Wine Down Wednesday - Part 1 - Live AMA #38 - Clovis

Wine Down Wednesday - Part 1 - Live AMA #38

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Live Ask Me Anything #38 - Topics Covered:

Wine Down Wednesday - Part 1:

7:50- LIVE Q&A:
  • 7:52- Q: "I want to donate blood at 23 hours fasted, will that be ok?"
  • 9:58- Q: "Do you plan on having Clovis peeps on the podcasts sharing their stories?"
  • 13:16- Q: "How do I advocate for myself with my conventional doctor? Any advice?"
  • 15:48- Commenting on Comments: "I would give my testimony but I have further to go…
  • 17:00- Q: "Can we talk dental? Is plaque on your teeth the same as plaque in your arteries?"
  • 27:10- Commenting on Comments: "Dr. Hyman has an e-book for talking to your doctor"
  • 27:58- My journey with Cassie...
  • 30:28- Commenting on Comments: "My Mother Dirt arrives tomorrow!"
  • 30:50- Commenting on Comments: "Justin, remember when you had lead issues?!"
  • 33:23- Q: "I’ve been implementing IF and my edema swelling has gone way down. Coincidence?"
  • 34:20- Commenting on Comments: "Schmidt’s is making my armpits itch. What do you guys use?"
  • 36:22- "Can you talk about CBD oil?"
  • 41:50- How to brush your teeth… no joke…
  • 43:24- Q: "Grey hair: Aging or a deficiency?"
  • 45:10- Q: "How do you feel about Human Growth Hormone?"
  • 50:17- Here’s a nasal lavage for your allergies and sinus issues
  • 52:02- Let’s really dig into this HCG, calorie restriction, and HGH sh*t
  • 56:03- Q: "Did your allergies get worse after you broke your nose?"
  • 57:38- Commenting on Comments: "Have you studied the HCG diet?"
  • 1:06:00- Q: "What are your thoughts on keto? I was taught it was bad for you."
  • 1:09:05- Sam’s story - 4% body fat lost in 40 days!
  • 1:27:53- Wrap Up!!

Show Notes and Resources:

- Join The Clovis Academy for Free! - I Am Clovis - clovis®kids - The Perfect Paleo Powder - Dry Farm Wines - OraWellness Healthy Mouth Blend - OraWellness Shine Remineralizing Teeth Whitening - Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste - Tongue Scraper - How To Work With Your Doctor to Get What You Need - Mother Dirt AO Mist - Probiotic Action - Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Green Mountain CBD Oil - Orawellness Toothbrush - Nasaline Sinus Wash - Colloidal Silver - AMA #29: Clovis Is Not Keto - AMA #27: What Makes Clovis Different and Why You Need It! - Pauline "Pita" Macias - Weight Cut Picture - Joe Rogan Experience: Paleo vs. Vegan Debate

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