out of glucose, simultaneously that insulin will take that glucose and shuttle it into muscle cells. That's the hope. Now, this only happens under perfect conditions. I don't know if you guys saw this today. But I did a Facebook live video, and I did an Instagram live video at the same exact time. 

I did something called an ARX workout, which is just a 10-minute workout, five exercises. It is 100% maximum effort to total muscle failure. It's the most challenging thing I've ever done in my life, and I do it every week. It's so intense. It's so complex that you're only supposed to do it one day per week, and you have to rest six to seven days in between. Is it that ridiculous! Right? So you're exhausting every single muscle fiber and your entire body; what that's doing is depleting muscle glycogen. The idea, as I said, you can store about 400 grams of glucose as glycogen stored glucose equals glycogen in your muscles, right? If you deplete that glycogen, as I told you. If you're doing super high intense work and you don't have enough glucose floating around in your bloodstream, it's going to pull it from your muscles. It's going to grab the glycogen because you're doing glycolytic work like I talked about and burn it for fuel. So you can deplete your muscle glycogen. So after an ARX workout, I have an hour and a half, about a 90-minute window after that. I can literally eat whatever the hell I want. All that's going to happen is I'm going to replenish my muscle glycogen. But remember, I can only store about 400 grams. So why would I eat 600 grams of carbohydrates after? Why would I do some crazy cheat day or something and eat an ice cream sundae, right? And then, all of a sudden, I replenish all my muscle glycogen. Now I have 200 grams of additional glucose floating around. And my body goes, "Well, I got to shove this in the fat cells now." That's silly! You're completely defeating the purpose, right? 


This cheat day thing is just based on flawed science. Not only that, but insulin and glucose together are the deadliest combination. This is type two diabetes, right? Spiking in insulin and glucose. I don't care if you're Arnold Schwartzenegger if you're spiking your glucose over and over for years, and that's going to lead to serious problems down the line. I guarantee you! If Arnold Schwartzenegger works out today, he doesn't recover like he used to! With this constant glucose cycle that you're dealing with year after year, your recovery will go to the toilet. When you're older, you're not gonna be able to recover the same way it had. It absolutely has a metabolic effect. It has a cellular effect. This cheat day stuff, you got to stop with this. It's like saying, "I'm only gonna smoke cigarettes every now and then." That's really what it is, you know. I'm only going to poison my body every now and then. You're going to have cravings. If you go out, eat ice cream, sundaes, eat a big Mac. My cheat day is my favorite day, right? I'm gonna eat all this garbage food. 

The next three days, you're going to be suffering from carbohydrate addiction, basically carbohydrate cravings. You're going to wake up really hungry the next day. Man, when I follow Justin's protocol, I'm not starving every two hours. I'm not hangry, right? And then you have a cheat day, and three days later, you're still hangry. You're like, "Oh my God, if I don't eat, I'm going to pass out. This is ridiculous." It is ridiculous. Why do that to your body? It's simply not worth it. Again, all you are doing is trying to justify bad decisions. All I'm trying to do is get you to make the right decisions. Good choices as much as you possibly can, right? 

The cheat day stuff, it pisses me off. It really, really does. The other thing is, let's talk about this in another AMA as well, mimicking celebrities. So people say I'm going to do a cheat day, and The Rock eats seven pizzas and 12 brownies and an ice cream sandwich and blah blah. I'm going to do what he does. He's 260 pounds of solid muscle which has worked out six hours a day for the last 30 years. You are not him, not to mention.... (We'll call them Mexican supplements) Not to mention the Mexican supplements that help that man look the way he does. You are not him. Don't eat like him. Don't do that. That is insane. 

Why would you do that to yourself? I hate to break it to something like ARX, where I completely crushed my body. It's basically mind over matter. I've a feeling like I should die every second. It's the most difficult thing I ever do. That's not the same as your living room P90X workout. Sorry, you didn't earn pizza. You didn't earn broccoli. You didn't earn brownies. You did earn broccoli as much broccoli as you want, but don't sit there and be like, "I did Pilates in my living room every day for 30 minutes. And now, on Sunday, I'm going to have this ravenous cheat day where I eat whatever I want." You're going to mess up your results. Don't do it to yourself. It's silly. I hate to do this. I need to grab a charger real quick so this thing doesn't disappear on us. 

