Will Revak - The Truth About Dental Health, Toxic Products, and the Importance of Oral Wellness - Clovis

Will Revak - The Truth About Dental Health, Toxic Products, and the Importance of Oral Wellness

Will Revak

Will and Susan Revak are the founders of OraWellness.com. They are passionate about helping the world navigate to greater oral health. Realizing the central role that oral health plays in the creation or destruction of whole body health, Will and Susan created OraWellness as an education and product company to help the world heal the mental disconnect most of us have with our mouths. Their HealThy Mouth Blend certified organic by the USDA and is the only toothpaste alternative made from 100% certified organic ingredients.

Justin and Will discuss gum disease, cavities, toxic products, and mainstream dental...

Topics Covered:

7:13 - Will Revak’s story; how did you get into oral wellness in the first place?

10:33 - the OraWellness story closely parallels the Clovis story

12:26 - How can I find a practitioner near me that has the same holistic mindset?

15:01 - Metal Toxicity, fillings, and who is qualified to remove them safely?

16:39- Oral Health seems to be a blind spot, even amongst people striving to live a healthy lifestyle

19:14 - Justin’s “ah-ha!” oral health moment

23:22 - The growing problem with “symptom-based” medicine

24:15 - What are some of the most common ingredients in products, and practices that we’re using every day that we need to rethink?

27:03 - What’s the deal with fluoride?

32:19 - Indigenous peoples and oral health

35:50 - Digging into microbiome knowledge and oral health

40:02 - Oil Pulling and Ayurvedic medicine

43:34 - Tongue scraping benefits

46:05 - An interesting way to stimulate your vegas nerve; a super hack

48:27 - What role does the mouth play in gut health and autoimmune conditions

50:53 - Are the teeth a part of the lymphatic system?

55:00 - Cavities, bacteria, and the carnivore diet being anti-cavity?

59:44 - Can we talk about gum disease? What does that look like from a holistic oral health perspective?

01:06:55 - Justin’s oral health regimen

01:07:33 - Charcoal products and are they safe to use every day?

01:11:37 - A cavity misconception, and something that offers hope instead

01:20:11 - Actionable tips: Are you brushing your teeth correctly?

01:26:30 - How lifestyle and food play into a healthy, happy life

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