Simplicity: How To Stop Failing - Live AMA #44 - Clovis

Simplicity: How To Stop Failing - Live AMA #44

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Simplicity: How To Stop Failing:

3:28- The health and wellness space is overcomplicated... on purpose! 4:50- Why everyone wants you to FAIL... 7:50- The average woman tries at least this many different diets in her lifetime… 10:17- Your attention is being bought and sold... 12:51- FB Check 14:50- How Fitness DVDs trick you… 18:28- How many of you thought I was insane when I told you to stop working out? 19:15- Let’s talk about M.E.D... 20:56- FB Check
  • 21:02- Commenting on Comments: “Look around you, do you know anyone has lost weight, and gotten healthy and stayed that way with those methods?!”
  • 22:30- Commenting on Comments: "Best decision I’ve ever made. I hit my goal weight and BEYOND. Thank you!”
22:58- How does the mainstream sell you on their sh*t AGAIN AND AGAIN?! 27:00- “When 99% of people do something, you CAN’T SEE that it’s crazy!!” 28:53- #1 thing you can do to improve your health... immediately! 30:40- FB Check
  • 31:18- Commenting on Comments: “That’s why people who are new to the program always ask what happens after 30 days!”
31:40- THE CLOVIS COOKBOOK!! 40:55- Metabolic diseases are NOT transgenerational... Lifestyle is! 42:37- Excerpt from The Perfect Paleo Cookbook... 43:49- FB Check
  • 48:17 - Q: "I heard a Dr. talking on the radio today about the importance of gut health. Do you think a shift is coming?"
  • 53:09 - Q: "How can I find the new podcast?"
  • 55:21 - Commenting on Comments: "My new cookbook has 85 gorgeous pages! Yay!"
  • 59:10- Commenting on Comments: "I’m doing my first 48-hour fast!"
  • 1:00:08- Q: "How do you feel about wearing electronics all the time?"
  • 1:03:15- Q: "What size kettlebell should I start with?" (The answer might surprise you)
1:05:56- Wrap Up!

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