Oops. My phone's in low power mode, and the beauty of live video. 


We did it, alright! Okay. That's my spiel on cheat days. How much time do we have left? Let's check; 7:35. Okay. 


There's one other thing that I want to talk to you about, but I think I'm going to go ahead and open up. Let's do live Q and A first. If you have any questions, let's see. I just had one. Let's move into live Q and A. We'll do that first before telling you guys a little surprise that I have for you. I've been thinking about a lot, and I want to drop on you here, so stay with us. 

Question: It's okay for me to sway about 200 or so calories per day, as long as my macro ratios remain consistent?


Answer: Yes, absolutely! So this is my buddy, Nick. I've made custom macronutrients for Nick. I'll make custom macronutrients for you if you want. 

Yes. If your macronutrients are correct, you don't really even need to worry about a 200 calorie sway. Again, my rule is don't worry about calories unless you're under-eating. Again, there's another girl in the room that said, "Oh, I did. I just did cardio today. I didn't lift weights or whatever. So I'm gonna eat less calories." Don't do that. Don't restrict your calories. Why? You don't need to. As long as you're hitting your macronutrients, you don't need to limit your calories. 


Question: Another question I had was how to calculate your macronutrients right? 


Answer: So, if I tell you that you need a certain number of macronutrients, how do you figure that out in terms of calories, right? So you have to do is remember protein and carbs are identical in terms of calories per gram. 


1 gram protein = 4 calories

1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories

1 gram of fat = 9 calories


More than twice as much. That is the reason why we have this crazy myth. Because people believe in calories in and calories out, you have to burn more calories and eat, which is crazy. If you still believe that, you need to read a book. That's where this came from that fat would make you fat. Fat doesn't make you fat. Biochemically this is not a possibility. It's just simply not the way things work, right? Fat doesn't get shoved into your fat cells. Glucose gets converted, carbohydrates get converted to glucose and glucose gets shoved into your fat cells. That's how fat happens. Carbohydrates make you fat, not fat. So get that out of your head. That's why I'm saying don't get hung up on calories, right? Don't undereat. Only count calories if you are under-eating, and we've gone through this example over and over. These are people that are not losing weight, I up their calories. They drop weights like magic. 

Question: Macronutrients. I don't know what macronutrients are. 


Answer: Thanks, Stacy, you just said it. Fat protein and carbohydrates are your macronutrients. Macronutrients mean large. They're measured in grams. Micronutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B and they're measured in usual micrograms. IUs or things like that. Micro very, very small, right? They're required by the body in tiny doses. 


Macro fat, carbohydrates, and protein are required by the body in very big doses except for carbohydrates. You know, carbohydrates are not required by the body because I've told you that they're the only non-essential macronutrient. The only one that you can not eat without dying. It doesn't matter. So quick and hung up on carbohydrates. 

Question: Let's check what else we got? Oh, I was asked to touch on soy, right? 

Answer: So soy is tricky because it's really only an issue. There's really not many people that eat soy unless they are toying with the idea of being a vegetarian or vegan. Or they are vegetarian or vegan, or even a pescatarian. They might start experimenting with soy. They're looking for a protein substitute that doesn't involve killing animals, right? Usually, that's the case. The issue is, where you get hung up is you start comparing like amino acid profile. Like the protein is the same, right? So, like amino acid from beef is the same. Let's say I'm getting L-carnitine from beef, and I'm getting L-carnitine from soy. This is simply an amino acid, but you're comparing apples to apples. You can't do that because it's not the amino acid that makes the difference. It is the things that are surrounding it. Again, you never find these things in nature. That's why I made the perfect paleo powder with all macronutrients and a boatload of micronutrients. Because you're never going to come across pure protein

