Back to School Special 2018! - Live AMA #36 - Clovis

Back to School Special 2018! - Live AMA #36

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Live Ask Me Anything #36 - Topics Covered:

Back to School Special 2018!:

3:30- Intro: This AMA is going to be light and fluffy… or NOT! 6:55- The State of the Union, Folks! 10:54- How the Sugar Industry is Destroying America... 12:33- Sugar in all of your children's favorite drinks... 16:32- The Horrible Truth about Baby Formula... 20:00- Top Selling Baby Formulas in the US and their Ingredients... 26:50- FB Check
  • 27:29- Q: "Where can we find the formula recipe?"
27:46- Toddlers and Poisonous Milk... 33:05- FB Check
  • 33:15- Commenting on Comments: "A fed baby is best" (yes and no, it’s not what you think)
  • 35:46- Commenting on Comments:" I call Digest & Rest 'chocolate milk' to avoid comments from other people"
  • 36:02- Commenting on Comments: "It’s all about convenience"
  • '36:32- Commenting on Comments: "Breastfeeding is a touchy subject. I wish more people could hear your brother’s story"
37:15- What you can do about all this... One Easy Fix! 41:50- My endless frustration with parents… 44:40- Clovis Kids Approved Foods List... For FREE! 49:24- Your kids are addicts... do something about it! 49:55- I Am Clovis, are you? Here’s what I mean by that… 51:42- If your child is not your priority... Leave Clovis now! You are not my tribe. 57:51- Live Q&A!
  • 58:12- Commenting on Comments: "I don’t have time to make different meals for different family members." (Preach!)
  • 1:00:20- Commenting on Comments: "Everyone wants a replacement for their normal foods, life is easier when you let go"
  • 1:01:26- Commenting on Comments: "I switched my kids' lunches this year and no one has complained yet"
1:07:03- Wrap Up! Sorry, I yelled a lot...

Show Notes and Resources:

- Join The Clovis Academy for Free! - I Am Clovis - clovis®kids - The Perfect Paleo Powder - AMA #9: Feeding Your Children and Their Gut Bugs - AMA #20: Stop Telling Your Kids to Eat Vegetables - AMA #34: Time To Change Your Mind - AMA #27: What Makes Clovis Different and Why You Need It - Clovis Baby Formula Recipe

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