Biohacking Tips, High Cholesterol, Red Meat Myths, and Defining Happiness - AMA #83 - Clovis

Biohacking Tips, High Cholesterol, Red Meat Myths, and Defining Happiness - AMA #83

Biohacking Tips, High Cholesterol, Red Meat Myths, and Defining Happiness

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Biohacking Tips, High Cholesterol, Red Meat Myths, and Defining Happiness

Topics Covered: Part 1

3:04- I asked for questions, and you guys DELIVERED (plus there’s a giveaway!)

8:25- Commenting on Comments: I need to figure out how to quit my job!

9:25- Q: I’ve loved watching your glucose experiment. Could other factors impact how each food test, such as a hard workout before testing? Could a food that tested positive one day test negative another day?

13:18- Commenting on Comments: I NEED to quit my job too. Need to read some books, get some confidence and email you for guidance. (Let’s do this!!)

13:52- Q: What if I do the glucose testing and there are no “safe” carbs? Is my only option carnivore?

20:49- Commenting on Comments: Maybe this is why my weight came off so slowly, sweet potatoes were my friend!

22:22- Q: Do you eat nuts much? Are they good for gut health?

23:29- Q: Is there a way to correlate the blood sugar increase after glycolytic exercise with an amount of glycogen used? I.e. if a workout spiked my blood sugar by 45 mg/dl that means I used x grams of stored glycogen?

25:18- Q: Ut oh, we’re supposed to hit the carbs?! I thought we were supposed to stay under.

26:34- Q: I have a friend who eat all the crappy carbs, looks amazing, can’t keep weight on, what’s the science there?

28:52- Q: Is fermented food good for healing most people’s gut?

30:29-*Technical difficulty*

33:00- Q: I’ve fallen off the wagon with Clovis, should I wait and get back on the wagon for say, 30 days before starting glucose testing?

35:11-Q: Recently went for a physical after joining Clovis 3 months ago. My cholesterol has gone way up. My doc wants to put me on meds, I said no thank you. I removed eggs and saturated fat… what else can I do? (LOADS of red flags here, Bud)

40:49- Q: What is the Clovis diet? Do you need to be a member to get the approved foods list?

43-41- Q: What about eggs? Good or bad?

Topics Covered: Part 2

3:09- Q: Is there any type of creamer I can use in my coffee?

5:04- Q: My friend has been in the hospital with constipation. Is a transition to a diet with red meat necessary?

7:59- Commenting on Comments: I miss dairy but I’d rather go without it than have bubble gut all the time

8:54- Commenting on Comments: Even dietitians and nutritionists don’t know what they’re talking about most times!

10:44- Personal questions, love, dating and fulfillment and the American “dream”- hold onto your hats, kids

25:45- I LOVE these conversations. I’ve had this conversation with a lot of people in the past few weeks

32:52- Commenting on comments: The biblical idea of marriage is actually VERY different from secular society

36:48- Wrap up, thank you and what’s next for Clovis

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