You're never going to find 10 grams of protein in nature. You'll find it in meat, or you're finding it in plants or whatever. But it's always surrounded by fiber, surrounded by fat, surrounded by carbohydrates, right? This is food. Food is complex. It's very complex, right? Don't ever look at soy versus meat and say, "Well, the amino acids, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah," Stop comparing amino acids. It's the other sh** that's in there, right? So isoflavones, this is the big issue with soy, right? These are these molecules. They're estrogen-like compounds, and they cause all sorts of problems. That's the real issue with soy. It's a complete endocrine system disruptor. It's terrible! Now what these little estrogen-like compounds do is they make insects sterile. They're literally pesticides, right? They're designed to be nature's pesticides. The insects come and eat these plants, and they literally kill off species of insects because it makes them sterile. They can't reproduce. It's the long game. Like, "Oh, they won the battle. They got to eat my plan, but I won the war because I wiped out their entire species." It's insane. 


They make insects sterile. So think about what they do to humans, right? And women, it's been shown to stop ovulation, literally prevent ovulation. It's been shown to be a cancer-causing agent. Soy is straight up. These estrogen-like compounds inside of soy that's the problem; it doesn't matter what the amino acids are. It's these other compounds that literally direct carcinogenic cancer-causing agents. This is straight-up science. You can't argue with it. When people get crazy, and this is what drives me nuts because I'm a protein manufacturer. I have all my protein products, soy protein isolate, right? People will use soy protein isolate and vegetarian vegan-friendly proteins. This is crazy. This is industrial oil manufacturing that would create something called soy oil, like soybean oil. What soy protein isolate is, is a waste product. That they were constantly dealing with this waste product, and they said, "how can we make money off this waste product? Let's feed it to humans."

Really? This is industrial seed oil. This is a known carcinogen. And you're taking a waste product from it and feeding it to humans. It's insane, and don't even get me stuck. Here's a real problem. If I see you in person and you tell me that this is healthy. This soy infant formula, I will choke you. Literally! It will be a real problem because when you feed soy formula to a baby, that baby is getting fed as much estrogen as by birth control pills a day. You want to feed your baby five birth control pills a day. I hope not. So soy? No, just don't. We can't go down the soy road. It's just, you need to stay away from it. It is not fit for human consumption. And with men, with women, it disrupts ovulation and men directly connected to incredibly low sperm counts. 

If you're a dude and you don't want to pay for a vasectomy, eat a bunch of soy, and you'll also get (inaudible), so congratulation on that. That's my spiel on soy. Let's see what else we have on Instagram. 


Question: Brown rice. Why is Brown rice poison? 

Answer: Okay. Brown rice is poison because of the husk. When you have rice, there's like an endosperm, a husk, outer shell. So you have people that say rice is really healthy. Why? Because there are blue zones all around the country. Blue zones are areas in the country that had the highest level of centenarians. People that live to be a hundred years old, and people always cite Asian culture. Well, Older Asian people are skinny, and they work till they die. They never seem tired. They don't really have a word for retire in their vocabulary.

They constantly a part of the community, and they eat rice every day. Look at the rice they're eating. Are they eating brown rice? No, you will never catch them eating brown rice. How come America has just decided that brown rice is healthy? What do they do? They take these little rice kernels, and they strip the poison. We've talked about lectins. We spoke about phytates. These are poison. They literally plant chemicals that are designed to stop predators of animals from eating them by making them sick or killing them. It's the same thing as soy using isoflavones to make insects sterile. It's the same thing. These are tools that plants have to stop themselves from getting eaten. But white rice, I have no problem with it. I really don't if you're staying under your certain macronutrients of carbohydrates. That's why I say, if you do a carb refeed day, go out and eat a couple of rolls of sushi with some raw sushi-grade salmon on there. 

That's fantastic! Go and do that, but don't use soy sauce, right? Because we just talked about soy. Get some coconut aminos and use those instead of soy sauce. 


White rice, if you're going to eat rice, eat white rice. You're literally removing the poison. You're shedding the outer layer of that brown rice kernel. And then any of the nutrients that are in there are in the white rice. If you have the outer edge and you're eating it, whatever nutrients are on that label, micronutrients got this much vitamin whatever, vitamin blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You can't even get to it. As long as that outer shell is on there, you cannot digest it. It's not fit for human consumption, right? 


So we talked about Brown rice. How much time we got? 15 minutes. 


Question: How much water? 

Answer: Okay. That's a good one. Water is interesting because everywhere you turn, people will say somewhere between 70 to a hundred ounces of water, which is like between two to three liters a day. 

I'm all for water consumption like you should consume water. You need it, or you die, but I'm even more all for electrolyte consumption. 


Go back and watch AMA number four, where we talk all about sodium. These eight glasses of water a day, like 70 ounces, is a little over eight glasses of water. A day, a hundred ounces is like 13 glasses of water a day. This is a government recommendation from decades past. There is zero evidence saying that we need eight glasses of water a day, zero evidence. Literally not! You could search all day and night and try to find me a scientific study that proves we need eight ounces of water a day. We simply don't. We actually need far less than that. You don't want to be getting up and going to the bathroom every 30 minutes. 


You're literally just cycling water through your system in and out, in and out, in and out. You're interrupting your day to pee every 30 minutes. There's no physiological benefit whatsoever. You need a certain amount of water for survival, but your body's not going to let itself die. This is why the way you measure water intake is thirst. Now. So Casey, you just said Gatorade. Don't ever touch a Gatorade. Don't ever touch a Gatorade. It has like 30 to 60 grams of sugar. It's mostly sugar. Literally, stay away from it. If you're thirsty, grab water and sip on water. Now, if you add, let's say you have 16 ounces of water and pink Himalayan sea salt, even better. That's going to hydrate you way better than what than water itself. Sodium is critical. Five to seven grams a day of sodium. If you're doing that and drinking when you're thirsty, I guarantee you'll be just fine. 


What else we got? So, yeah, drink when you're thirsty and make sure your electrolyte intake is where it needs to be. 


Question: Do you need extra water during a ketogenic diet? 

Answer: No, you need extra electrolytes. So absolutely. And again, this is back to the Ask Me Anything Number Four, talk about sodium. Talk about sodium. So sodium is critical; it's an essential nutrient, meaning you die without it. Sodium is really what regulates your hydration levels. Sodium, potassium, magnesium are your electrolytes. They all really regulate your hydration levels. When people die of dehydration or heat stroke or something like that, they're dying of electrolyte deficiency. They're not dying from lack of water. If you run a marathon in the desert, I've talked about this before, and then you drink a couple of gallons of water. You're going to die. You can kill yourself from water intake because you don't have enough electrolytes to handle that water in your system. And it makes sense to drink less water overall in a day and more electrolytes. Yes, exactly what you just said. If you want to add pink Himalayan sea salt pinches into the water, you can drink less water. 100% 

The stuff they to give runners. No, no, no, no, no. It's probably either sugar water or what's called goo packets. I'm sure if you've run a marathon, a half marathon, you deal with these goo packets. Goo packets are literally glucose. It's like 100% glucose. You're just stuffing sugar in your system; that what happened to be in Vegas. Yes, they do it at all these marathon things. It's a belief that you need carbohydrates because these people are carbohydrate dependent. They're not metabolically flexible. They can't burn fat for fuel. If you're metabolically flexible, you will never bonk in a race. I have never trained for a marathon. I guarantee you I could run a marathon. I guarantee you! 

Just wouldn't. I ran a tough Mudder. I hadn't run one single mile, ever, in over a year and a half. And I ran a tough mudder. I did all my cardio conditioning with kettlebells. I hadn't run a single mile, and I went out and did 10.2 miles in the mud, up and down the hills. It's just crazy. It's the traditional approach to this is insanity, right? 

What else can we talk about? 


Question: What about pre-post-workout protein three shaker bottles a day?


Answer: That's a lot of protein in a day. There's a lot of protein shakes, as long as they're all perfect paleo powder. You should keep doing that for sure. I took a pre-workout post-workout today after my ARX workout. I'll put links to this blog post that I do to my pre-workout perfect paleo powder and post-workout the perfect paleo powder. We're going to get into that in just a second. We got about 10 minutes left. So stick around if you're interested in pre and post-workout. Okay? 


So let's see what else we want to talk about. There was one question that I have over here—the balance between lifting and cardio. So this is tricky because cardio is not real. Yeah. 

Cardio is not real. It's a made-up term. It's literally made up term that was like, "we're going to make our heart beat fast." That's not a good idea. This traditional training approach to cardio eating everything. What are all animals designed to do? We're designed to consume the most amount of calories. Wow. Burning the least amount of calories possible. That is essential for survival because until just whenever agriculture started not long ago, 1200 years or something. Up until that happened, the risk of starvation was through the roof. Nobody would have went out and run 26 miles for fun and burn all those calories because they can't find food. You die, right? If you burn all your calories and you can't take calories, then you die. The human survival, our brains are wild wired to expend the least amount of calories while consuming the highest amount of calories, right? 


This is the thing with cardio. Training cardio with aerobic exercise, and actually, it's not aerobic. It's usually anaerobic. If you're running seven, eight-minute miles, whatever you're training glycolytic. You're in an anaerobic state. You're not burning fat for fuel, right? This is not true about aerobic training. Aerobic training is below a threshold. We talked about the 180 rule, and I'll link to that again. 180 minus your age for me, that's 149. As long as I'm training cardio under 149 BPMs per minute, that's efficient aerobic training. I'm teaching my body to burn fat for fuel. I am increasing my cardiovascular efficiency, maximum aerobic function, right? This is very, very important. 


What I said today, and I'll link to this. The ARX video I did today is where I'm crushing all my muscle fibers through nothing by heavy, heavy resistance training. I'm hyperventilating, and I look like I'm dying. My face is red like a tomato. It's insane, right? Insanity. I'm teaching my heart to be more efficient. It's pumping out more blood volume per pump. It's literally making my heart more efficient. So heavy, heavy resistance training is actually more cardio than traditional cardio training. Like going out and jogging is a terrible way to train your heart. It absolutely is. 

Okay. Let's see. I've got about 10 minutes left and nine minutes left. Let's see. 


Question: Eat a lot of aged grilled chicken wraps, vitamins, apples, and bananas. I used to be 400 pounds.

Answer: Yeah. Okay, cool. That's awesome. And congratulations, if you say you used to 400 pounds, you probably lost a ton of weight. That's awesome. I don't know where you're at now or if you feel like you want to lose more fat, but ditch apples and bananas. Ditch the apples and bananas and the wraps unless you use CT brand tortillas made out of coconut flour. I'll put a link to those. Ditch the apples and bananas. I'm telling you, man. You'll be shocked at how much your results improve. Ditch the fruit. Ditch it. 


So now we have a couple minutes left. What I wanted to do for you guys is explain what Clovis is doing here. I can't, or I cramp up; that's because you are deficient in electrolytes. You have an electrolyte deficiency. Before a workout or whatever, anytime you feel a cramp coming on and take half a teaspoon of either Redmond real salt or pink Himalayan sea salt and a glass of water. Take it down. You need sodium, magnesium and potassium. You don't need sugar. That's all fruit is giving you sugar. It's giving you incredibly, incredibly small amounts of electrolytes, if any, and micronutrients. So don't think about it like that. You simply need electrolytes, sodium, magnesium, potassium. That's what you need. 


Here's what's happening with Clovis, right? As you guys have seen, we have some video content that's coming out. We're doing live Facebook feeds a lot. We're doing Instagram feeds a lot. I'm collaborating with other people around Nashville, some fitness influencers and nutrition influencers. If you know of any influencers that want to talk to me about collaborating, let me know. We're going to be putting out as much content as we can so that I can do more of this, right? Like that question right thereof, "I can't give up fruit, or I cramp." 

That's simply just a misunderstanding because it's never been told to you in a way before that you need electrolytes. You don't need sugar; you need electrolytes, right? That's important. That's a game-changer for you, man. I'm telling you if you take me up on that advice and you ditch sugar. Then, you start supplementing electrolytes five to seven grams of sodium a day; it's going to change your life. And that's what I'm here for. That's the core value of Clovis is to impact people's lives for the better. It's the reason I started a company. I'm a lifelong musician, right? I have a job. It's awesome. I get to perform for people. I get paid to do it. It's awesome. But Clovis was created out of necessity. That's why I'm here. All I want to do is help people. I want to help as many people as I can all of the time, literally, every single day. I want to help as many people as I can. 


I want to show you that I'm committed to that. I am here for you. I'm here for you 24 hours a day. That's the beauty of social media, right? You can text me if you know me. You can email me at You can get on Facebook/iamclovis. You can get on Facebook/justinnault, right? You can find me at Instagram, @justinnault. Also, Instagram @iaclovis. You can ask me as many questions as you want, and I'll get to them whenever I can. Through an AMA, maybe I'll respond to you directly. Perhaps I'll email you back. Maybe an approved foods list, right? I am simply here for you. That's it. I'm telling you from now on, I am here at your service. I love this more than anything I have ever done. Literally! 

I have made YouTube videos with hundreds of thousands of views playing music. I had played thousands of shows all over the country. I've been on a reality TV contestant, right? And this right now, me sitting here with you, this Facebook live makes me happier than anything I've ever done. 

Hands down. 


So I'm here for you. That's it! I want to keep doing this as long as you will. Let me do this. It's all about you. Share this, tag your friends, tag your family. Let me help them. If I say, reach out to me personally and let me help you. Do it, reach out to me. 

If I tell you that my personal email is Use it, click the button, click the compose new message button and write to me right now. I will do everything in my power to help you. I promise you, and I want to share your stories as well. I'm going to share some testimonials. We're going to be doing everything that we can to help spread this word, right? And what I want to do for you now, because you're my live viewers. And you're my favorite people in the world. We talked about cheat days today. I created a coupon code called cheatday


This is for t-shirts, perfect paleo powder, digest and rest, sample packs, fat loss, pre-workout, post-workout, and anything on my website. Go to and use the promo code. I'm going to go keep this up for just a couple of hours, okay? Because I'm literally giving you my products at cost. I am erasing my profit margin because I want you guys to be all in on this with me, commit with me. Promo code cheatday will get you 40% off everything in the entire store. Go to because you were here doing live with me today. This is just for you. 


Promo code: cheatday. It will get you 40% off everything from t-shirts to supplements and everything in between. I just want to help you guys. That's it. Right? I want to just step back on this ditch, apples bananas, and see. 

Ditch apples and bananas and eat sea salt. You want sea salt, 100%, five to seven grams. I supplement seven grams of sea salt personally, every single day. So yes, I just wanted to touch on that question because I am here for the questions, and I love telling you guys about Clovis. I want to give you this deal. So 40% off use promo code, cheatday. Anything you want, no limit. You can buy 500 bags at 40% off if you want to. So use promo code cheat day, 40% off everything. I hope that you take me up on it. Remember this when we do these live videos when I tell you to do something, do it! Right there. 40% off promo code cheat day. Please use it. Please reach out to me directly. Reach out to, and all of our socials now slash the iamclovis., Instagram/iamclovis. 

Casey, you need a plan? What did I just say? You have my cell phone number, Casey. I got you. I promise. I do jujitsu. Yeah, I do jujitsu three days a week, man. I'm with you. Love it. Absolutely love it. That's another reason why I supplement so much sodium of five to seven grams. I'm telling you you'll burn through jujitsu workouts. You won't even get tired. It's awesome. 


So, yeah, I think that's it. You guys, we touched on a lot, an awful lot today. So don't forget. Act! Don't just listen. Act on this. Click the share button, tag your friends, tag your family. Click the love. Click the happy face. Give me as much love as you possibly can. I love it. I love you. This is all I want to do forever. Allow me to keep doing this. It makes me happier than anything I've ever done. Go to and use the promo code cheatday; at least get yourself a cool t-shirt. I mean, come on. 


So thank you guys so much for this. I love you. This is Facebook live: Ask Me Anything and Instagram Live: Ask Me Anything Episode number five. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave me comments, leave me your feedback and hit me up with questions. I am here for you. Thank you so much.

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